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Baklava - A popular Middle Eastern sweet, arranged in a moon shape. Conceptual photo for Eid special sweets and dessert.
Baklava and arabic black coffee presented in a golden tray with few pistachio nuts. Beautiful photo of Turkish or Mediterranean sweet served with coffee.
Ramadan Kareem greeting photo with serene mosque background with beautiful glowing lantern.
A beautiful illuminated golden, ornamental Ramadan lantern with rosary. An Islamic festive background.
Antique, weathered decorative wooden panel. Details of historic wooden crafted door panel from Indian heritage interior.
A golden Ramadhan lamp with Islamic rosary beads on dark background. Ramadan - an important Islamic festival. Islamic festive greeting card photo.
Sweet Arabian dates and fresh fruit slices with glass of water. Iftar is the time to replenish energy levels from healthy and nutritious foods.
Blessed month of Ramadan. Stock photo. An illuminated Ramadan lamp against a desert background.
Simple black and white Jaali design or grill for CNC cutting. Beautiful petal shape vector pattern.
Beautiful Ganesha idol against decorative background. Clear space for text on the poster or greeting card for Ganesh Festival.
Preparation of an authentic and creamy Kulfi - an Indian homemade icecream made with creamy milk and nuts. Kulfi served on a green leaf and earthen plate.
Close up of a kid's hand holding tiny flag of UAE. National day celebration by people of United Arab Emirates
An intricate and beautiful inlay stone work. Close up of floral design pattern made with stone work in the wall.
Colse up of a farmer's hand holding soyabean seeds. A healthy organic produce.
Organic juicy oranges kept in a wooden tray with glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Harvested best orange fruits straight from the farm.
White classic decorative lantern or candle holder with prayer beads.
A young  girl receiving a gift. Eid celebration -a happiest moment for a kids. Stock photo.
A silhouette of a mosque against dimly lit sky with Eid crescent. Islamic Eid or Ramadan background.
A beautiful golden Diwali Lamp and flower background with clear space for headline and text.
Beautiful fireworks in the sky behind mosque on the occasion of Eid.
Fanoos. An illuminated Ramadan decorative lamp and dates in an old, antique tray.Ramadan background - stock photo
Delicious and tasty chicken kebabs served on the pita bread with lemon wedges. Grilled chicken is the most popular apetizer or meal in Middle East and Asia.
Intricately designed and carved panel made with burma wood. An islamic decorative design on wodden door of a mosque.
Bowl of authentic Hummous with raw ingredients. Middle Eastern appetizer or dip called Hummus served in a traditional way . Top view.
Close up of a set of gift boxes hold by a young girl. An Eid celebration gift and giveaways.
An under construction office building interior. A huge hall with panoramic windows being constructed.
A fine dotted texture- black and white vector pattern
Abstract fresh green chili resembled like trunk of an elephant or head of Lord Ganesha. Unique and funny looking vegetables.
Fine quality ripen dates and an vintage plate. An ornamental bowl of Arabian dates.
Close up of a golden lion figure from an antique royal chair arm. Details of historical couch from British era in India.
Geometrical Middle Eastern vector design. Typical Arabian pattern or graphic.
A simple vector pattern made with '+' plus sign
Beautiful Ganesha statue against decorated background. Clear space for text on the poster or greeting card for Ganesh Festival.
An illuminated colorful ramadan lantern against blue night sky with an crescent moon.
Photo of a Traditional handmade  Indian rug or runner. Indian textile design sample.
A Close up of a girl holding beautiful decorative Ramadan lantern in hand. Celebration in Holy month of  Ramadan.
Indian flag tricolors splashed on a dark background. Indian Independence Day background.
Iftar food dishes places in a row, shot from above. Typically Ramadan fast is end with glass of water and dates, follwed by fresh fruit and biryani.
Typical Arabic oil lamp or lantern hanging on the grunge wall of old building.  Details of old Middle Eastern interiors.
Strength in unity - an idea. UAE national day conceptual background.
Eid celebration food and festive background. View from top.
Delicious boneless chicken kebab on skewer served on arabic pita bread.
Maamoul - a popular middle eastern cookies in a baking tray. Ramadan recipe.
National flag of UAE flying on an old, ancient Arabic house. Black and white, archival photo of Emirati house with color national flag.
Intricate islamic wood crafted design. Islamic design carved on wooden panel.
Partial view of an old and grunge wooden door with two petromax hanging lights on both sides.
Bunch of green mango leaves on white background.
Very fine, hairline crack appeared on a clean white plastered wall. Quality issues in paint job or construction work.
'Lord Ganesha, I offer prayers to you'. Ganesha Mantra written by hand in Sanskrit script. Vector backdrop or wallpaper for Ganesh Festival decoration.
Front view of an Arabic old wall with traditional wooden windows and hanging oil lamps.
Details of a fine wood carving art. An Islamic art and craft.
An ornamental bowl of dates with islamic prayer beads. 'Ramadan Kareem' stock photo of dates.
Close up of beautiful Ganesha idol. Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of Ganesh to earth.
Abstract potato appears like trunk of an elephant or head of Lord Ganesha. Unique and funny looking vegetables.
A United Arab Emirates flag flying against clean and tranquil sky. UAE celebrates it's national day on 2nd December every year.
An elegant black color self standing photo frame
Sweet Boondi - an authentic Indian sweet dish recipe. Gram floor granules deep fird and soaked in sugar syrup.
A wavy vector pattern with very subtle color scheme. An elegant wallpaper design with linear pattern.
A decorative Diwali lamp against glittering background
Arabic dates in a decorative golden bowl with prayer beads. Ramadan or Ramzan objects and background Image.
A still life of Arabic traditional coffee pot or Dallah along black coffee served with sweet dates. A rustic set up of a beverage serving at Mazleej.
An isolated photo of sliced red cabbage from top. Close up of an intricate pattern of purple color cabbage after slicing it. Fresh vegetable cross section.
Very juicy and tender grilled chicken tikka or kabab served on a platter with flat bread. Chicken tikka is a most popular non vegetarian dish in India, Asia and Middle Eastern countries.
Bright red kumkum powder. Red color pigmet. View from above.
Close up of illuminated Egyptian lantern against traditional Arabic tent at the night. Beautiful evening in the desert during holy month of Ramadan.
Beautiful decorative Diwali lamp on embellished purple background. Happy Diwali Greeting Card.
Arabic sweet with gift boxes
Beautiful sun rays beaming through spectacular domes of a mosque. Beautiful Islamic religious background.
'Happy Diwali' message in english with round border made with traditional lamp motif.
Ramdan food and Islamic religious objects. Sweet dates, glass of drinking water and prayer beads. Fast is ended with sweet dates and glass of water after sunset during holy month of Ramadhan.
Beautiful still life photo for Islamic festival. Ramadan lamp, finest dates and a gift box shot from above with clear space for message.
Beautiful Eid celebration background with gift box, chocolates and Ramadan lantern.
Spectacular view of a lush green mountains and beautiful clouds during monsoon. A scenic site from Munar, Kerala, India.
'Made In India' simple logo unit with flag tricolor. Vector graphic design.
Mamoul recipe with ingredients. Date stuffed Ma'amouls in a bowl with raw ingredients and Ramadan lamp placed in the background.
Various food ingredients arranged around bowl of Houmous - a popular Middle Eastern dip. View from top.
Old style Octagonal weaving pattern. Vector pattern.
Holi festive special sweet Gujeeya served on a decorative plate, arranged with assorted powder colors. Background image for popular Indian spring festival Holi.
Beautiful photo background for Ramadan and Eid festival celebration. Arabic traditional sweet, premium date chocolate served on an ornamental tray, placed with Arabic lamp.
Bhajiya, fruits and dates are served in a disposable plate for Iftar ritual . Food is distributed to poor people during holy month of Ramadan.
Fleet of pigeons flying on the foreground of an ancient mosque minaret. Beautiful Black and white photo of Islamic architecture.
Dates- a staple food in Ramadan. Finest quality arabian dates in a silverware. An ornamental tray full of Mabroom dates.
Beautiful Egyptian lantern and misbah. Glowing ramadan lamp on dark background. Metal Ramadan light and prayer beads.
Beautiful Indian flag photo against blue sky and flying pigeons. India Republic Day celebration background and template.
Arabic festive hanging metal lamp
Scented candle and flowers placed on white towel - spa objects
An oudh burner, islamic prayer beads and dates on golden background
Date fruits arranged in moon shape on a straw plate. Islamic festive food and it's significance.
A child holding traditional Ramadan lamp against golden background. Beautiful Ramzan background template with Clear space for message.
A fine various size dotted textures- black and white vector pattern
Very nutritious ripen dates stored in a tiny basket placed along with bunch of green dates. Best quality dates from Saudi.
Islamic prayer beads with date fruits on against beautiful blue water color background. Muslim religious background photo.
Conceptual photo for 'unity' of Emirati citizens. UAE flag color ropes tied together to connote 'strength' and 'togetherness'.
A platter of Baklava - a Turkish sweet served with Arabic black coffee. Middle Eastern authentic dessert and beverage. Arabic hospitality with a traditional coffee and sweet.
A treasure box filled with UAE Dirham coins with Islamic rosary placed over. Photo for Sharia'h or Islamic finance.
Gift box with Islamic pattern design and bowl of dates fruits.
'Happy Dussehra' greeting card typography cover with bow and arrow graphic.
Peeled, weathered and worn out plaster on the wall. A grunge white wall background.
Arrow shaped vector pattern
A narrow passage of an old building. Rustic Islamic architectural details.
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