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Doctor plastic surgeon with scalpel near male patient's chest. Male Breast and Nipple Reduction Concept, close-up
The doctor holds the results of the examination of the female patient on a white background. Bowel inflammation and disease concept, abdominal pain, cancer
Gynecologist doctor conducts a medical examination of a girl who has pain in the lower abdomen. Female reproductive system diseases and treatment concept, bladder inflammation, background
Modern warehouse refrigerator finished goods in cardboard boxes, background. Pharmaceutical Storage Concept, copy space
A plastic surgeon doctor examines a male patient s ear for an otoplasty operation. The concept of removing deafness, copy space
A gynecologist doctor probes the lower abdomen of a girl who has pain and inflammation of the reproductive system. Ovarian cyst, endometriosis, pregnancy pathology
A 40 ton truck carries construction sand on the highway. Concept of overload on the roads and rental of a dump truck for work, copy space
Doctor plastic surgeon makes a marker marker for plastic surgery on the hips of a girl. The concept of removing excess fat on the legs from the inside and outside of the thigh, anaplasty
The doctor examines the intestines of the patient with abdominal palpation. The concept of bloating of the intestines, flatulence and intestinal obstruction, close-up
New crawler excavator, close-up, background, industry, special machinery
Doktor plastic surgeon preparation before surgery to reduce breasts in men, gynecomastia, lipolysis
The electronic engine control unit of the car installed in the engine compartment. Car software
The hands of an adult are holding the baby's hands. The concept of psychological characteristics of children, the development of mental processes in children. Self-conception and psychological feature
Figures of family people of father, mother and children on a blue background. Human genetics and genotype concept, microbiology
The doctor probes the lower abdomen in a girl who has pain and inflammation of the bladder. The concept of diseases in girls cystitis, kidney stones, dysmenorrhea
Truck driver semitrailer rear view, warning lights and long length signs on the trailer. Concept of safety and recreation at truck parking lots, sunset, copy space for text, commercial
A convoy of trucks trucks transports the cargo in the evening on the highway, the concept of logistics and freight, copy space
Male body, male breast plastic, gynecomastia. Male Breast Adjustment, Plastic Surgery, Background, medical
Cauacsian doctor otolaryngologist examines the ear of a little girl who has pain in her ear. The concept of otitis media and inflammation of the eardrum
A man on a white background in a white shirt holding on to his groin he has pain and varicocele of the spermatic cord, a problem, varicose veins
A model of the human spine on a blue background in which the doctor uses a syringe to make an injection blockade into a hernia of the spine. Treatment concept for radicular syndrome and back pain
A woman rubs a healing balm cream for the treatment of thorns and osteophytes, a spot spur in the heel, removal of inflammation, close-up, medical
A doctor gives a girl patient an anesthetic injection, a blockade in the abdomen after a surgical operation. Concept of anesthesia in the abdomen after childbirth, epidural anesthesia
Mock up human heart, pills and syringe on a blue background. Concept of heart disease treatment with medication, pharmacotherapy, copy space for text, stenocardia
Parcels and parcels in cardboard boxes at the customs control warehouse. The concept of excess prices for parcels from abroad, the limit on parcels, postal items
A man in a white shirt holds on to the anus the concept of pain in the rectum, hemorrhoids, inflammation
Doctor glues a medical plaster on the mock up of the human spine, pink background. Spinal fracture treatment concept, microdiscectomy and vertebroplasty. Copy space for text, osteochondrosis
Pallet with cardboard boxes in production. The concept of cheap and durable cardboard packaging at a low cost
The doctor examines a sick patient who has pain in the right lower abdomen. Concept of inflammation of appendicitis, peritonitis. Removal of appendicitis in surgery, gastrointestinal tract
The doctor introduces the patient to an arthritic knee chondroprotector and the preparation of hilauri acid to restore the knee joint and synovial fluid, close-up
Modern polypropylene pipes for conducting heating mains underground. Durable and anticorrosive properties of water pipes, drainage system
A truck with a trailer rides on the motorway at night against the backdrop of an orange sunny sunset. The concept of the regime of work and rest of truckers, copy space, tachograph
Doctor in medical gloves injects sclerotherapy procedure on the legs of a woman against varicose veins, close-up, ozone therapy, medical
Doctor performs sclerotherapy for varicose veins on the legs, varicose vein treatment, copy space, injection
A neurologist doctor checks the biceps reflex in a girl patient with a neurological hammer, areflexia
Allergist doctor injects against allergies to a young girl, a medical. Allergen-specific immunotherapy, copy space
A doctor injects a medical injection of chondroprotector and hyaluronic acid into the knee of a woman to restore the knee joint, cartilage and synovial fluid, close-up
nurse notes in the medical journal the birth rate in the hospital, background. Birth control
A man stands and holds his groin with his hands, in front of him on the table are pills for the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma. Concept of medical treatment for erection and prostate
Man votes in presidential election of USA. Person fills out paper ballot. Flag of the United States is on the table. One in the suit makes a choice between candidates in 2020, 2024. General voting
Leg bandaged in a tight dressing, plaster cast for fracture of the leg and ankle joint, isolate
A specialist doctor diagnoses a girl s sore throat by palpating for the presence of inflammation and swelling, sore throat and tonsillitis of the throat
A doctor in medical gloves holds two different sized cucumbers. Concept of increasing penis in men, viagra
A loaded timber truck transports timber logs with an overload on the highway, black smoke. The concept of transportation of timber and wood, copy space, business
Large diameter black polypropylene pipes for laying communications, drainage systems and heating mains under the road. Modern method and technology for supplying water and sewage, copy space, industry
Doctor injects plasma therapy into the girl's neck to relieve pain from intervertebral hernia and fibromyalgia, inflammation, discomfort
Dentist doctor examines the bite of the jaw of a girl and a bad tooth with pulpitis, gum disease, close-up, fluorosis
The doctor makes a patient a girl an injection of a blockage in the spine to eliminate back pain, an injection with chondroprotekrom, treatment of the spine, inflammation
Doktor plastic surgeon preparation before surgery to reduce breasts in men, gynecomastia, liposuction
Tow hitch for a passenger car on a white background, isolate. Hitch, close-up
Neurological hammer in the hand of a neurologist doctor on a white background, isolate, instrument
Doctor feels the thyroid gland in a patient of an adult woman, thyroid cancer, close-up, node
Poultry farm for breeding chickens, chicken eggs go through the transporter, chickens and eggs, industry, farming
Doctor neurologist holds a mock spine with intervertebral hernia. Spine disease concept and sequestered or median hernia, isolate, spinal segment, osteochondrosis
A man sits in an office chair and holds on to the groin, crotch, prostatitis
A doctor puts a venous catheter to a patient to inject drugs into a vein, close-up. Treatment
A neurologist doctor checks the Achilles reflex with a neurological hammer. Checking the tibial nerve and the presence of an intervertebral hernia of the spine, copy space
A woman is on reception at the endocrinologist, the doctor looks at the results of an ultrasound scan of the thyroid gland, close-up, medic
The doctor injects plasma into a sore, inflamed female knee for arthrosis and arthritis, plasma-lifting, close-up, medical, professional
Car battery against the background of a car in winter. Winter battery discharge concept, copy space
Doctor surgeon holds a scalpel in his hand on a white background. Surgical concept, instrument
Girl business worker at office concept of rectal pain cough and dysbiosis, digestive problems, diarrhea, office diseases
The girl holds on to the shoulder in which the pain and inflammation, shoulder-shoulder periatritis, white background, close-up, copy space
A girl smears a neck with a healing and anti-inflammatory ointment to relieve muscle stiffness and pain, close-up, neuralgia
Modern equipment for milking cows on a new farm, the process of milking cows, system, industrial
A patient with chronic prostatitis and problems with libido at the reception and consultation with a urologist doctor who is holding ultrasound diagnostic images, medical
Doctor vascular surgeon holds a scalpel near the legs of a woman with a disease of varicose veins of the lower extremities. The concept of treating varicose veins with surgery
A man holds his back holding an office chair concept of back pain, pinched nerve and myofascial syndrome, inflammation, lumbago
Fifth wheel fifth wheel. Hitching a semi-trailer to a truck, close-up, background, truck saddle
BOBRUISK, BELARUS - March 18, 2019: Baby diaper wrapping pampers on white background, copy space
Poultry farm, chickens sit in open-air cages and eat mixed feed, on conveyor belts lie hen's eggs, modern farming, the sun
Making chocolate muffins in the confectionery industry. Delicious pastry for dessert, copy space, food
Modern method of eliminating pain and inflammation of the injection of blood plasma into the hip joint, plasma therapy, intervertebral hernia
An orthopedic doctor wraps a bandage around a tight bandage on a broken palm and phalanx of the patient s fingers. Concept of fractures of the fingers on the hand, persistent hyperesthesia
The doctor injects plasma into the knee joint of a woman to eliminate pain and symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis, relieve inflammation with a plasma-lifting method
A girl is watering a flower in the office from a watering can and holding on to the bladder, the concept of urinary incontinence in women, urology and gynecology, kidney disease, copy space
A doctor examines the sore shoulder of a patient with inflammation and stiffness in the shoulder joint, polymyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis
Excavator hydraulic pump for bucket extension. Close-up hydraulic power, background
A girl unbuttons her pants in a contagious male sexually transmitted infection, sexually transmitted infections, sexual
Canister with red antifreeze on a white background, isolate, coolant, close-up
Modern beautiful side rear-view mirror in a new car with a built-in direction indicator. Black car at a car dealership, aerodynamic
Baby diapers on a white background
Doctor dermatologist examines the subcutaneous wen on the patient's arm, close-up. The concept of skin diseases, lipoma
A small child smears redness on the hand with baby cream. The concept of treatment and skin care with a cream, rash and peeling in children, dermatology
The girl is a patient at a doctor s appointment with a gastroenterologist who holds in her hands the results of a colonoscopy examination. Intestine, colon, colitis disease concept, cancer
Specialist doctor conducts endovenous laser coagulation of the veins of the lower extremities. The concept of treatment for varicose veins and thrombosis
Poultry farm for breeding chickens, chicken eggs go through the transporter, chickens and eggs, industry, farming

A doctor takes blood from a finger, close-up
Two surgeons, a man and a woman, perform surgery to remove prostate adenoma and varicocele, fibroadenoma
Treatment of diseases of the back and skin of a girl with osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia with the help of physiotherapy cryotherapy, cold treatment, rejuvenation
Doctor makes an injection of blockade of chondroprotector and anti-inflammatory drug in the girl's sore shoulder, white background, close-up, ozone therapy
Burning gas burner of a home stove in the middle of which is the flag of the country of European Union. Gas import and export delivery concept, price per cubic meter, transit, background
The doctor examines a girl patient with pain in the hypochondrium gall bladder. Gallbladder disease cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia
Torn and battered leather on a black office computer chair. Restoration and restoration of the leather, copy space
A doctor with a needle and the necessary equipment for taking blood from a patient who has undergone coronavirus. The concept of treatment with antibodies in human blood plasma. Blood donation with
The surgeon performs a finger examination of a patient who has pain around the navel. Umbilical hernia disease concept, umbilical hernia removal, close-up
An elderly woman holds her hand behind her back at home. The concept of pain in the lumbar spine, osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia, copy space
Small mole nevus on human skin, carcinoma. Background, macro
Doctor injects trigger points on the patient s back to eliminate muscle spasm and pain, lumbago
A doctor makes an injection to the varicose veins on a woman's leg
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