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Smiling white caucasian man in a disposable protective surgical mask in a period of coronavirus covid-19 pandemic is walking on the street.
Handyman is mixing black and white colors using painting mixer in the basket to get a gray color. Worker mixes paints with help of drill.
Close-up street portrait of a joyful successful intelligent middle-aged man with delicate facial features. A male older than 50, looking like a politician or a military man, laughs outdoors.
A protective gear or workwear for an industrial electrical engineer includes a face mask to protect against covid-19 coronavirus infection during a pandemic.
St. Petersburg, Russia - November 21, 2008: Loading and unloading operations inside the warehouse, a forklift puts pallets on an elevated platform where loaders men use a hand pallet truck.
Closeup laughing face of an elderly businessman, civil servant, doctor or television presenter. Portrait of a joyful caucasian man over fifty years, with short gray hair outdoors, near public building
Electrical fire dangers at home. Electrical system burn out because of faulty wires. Burned wires are cause problems for the whole electric system.
Attractive young woman with dyed blue hair and a little overweight against the background of the night city, closeup street portrait. The serious face of a fat girl at dusk.
Short circuit in home electric wiring cause fire. Violation of safety rules led to ignition of wire insulation. Damage wires are danger to house. Accident burning in a household power grid.
E-learning during COVID-19 pandemic, young woman doing sports workout while watching lesson on laptop screen.
Diy furniture assembly with a metal frame that was purchased in flat pack.
Damaged circuit breaker became the cause of electrical short circuit and caused the switchboard to ignite of fire. Bad electrical wiring systems caused fire inside electrical fuse box of home wiring.
Slaughterhouse or butchery, halves of pork carcasses hanging on hooks in a cold storage warehouse. Frozen red meat in the refrigerator. Products of the food industry and livestock, Butcher's Shop.
Washing floor using flat mop with microfiber pad and spray bottle, young white woman tidies up kitchen.
Flexible cheerleader trains at home, she does splits on windowsill, demonstrating good stretching.
Distance learning or E-Learning with help of laptop and online communication, girl cheerleader takes lessons in sports training while at home due to quarantine for coronavirus infection covid-19.
E-Learning during coronavirus quarantine, young woman from cheerleader team does stretching exercises while watching  lesson on laptop computer.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: Goods stored in bonded warehouse of general type shall be exempted from imported taxes and duties upon exportation, transferring to other customs warehouses.
Young white woman in pink sleepwear lies on her stomach in bed and looks into camera.
Mother and adult daughter have breakfast cereal at home of dinner table.
Assembled modern shelf for shoe with black steel doors and metal frame delivered as a flat pack
Portable aluminum alloy stand bracket support holder for laptop  set up with notebook on desk.
Bad electrical wiring system in electrical switchboard became the cause of fire. A faulty circuit breaker caught fire in a switchboard and caused a household electrical fire.
The repairman installed a new electrical panel in the house with an electronic electric meter and automatic fuses, or circuit breakers. Repair of household power systems, electricity wiring service.
Handyman is tightening bolts while assembling flat pack furniture and fixing screws.
Checkpoint, cargo clearance with the service of temporary storage of goods on a secured bonded warehouse and freight forwarding. White letters on a green background, inspection warning sign.
Female builder in a face mask and a construction helmet holds a folder with documents on background of corridor of an industrial facility. Female foreman in a work suit during the covid-19 epidemic.
Handyman fills holes in wall with stucco and working tool.
Mother in medical mask is helping her little daughter with breathing with help of nebulizer, which is treating respiratory diseases. Woman puts mask on the girl's face to stop asthma attack.
COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment with bronchodilator powder inhaler. A young woman uses dispenser with powders inhalation to relieve symptoms of asthma, and breathing relief.
A slender young woman sits in a passenger seat inside a corporate jet.
Close-up of a woman's hand check water temperature in the shower with hand shower wall.
Portrait of a mature handsome friendly man with short silver hair outside. Aged cheerful dentist is standing on the street and posing. Happy senior person outdoors in the fall.

Trucks pass through the checkpoint of the customs logistics terminal.
Portrait of a serious senior white woman on street.
Defect of electrical distribution panel with circuit breaker is the cause of a fire in the apartment. Electrical failures and malfunctions are a factor in the Ignition of fires at home.
A dry-powder inhaler or DPI is device that delivers medication to  lungs in form of dry powder. DPIs are commonly used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD.
Back view on caucasian woman and big black dog in park.
Flight attendant serves passengers of business class inside airplane.
Air hostess in protective medical mask serves passengers inside private jet.
A woman in pink clothes and stiletto heels sits in a street smoking room.
Two mature smiling women walk in park.
Young woman has an asthma attack and uses nebulizer chamber for patients with interstitial lung disease to stop it.
Opened laptop is running and installed in the notebook holder.
Girl uses inhaler nebulizer for treatment respiratory disease. She is breathing with help of nebulizer chamber.
A close-up portrait of an intelligent elderly man with a serious face, glasses with a thin metal frame, a gray beard and a short haircut. Photo of an old man on a blurred green park background.
An ignition of an ironing electric iron occurred in the house, when the appliance was left connected to the household power supply for a long time, the clothes iron caught fire and a fire started.
A successful well-groomed man over 50 years, short gray hair, a pleased look, casual clothes, the face of a politician, TV presenter or doctor. Middle-aged man with delicate features, smart appearance
A running laptop is installed in the notebook holder stand.
Beta-agonist therapy, use of an dry-powder inhaler with formoterol and budesonide in exacerbation of bronchial asthma. Woman is inhaling a bronchodilator medication to relieve symptoms of emphysema.
The use of the stripper cutter tool to strip the end of the electrical wire when repairing and updating wiring in the home grid. Electric installation work. Installing new fusebox with circuit breaker
An orange air sofa or an inflatable lounger floats along the river,  in which a young bearded man of Caucasian ethnicity sleeps, eco-tourism in a mountain river ecosystem, outdoor recreation.
Long office hallway with a lot of yellow wooden doors.
Electronics Manufacturing Services, Manual Assembly Of Circuit Board Soldering,  close-up of the hand women hold tool.
Respiratory health, drug for bronchodilator procedures. Capsule for inhalation in lung diseases. Budesonide and formoterol dry powder medicines  for inhalation through mouth. Helps with asthma attacks
A heap of packing tape and a masking tape on an orange background.
Consumer unit with automatic fuses or switchboard with circuit breakers. . Electrical panel of home distribution board. Household electric wiring, fuse box. House power supply.
Fire in camp of tourists destroyed property. Musician forgot guitar near bonfire and it was burned.
St. Petersburg, Russia - November 30, 2017: A cylindrical lithium-ion battery for powering Tesla cars is used in the cells of an acumulator.
Twist-on wire connectors are a type of electrical connector used to fasten two or more low-voltage electrical conductors.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: Custom Bonded Warehouse, storage and logistics, temporary storage warehouse space, floor storage zone, goods under customs control.
The flight attendant serves the passengers of the business jet.
Opened laptop is installed in the holder stand for notebook and running.
Replacing the plumbing in the bathroom, close-up wall mounted hand shower and hose holder with height adjustable bar slider rail, human hand holding a shower head.
An elderly man over fifty, in warm clothes and with a protective medical mask on his face, which protects him during the flu epidemic, or from air pollution. Bald male 50 years old, with a gray beard.
Bald mature bearded man in red jacket is standing outdoors. Portrait of the aged male in warm clothes on the street in the fall.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia - October 31, 2016: Shelves and racks in distribution cold storage warehouse interior.
Healthcare professional in medical protective mask, gloves and glasses is putting on surgical equipment to protect herself  during the coronavirus pandemic and home isolation.
Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran - 18 april, 2017: Young Iranian women, dressed in hijab, are walking along a city street with smartphones in their hands.
Metal furniture with chipboard shelves can serve as a TV stand, or be used as a closed shelf for shoes in the hallway.
A middle-aged woman wears a face mask and safety glasses indoors. The white female uses PPE while in home isolation during quarantine in connection with pandemic of coronavirus infection Covid-19.
A flexible plastic electrical conduit is connected to the junction box of the household wiring system. Copper electric wires are protected by the pipeline.
Attractive caucasian woman is lying on her stomach. Beautiful white female resting on the couch in the twilight. A nice girl in a short skirt and pantyhose relaxes indoors.
Damaged electrical junction box became cause of electrical short circuit and caused the electric wiring to ignition of fire.
St. Petersburg, Russia - November 21, 2008: Warehouse racking or pallet rack systems in a logistics complex with warehousing services.
Caucasian white man is giving a gift to his friends during home isolation in a period of coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, all people are in facial medical masks.
A serious face of a Caucasian middle-aged man, over 50, close-up, he is an emigrant, unemployed, or has problems. Street portrait of a sad male of fifty years old, in a European city, closeup.
Fusebox and consumer unit replacement. Installation of residential circuit breakers. Overcurrent protection in AC power systems. Electrical services to fuse board upgrades.
Safety switch problems, old burned electrical switchboard and circuit breakers located in residential building.
The repairman installs a new electrical panel with automatic fuses for the household electric network. Installation of the switchboard in the home electricity system, install the fuse box.
Fire can occur when there are instances of faulty electrical appliances and wiring at home, causing an electrical fire.
Shoe rack in the hallway of house is made of wood and metal.
Isfahan, Iran - April 24, 2017: Arched stone pedestrian bridge across the river Seyende-Rud is illuminated by the light of the setting sun.
Bride and groom are walking in the park with little girl during coronavirus infection covid-19 pandemic and home isolation, all of them wear medical facial disposable masks, wedding season summer 2020
Assembled modern TV stand with black metal doors and steel frame delivered as a flat pack.

Lorries pass through the security checkpoint of the logistics complex with customs services.
Lovely young woman in sexy clothes and protective gloves tidies up in the shower. A Caucasian man is flirting with a white maid who is cleaning in the bathroom. Charming male meets a cute female.
Kovdor, Murmansk region, Russia - September 3, 2007: Electrical Switchgear room of mining plant, Metal-Clad electrical cabinet, engineer control  Indoor High Voltage Vacuum DC Circuit Breaker.
Doctor in medical facial surgical mask and protective gloves is wearing glasses for respiratory protection during coronavirus infection covid-19 pandemic.
Alcohol party at room of college dormitory. University students drinking wine in residence hall. Young men and women get drunk in off-campus dorm. Drunken undergrads are sitting on couch in bedroom.
Portrait of pretty teenage girl with blue hair, who is standing near wall on the street with smatrphone in her hand. Attractive overweight young woman with mobile phone.
Handyman makes color for coloring wall in room while renovation.
Hardware installation and upgrades of the computer system unit with help of screwdriver.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: Custom bonded warehouse is a service offered by logistics companies, importers and exporters as an option that  offers a reliable level of security.
Cleaning woman in black leggins is vacuuming with help of upright vacuum cleaner with led lights on.
Attractive young caucasian housemaid about 22 years old in elegant miniskirt is cleaning shower stall with help of spray in protective gloves.
An electrician uses a wire stripper to remove insulation without cutting copper. Installation of a household electrical panel with circuit breakers. Use fuses for home electric wiring.
Close-up portrait of an intelligent man, with delicate facial features, wearing glasses with a lace, and good-natured appearance, against the background of greenery in the park.
St. Petersburg, Russia - November 30, 2017: Two cylindrical battery with Tesla logo, for a pack of cells, on light blue background.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: Customs house is a government office where duties are paid  on foreign shipments. A truck is standing at the unloading dock of a bonded warehouse.
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