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Damaged circuit breaker became the cause of electrical short circuit and caused the switchboard to ignite of fire. Bad electrical wiring systems caused fire inside electrical fuse box of home wiring.
Bad electrical wiring system in electrical switchboard became the cause of fire. A faulty circuit breaker caught fire in a switchboard and caused a household electrical fire.

Trucks pass through the checkpoint of the customs logistics terminal.
Portable aluminum alloy stand bracket support holder for laptop  set up with notebook on desk.
Attractive young woman with dyed blue hair and a little overweight against the background of the night city, closeup street portrait. The serious face of a fat girl at dusk.
Electrical fire dangers at home. Electrical system burn out because of faulty wires. Burned wires are cause problems for the whole electric system.
Man about 50 years old and little boy are posing in medical masks on their faces as a protection from flu. Father and son with respiratory mask on face to protect from air pollution.
Closeup laughing face of an elderly businessman, civil servant, doctor or television presenter. Portrait of a joyful caucasian man over fifty years, with short gray hair outdoors, near public building
Young woman has an asthma attack and uses nebulizer chamber for patients with interstitial lung disease to stop it.
A heap of packing tape and a masking tape on an orange background.
Healthcare professional in medical protective mask, gloves and glasses is putting on surgical equipment to protect herself  during the coronavirus pandemic and home isolation.
Doctor in medical facial surgical mask and protective gloves is wearing glasses for respiratory protection during coronavirus infection covid-19 pandemic.
Close-up portrait of an intelligent man, with delicate facial features, wearing glasses with a lace, and good-natured appearance, against the background of greenery in the park.
Portrait of a mature handsome friendly man with short silver hair outside. Aged cheerful dentist is standing on the street and posing. Happy senior person outdoors in the fall.
Cleaning woman in black leggins is vacuuming with help of upright vacuum cleaner with led lights on.
Fusebox and consumer unit replacement. Installation of residential circuit breakers. Overcurrent protection in AC power systems. Electrical services to fuse board upgrades.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia - October 31, 2016: Shelves and racks in distribution cold storage warehouse interior.
A successful well-groomed man over 50 years, short gray hair, a pleased look, casual clothes, the face of a politician, TV presenter or doctor. Middle-aged man with delicate features, smart appearance
Close up portrait of an elderly intelligent man in glasses and with a gray beard. Smiling face of an educated man of retirement age. Outdoor portrait of an old man with a blurry green background.
Two slender young women of Caucasian ethnicity are laughing while sitting on a sofa indoors. Cute white girls having fun in a dorm room or apartment. Females are 22 years old happy.
A white man about 43 years old with short hair and beard has a rest in a park, close-up.
An electrician uses a wire stripper to remove insulation without cutting copper. Installation of a household electrical panel with circuit breakers. Use fuses for home electric wiring.
Fire can occur when there are instances of faulty electrical appliances and wiring at home, causing an electrical fire.
Alcohol party at room of college dormitory. University students drinking wine in residence hall. Young men and women get drunk in off-campus dorm. Drunken undergrads are sitting on couch in bedroom.
Close-up dramatic portrait of a white blue-eyed male on a dark gray background. The serious face of a young Caucasian man with gray eyes and a short haircut. Twenty year old guy with a wary look.
Gauges in the boiler room near the heating pipes with insulation coating.
Quarantine and home isolation during the covid-19 pandemic. Young people in protective surgical masks met in the kitchen for a romantic date.
Electrical panel with automatic cutout or circuit breaker. Home electric fuse box consumer unit. Household switchboard or distribution board for domestic wiring system. Mains supply fusebox.
Little cute white caucasian girl about 2 years old is looking at her mather with medical mask on the face as a protection from infections during illness and   smiling.
St. Petersburg, Russia - November 21, 2008: Forklift palletiser carrying palletising on the territory of  warehouse. The interior of a large goods warehouse with shelves of pallet rack system storage.
The last person on the planet to survive a bird flu epidemic. Chubby young woman rides a scooter along the embankment of the river, the girl's face is covered with a disposable protective medical mask
Protective eyewear, plastic eye protection glasses for medical staff during the covid-19 pandemic.

Lorries pass through the security checkpoint of the logistics complex with customs services.
Damaged electrical junction box became cause of electrical short circuit and caused the electric wiring to ignition of fire.
Concept of shared values, or shared purpose on example of united actions during teamwork when replacing LED lamps in a ceiling lighting.
Water gauge pressure, hand shut off main valve, close-up.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia - October 31, 2016: Top viev row of trucks at a loading dock.
Two young women are sitting on couch with glasses of alcohol in their hands and watching a muscular shirtless man vacuuming floor of an apartment using a cordless vacuum cleaner or electric broom.
Girl has an asthma attack and uses nebulizer mask, which is uses in the treatment of
respiratory diseases to stop the attack.
Kovdor, Murmansk region, Russia - September 3, 2007: Electrical Switchgear room of mining plant, Metal-Clad electrical cabinet, engineer control  Indoor High Voltage Vacuum DC Circuit Breaker.
Installing surface mounted wiring, junction box with copper wires with shrinkable tube on them inside.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia - October 31, 2016: trucks fleet  at loading dock shipping industry.
Closeup of hands holding a pair of scissors, cut the LED tape, isolated on white background.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: Custom Bonded Warehouse, storage and logistics, temporary storage warehouse space, floor storage zone, goods under customs control.
Beautiful young woman of a Caucasian ethnic group of slim build sits on the kitchen table. A white man feeds his girlfriend a slice of bell pepper. A married couple communicates in their apartment.
A young white woman in black tights and a short skirt sits on a table, wrapping her legs around a Caucasian man. Married couple cuddling in the kitchen. Girl hugs boyfriend near the stove.
Two miniature white speakers with led lighting stand next to the rack in which is a tablet PC with a purple screen.
Hands in green rubber protective gloves wash the head of the shower with the help of a cleaning spray.
Worker in protective gloves is mounting european standard double switch placed in the socket.
Electrical problems, improper electric wiring present a fire hazard. Loose wires caused fire inside electrical fuse box of home wiring.
Close-up fragment of shoulder dark blue suit on prom night for men, Isolated on white background.
A sullen look from under the eyebrows on the angry face of a long-haired Caucasian girl, dark blue background. The face of a young woman with a frown from brow. An scowling female with sullenly gaze.
Sexual foreplay in a college dorm bedroom. Young woman first stayed for night with her man. A romantic date for a couple in love ended in seduction by bad. Guy hugging girlfriend in his apartment.
Top view of  fittings toilet tank and the blue tablet of solid cleanser dissolves in water.
Lovers are sitting on a sofa in a college dorm room. Romantic date of a young man and woman in a student dormitory.
Girls with boyfriends watch a boring movie in a college dorm. A loving couple came to visit neighbors in a student dormitory. Young men and women gathered in an apartment in front of the TV.
Father and son are using smartphone for taking pictures of themselves in forest near river, eco-tourism.
Tired cleaning woman is sitting on the floor and cleaning dust with modern red upright vacuum cleaner with led lights on.
Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran - 19 april, 2017: Two Muslim women dressed in hijabs, photograph themselves using a selfie stick and smartphone, in the inner courtyard of the Regents mosque.
A group of young people of two girls and pair men, about 20 years old, sits on the couch, looking at something on the screens of smartphones and laughing. Male and female students are resting together
Girl is jealous of her boyfriend to his friend. A woman is watching bromance of guys. Young people portray a homosexual couple to attract the attention of a female. Three students are sitting on couch
Friends are bored while sitting on a sofa in a student dormitory. Young women met with their boyfriends on a double date in a youth hostel room. One of the girls takes a selfie while sitting on floor.
Bromance is a close but nonsexual relationship between two men. Young people, men and women are sitting on couch looking at something on the screens of mobile phones. A group of students communicate.
Tehran, Iran - April 29, 2017: Iranian men and women in hijab buy things in a big bazaar.
Fabric Sofa Bed with color grey,  isolated on white background,  include clipping path.
Closeup portrait of a surprised man with short gray hair and over 50 years. Middle-aged male with pop-eyed in the outdoors. Astonishment in the eyes of businessman or official near government building
Tehran, Iran - April 28, 2017: Iranian women with cocktails in their hands are sitting in the park, talking to each other and laughing.
Single phase home electronic energy meter inside distribution board with electrical circuit breakers. Electricity meter located in electric meter box with electrical breaker fuse.
A young Caucasian woman became insane during home isolation due to coronavirus infection Covid-19. A white female inside a dark room wears a protective face mask.
St. Petersburg, Russia - July 27, 2017: The truck is unloaded at a customs warehouse, behind a fence with a green sign, a customs control zone.
Little cute white caucasian girl about 2 years old is using nebulizer to stop an asthma attack. Compressor nebulizer as a therapy for respiratory diseases for baby.
A lot of frozen pig carcasses hanging in the hook cold store.
Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran - 18 april, 2017: Young Iranian women, dressed in hijab, are walking along a city street with smartphones in their hands.
The furniture assembler adjusts the mechanism for opening the door of the office table with a screwdriver, ready-to-assemble furniture.
Isfahan, Iran - April 24, 2017: Two Muslim women, dressed in a black Islamic chador, talk while walking along the city street.
Opened laptop is running and installed in the notebook holder.
Electrician in yellow protective gloves holds wire connectors on copper wiring.
Using LED strip light lighting for indoor furniture, close-up human hands glued tape on board.
Smiling white caucasian man in a disposable protective surgical mask in a period of coronavirus covid-19 pandemic is walking on the street.
Installation of decorative LED lighting inside the furniture.
A beautiful adult woman laughs, sitting on the riverbank with a bouquet of wildflowers in her hands, wearing a wedding or evening dress, and a child in a protective gas mask is running nearby.
Baking paper, parchment food, is used for cooking and food storage. Thin paper made from pulp mill greasy. No body. The isolated image on a white background.
A young Caucasian woman vacuums a kitchen floor using a cordless vertical vacuum cleaner, or electric broom. The maid is cleaning up the hostels cook room. One white female do cleanup of indoors.
Isfahan, Iran - April 24, 2017:  An Iranian family of three people moves around the city using a motorbike.
Abyaneh, Iran - April 26, 2017: young Iranian woman in a hijab walks around a traditional village in the mountains.
Abyaneh, Iran - April 26, 2017: two young women in hijabs are walking along a narrow street in the traditional village in the mountains and laughing.
Electrical Workplace Safety Electrician Engineer impose temporal earth connection on reducing power transformer, using earth grounding discharge stick, Personal Protective Grounding.
A young Caucasian woman on a tour of Istanbul goes down a deserted street. A white female, dressed in warm winter clothes, walks around the tourist area on a cloudy day.
Tourism at the sea at summer 2020. Beach vacation for young pretty woman in  swimsuit, who is taking sunbath on the beach with facial medical mask as a protection from covid-19 infection.
Close-up street portrait of a joyful successful intelligent middle-aged man with delicate facial features. A male older than 50, looking like a politician or a military man, laughs outdoors.
Replacing the plumbing in the bathroom, close-up adjustment the adjustable bracket wall mounted hand shower and hose holder.
Sea season 2020. Caucasian young pretty woman in red swimsuit and with facial protective medical mask on her face is walking on the beach at the resort during coronavirus covid-19 pandemic.
An ignition of an ironing electric iron occurred in the house, when the appliance was left connected to the household power supply for a long time, the clothes iron caught fire and a fire started.
White caucasian traveler in protective surgical facial mask as a protection from covid-19 infection is taking  photos in Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran,  ancient city of Persepolis.
Portrait of a street cat from the Turkish city of Istanbul. A stray animal outdoors in the winter.
Street portrait of a man in protective medical mask. Closeup of a 50-year-old male in a respirator to protect against infection with influenza virus, or with smog. Citizen with a closed face outdoors.
A middle-aged woman wears a face mask and safety glasses indoors. The white female uses PPE while in home isolation during quarantine in connection with pandemic of coronavirus infection Covid-19.
 Living Room Sofas Furniture, convertible fabric sofa bed futon dark grey color, isolated on white background,  include clipping path.
Abstract texture for the backdrop, light blue steel roller shutters. Closed showcase background.
GUIZHOU PROVINCE, CHINA - APRIL 13: Chinese woman walks along a narrow street Asian village, holding baby behind him, Zengchong Dong ethnic minority Village, Guizhou, China - April 13, 2010
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