Gregers and Julie Inoue

Gregers and Julie Inoue

Pictures and Photo by Julie and Gregers Inoue

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green bee eater close up at sri lanka
A Red rose closeup seen from the side
A Red rose flower closeup on blur green bakground.
Wagrain view over ski slopes covered in snow
Ski slopes at Wagrain in Austria
Beach on Islay in Scotland
Horn raven face close up from the side
Waves on beach at Sri Lanka
Looking up into a coconut tree
Monkey from Sri Lanka taking a rest on a stone while eating
Green bee eater on a branch
Crocodile at national park resting and heating off
Top of tree with blue heaven and white clouds
Top of Palm tree with sun backlight making silhouette
Flower from Sri Lanka blue closeup
Ceylon nose monkey eating dinner
Sunset at sri lanka seen over the horizon
Waterfall with beauty landscape and nature
Water running over stone close up
Bee eater bird from Sri lanka on branch
Blue fishing boat on shore sand beach
Red leaf flower with dark green leafs
eagle landing on a branch with wings out
squirrel on a branch closeup
Footprint in the sand on the beach
Black faced monkey langur at sri lanka
Palm on edge to river near water
Peacock head close up from Sri Lanka
Eagle at Sri Lanka on branch
Palm leaf closeup on a clear blue sky
Palm leaf closeup on a very light blue sky
Palm leaf closeup on dark night in the back
Palm leaf closeup on a blue sky
Eagle in the sky hunting
Mangrove cave at river in Sri Lanka
Nature leafs making fence pattern at Sri Lanka
Sunrise backlight on coast line with palm trees
The moon on a clear day from Sri Lanka
Two people walking on the beach into the sunset
Overview of Mountain alps in Austria
Sushi plate closeup with nigiri and maki rolls
Serengeti sunset behind tree
Camel Camelus Bactrianus chewing seen from the side closeup
Big male lion at Copenhagen Zoo watching you
Cute big panda eating bamboo at Copenhagen Zoo
California sea lion taking sun bath
Hiphop hippo taking a swim looking at you
Mungos mungo zebra mongo having a break relaxing
Grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum from the side
Giraffe licking nose with tongue closup
Lion cub calling her mother
Lion mother with two cubs at Copenhagen Zoo
brown prairie dog seen from the side
Cute lemur watching its back huh
Cute arctic fox face from the side
Grey wolf laying down taking a break
Brown Bear eating dinner with sad look
Electric Bass guitar strings close up
Eurasier dog hiding in the grass
Wild Deer at Islay
Hebridean Sheeps at Islay
Moss in undergrowth
Parrot having lunch
Happy dolphin talking
Lions drinking water
Yellow flittig lise
Male lion asking what do you want from me
Lions drinking water closeup mother and child
Aligator from florida
Windmills in front of the sunset at amager
Water buffalo from Sri lanka
Yellow hawaiian flower
Bentota beach sri lanka
Cacao plant from Sri Lanka
Buffalo taking mud bath
Beach at Sri Lanka with abstract pattern
Elephant taking shower at riverside
Sri lanka nature with palm trees and the ocean
Palm leafs with black background
Danish cherry tree blooming
Danish open faced sandwich on-layer
Tree in park
Barley floor malting
Old whisky barrel
Matured malted barley ready for stepping and germination
Barley maturing floor malting
Black sad cat
Nature at Islay
Seal at Islay
Sunset at Islay
slow water wave and rocks at islay
Wild goat at Islay Scotland
pathway in park
Water wave at portnahaven

moss, heather, wild flora and fauna at Islay
Pathway in forest 2
Moist pathway in forest
Fresh water turtle
Purple centre of flower
Chives seed ready closeup
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