Kim M Smith

Born and raised in Southern California, motel maid in high school, construction worker in 1979 to 93, now in health care but photography is my love
United States
United States

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Striking Image of Quarts Nail and Quartz Banger for Marijuana on a black velvet background
Fireman holding baby on a golden textured background with lighting effects
Toned black and white image of serious tough old man
Wrist restraints on a hospital bed underpad
Good looking sexy cowboy without a shirt with dramatic lighting
Flambe Banana with butter rum ice cream with caramel sauce
Contemplative Hispanic Woman against a light background in monochrome
Health care worker running down a hospital corridor
broken hearted woman crying
Senior military man in front of American flag with a rough background
Old man with an amused look on his face isolated against a black back ground
funny old man wearing a green checked shirt with white hair smiling
middle aged African American man laughing wearing a white t-shirt against a dark background
funny old man wearing a green checked shirt and a tan felt hat
Serious tough old man with wild hair in monochrome isolated on black
Handsome cowboy wearing a red scarf against a snowy winter canyon
Stressed out older man isolated against black sepia toned
A senior woman calmly drinking coffee after murdering her partner after having endured years of abuse
Colorful South African Bead Art in Bracelets, Rhino and Hippos in open air market
senior wearing glasses with a lot of prescription bottles of pills isolated on white
monochrome of an old man wearing a black felt hat against a stormy cloudy sky
Colorful African Bracelets Bead Art with shallow depth of field
Grizzled old man wearing a tan felt hat looking pensive
Smiling senior lady leaning against a vintage pickup truck holding a hat
Senior couple holding hands in a tender loving embrace in monochrome, both wearing glasses, man unshaven
Tough muscular senior African American man with his shirt off dramatically lit against a brick wall
Monochrome of desert mountains and joshua trees under a full moon
Beautiful African American woman with gorgeous lips wearing jeans and a vest against a dark background
Decayed chair in an old cabin in Randsberg California
Colorful African bead art shallow depth of field
Gorgeous young African American woman with full beautiful lips and wonderful hair against a grunge background
Handsome mature man wearing a black cowboy hat and a jeans jacket isolated on white
Close up of a newborn touching his fathers face in monochrome with sepia toning
Cowboy pointing gun with selective focus on gun against desert background
Ethereal beautiful mixed race young woman with amazing eyes and curly hair against a grunge background
Cowboy at dusk in front of an old cabin in monochrome toned sepia
Beautiful glass pipe with swirls of burgundy and white stripes isolated on black
Tough looking old man in an old cabin next to a broken window pointing a vintage pistol
Scallops perfectly cooked on asparagus in a shell with garnish on slate with a brick wall backgrounds
Brilliantly colored African Dancers in motion against a red textured background
Handsome high school graduate wearing red graduation attire isolated on black
woman with a cigar in a vintage truck
blurred image of sad man with post it note on old coffee carafe to remind him of the day of the week
Pearlized Glass bong in greens, blues, yellows, gold, cobalt, orange and aqua isolated on black
Caramel apples with chocolate, coconut, nuts, cookie crumbs sitting on a piece of slate
Senior man playing an old piano while drinking alcohol with dramatic lighting in blues and oranges
Two Rows of beautiful African bead necklaces hanging from wooden branches in an open air market
Sultry exotic African American woman with big hair and beautiful red lips against a dark background
sad man looking in the mirror contemplating his loss of identitiy from dementia
Gorgeous mixed race young lady with curly brown hair in a white cap and gown with red and white tassel
Small green shoot growing from base of burned bush
Abandoned Post Office at Kelso Station in Mojave National Preserve
Panoramic desert scene showing ancient lava flows with a background of cloudy sky and mountains along route 66
Beautiful scene of ancient lava beds along route 66 adjacent to Mojave National preserve along interstate 40 with a rain pond
Flambe banana desert on caramel sauce with a beige placemat on slate
Pico De Gallow in a traditional ceramic bowl with blue corn and white corn tortilla chips
Monochrome of tough old man with sepia toning
Health care worker holding a patients arm with a restraint using a drill for drawing blood
Gorgeous African American woman with wonderful hair and amazing eyes with grunge light effects
High country trail in the Never Summer wilderness area
Monochrome of desert mountains and joshua trees under a full moon
A colorful mexican style ceramic bowl filled with pico de gallo
Newborn baby in a hummingbird nest in a tree with green leaves
A father sitting and talking to his beautiful little girl
Dramatic Red rock sculpture with sunset in background
senior sitting behind a lot of pill bottles holding his head in his hands isolated on white
beautiful sad African American nurse crying in a locker room in monochrome
Vintage looking old man with a black coat, gray scarf and black bowler hat staring straight at the camera isolated on black
portrait of a middle aged working man
Beautiful Panorama of Wukoki or Big House in Wupatki National Monument occupied by the Kayenta Anasazi culture from 1120 to 1210
concerned African American man wearing a t-shirt against a dark background
Strong good looking mature African American working man against a dark background
Brilliantly colored female African dancer against a red textured background
Brilliantly Colored African Dancer in Motion watch by other Dancers against a red textured background
Brilliantly Colored African Male dancer Portrait in motion against a red textured background
Brilliantly colored African Dancer Abstract in Motion and people in Native costume against a textured red background
Close up of African Animals carved from wood in an open air market
Beautiful African beaded necklaces hanging from a wood beam in an open air market
Colorful Beadwork on a cracked stone surface shallow depth of field
Zebra African Bead Art shallow depth of field
Gorgeous orange rose isolated
Lovely pink, cream, yellow, orange rose isolated on white
Gorgeous orange rose in garden setting agaist green leaves
Cooking breakfast over a campfire in the Rockies with horses in the background
African American hand holding a nebulizer for COPD with mist coming out with black background
Silly child with big grin holding a slice of watermelon isolated on white
Arterial blood sample being drawn from dark skinned female
colored model of tracheobronchial tree front view and back view isolated on black
Dramatic portrait of beautiful Pacific Islander woman wearing sunglasses in monochrome against a textured background
Beautiful Natural smiling mixed race girl in white cap and gown with red and white tassels against a brick wall background
Stunning young mixed race woman leaning on her arms looking up against a slate background
Strong senior man with a welding helmet on standing in front of an industrial building at night with lights showing in the building
Rusty corrugated metal on cracked earth next to dead twigs with a stormy sky in the background
Rusty abandoned wheels and frame with train passing by and blue sky in the background
Winding dirt road along a wood fence with a red slow sign with cactus growing along the fence
White line on cracked pavement from low perspective leading towards mountain range
Abandoned book and radiator in burned area along train track with weeds and grass growing around them
Winter scene in an old cemetary of a cherub lit with rays from the sun
Multiple roses combined into a soft pastel background
Beavertail Cactus growing in a rock landscape in the Mojave Desert with blurred desert background
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