Kathryn Seckman Kirsch

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Blue wooden police barricade on city street.
Hand places last puzzle piece in puzzle
Man's hands hugging tree
US money and wallet close up
Close up of woman's hand touching tree trunk
Vintage sewing items
Adult's hand picking dandelion blossom
Hosta plants pushing up through soil
Woman's hand on doorknob
Dandelion blooming in grass
Women's feet wearing polka dot flip flops on wet grass
Closeup of dandelion with room for copy
Hand holding dandelion blossom just picked from plant
Dandelion blossom close up with dark grass
Woman's hand opening a door,
White puzzle on white background with missing piece.
Close up of a pile of sugar cookies with sprinkles.
Woman's hand holding colorful plastic toy building blocks.
Close up of grape tomato plant with green tomatoes growing.
Male monarch butterfly resting on plant.
Close up of chain link fence with green fabric screen
Hand of woman holding yellow chevron paper shopping bag
Hand of woman holding heart shaped waffle
US money close up on textured background
Two baby bananas lay next to one large banana on white background
Black cat with eyes closed close-up
Close up of hand decorated mini gingerbread houses
Close up of hand decorated gingerbread house.
Closeup of decorated gingerbread
Close up of playground equipment
Autumn fallen maple leaves and seeds on sidewalk
Close up of yellow and brown dry leaf on green grass
Close up of tree bark with green moss
Close up of a sugar cookie with sprinkles
Dragonfly lands on hydrangea plant
Close up of sunflower
Close up of sunflower on sunny day.
Diagonal textured cement sidewalk background
Green artificial turf close up background texture
Heart shaped waffle on wood table
Closed brown paper lunch bag on wood table
Bleeding hearts flower branch
Closeup of a bleeding hearts flower
Woman's hand touching tree trunk
Green drying leaf on dry cracked earth
Hand holding tiny red maple leaf
October 25, 2014, Rack of Divvy bicycles waiting for rental, on Damen ave at Leleand Ave, Chicago, Illinois.
close up of peacock feather
Christmas holiday background
Vertical photo of big green Hosta leaf close up with raindrops.
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