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Colorful triangle quilt in blues and pinks set over a fence outdoors.
one two three forest five six
Winter view of Toronto, Ontario, Canada from an airplane. Plane landing with view of water and city from above.
New York, New York - June 20, 2019 - Stone lion in front of the New York City Public Library with rainbow flags for Pride celebrations.   LGBTQ celebrations in the United States during June.
Close up of pink and red textured fabric
metal railing with  foggy background
Green shelf fungus growing on decaying tree.  Beautiful polypores in North America.
Handmade clay beads with ghostly faces in blue, black and white. Folk jewelry made by artisans.
Tough looking singer in a rock band. Cool black boots and music gear in a studio.
Cat sleeping on a couch. Close up of the feet with little pink pads. Furry cute cat toes. Grey couch. Close up of cat feet.
tourist at boston harbor can't find old ironsides (it wasn't there)
Pink and grey 

Dusty pink zipper on muslin cloth. Sewing project in progress.
Cats dressed as sushi. A sushi lover's delight. meow
Casual interior scene. Feet up on a table with a yellow sofa in the background. Tennis shoes and jeans.
the word whatever. Cursive writing. Quick scribble. Dismissive sentiment. Who cares?
Red schoolhouse in the country. Fall scene.
Photographer capturing the rugged and isolated landscape of northern Iceland. View across a fjord with snow capped mountains in the distance. Green field with fence.
Rustic wooden bench in front of an old barn door. Outdoor Autumn scene. Peeling paint. Wabi-sabi feel.
Very alert range cat with a brown dotted cloth on its head.
Ossining, New York, USA - CIRCA October 2017:  Hiker carrying the retro styled Fujifilm X100F Digital Camera.
Serious fluffy orange cat rests thoughtfully in a beige cat bed.
foggy sad day in the country. arrow to the right. pink and sad.
Fluffy orange cat sleeps on a desk.
Bare trees in the fog. Cold and empty forest in the early morning. Spooky remote location. 👻
Folded fabric on a table.
Festive green holiday sugar cookie shaped like a dinosaur. Tasty treat with monster shape.
Triangle quilt with floral back in blues and pinks. Handmade heirloom displayed on a fence.
Forest scene with crumbling stone wall. Peaceful woods.
Metal railing against a foggy background. Mood of mystery and the unknown. Feeling of abandonment and decay.
Red berries on shadowy green leaves. A shrub with red fruit.
Noble hound dog in a foggy forest. Focus, determination. Forest, woodsy nature scene in the northeastern united states. Winter woods with fog and bare trees. Hound dog in the foreground.
Ossining, New York - CIRCA October 2017 - Yorktown Parks Department Trail System makers posted on a maple tree. Autumn forest scene in upstate New York. Fall foliage. Golden leaves.
The woods in autumn. Golden leaves on maple and birch trees. Rock formations in the background.
Sunlit path through a green shady forest. Peaceful nature scene
Bright green or yellow lichen on red rock in Arizona. Beautiful life under harsh conditions.
Red leaves in early autumn. Forest scene with stone wall and young trees
Tall reeds in silhouette under morning sky. Native grasses
A stack of folded fabric in solids and stripes. Purple, red, white, red and taupe.
Very serious cat on a striped carpet. Outline style. Modern grunge look cat illustration.
Stack of fabric. Stripes and fun stuff.
cold desolate field
Close up of golden leaves in a murky forest.
Folded fabric and spools of thread. Preparation for a sewing project. Artisan's materials. Potential.
Autumn sunlight in the woods with leaves scattered on the ground. Peaceful afternoon light.
Autumn scene in the country. Fall foliage. Red schoolhouse and golden maple tree.
Autumn scene in the country. Fall foliage. White birch tree with stones
Red spool of thread in front of stacked folded fabric in stripes and solids
A stack of folded fabric in solids, dots and stripes
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