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Under water image of tadpole of Common grass frog or Rana temporaria with completely developed four legs just before metamorphosis taken from the side in a surrounding with myosotis aquatic plants
The claws of the European red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris have long and strong nails so it can climb well in trees, on this close-up the long white SNORHAREN and fluffy ears are also visible
Two young one day old tadpoles of larvae of Common grass frog with parts they use for sticking to surfaces and external gills hanging with back and belly towards camera on aquatic plant of Myosotis
Natural oily layer on the surface of seeping water in a peat area that is produced by the iron-oxidizing bacteria ones the iron-rich water from the underground contacts with air
Close up of yellow red sundew drosera carnivorous plant with sticky drops to catch insects in nutrient poor ecosystems as protected raised bogs in the Netherlands with a light green background.
On land toads normally have a dry skin so this is a natural condition for the female Bufo bufo that is living on land in forest or garden
Close-up of flowering Lychnis flos-cuculi or Ragged robin taken from the side on eyelevel of the plants with purple petals in green flowering meadow which may be used for hay cutting or grazing
Close-up of head with large eye and gills from larva of Salamandra Salamandra or fire salamander under water with oxygen producing aquatic plants
Young fish of Leuciscus idus or ide or orfe fish is a freshwater fish of the cyprinidae living in larger rivers, lakes, in Europe
Small family of grey lag goose or Anser anser together one adult with three yellowish young chicks with plume feathers swimming towards the camera
Mating couple of Triturus vulgaris or Smooth newt walking parallel but with heads and tail in opposite direction under water
Developing free swimming larva of Great crested newt or Triturus cristatus under water with all characteristic features visible as pointy tail, elongated fingers or toes, high crest, spotted tail
Dunnock is a common garden bird with a very loud song, but with modest colours, this bird is sitting on a dead trunk with a soft grey bluish background
Close-up and full image of colorful Hawfinch Coccothraustes sitting with pink feet on a wooden stick with diffused background
Colorful black-tailed godwit meadow bird landing in a protected flowering meadow with a variety of flowers and green grass in a semi-natural grassland area in the Netherlands.
Red fruits of vaccinium Oxycoccus on red sphagnum moss
Horse mushroom or agaricus arvensis from below with pinkish flesh gills visible

Young and large Horse mushroom or agaricus arvensis in nature with moss and gills visible

Champignon in nature with fresh pinkish gills visible from below
Lactarius torminosus or woolly milkcap growing in between mosses
Dead beech trees with trunks lying down blown by storm with roots up
Forest of beech and oak with dead tree trunk lying down and green and brown leaves
Beech forest with uprooted lying dead tree and leave litter on floor
Succisa pratensis or devils-bit scabious close up of blue flower
Close up of group of flowering and past flowering succisa pratensis with blue flowers

Honey bee on pink flowers of sedum
German gentian or Gentiana germanica flowering
natuur paddenstoel exloerkijl gewone zwavelkop
Crepidotus variabilis or variable oysterling growing on wood with green fern on background
Mycena rosea or Rosy bonnet pinkish mushroom
Aconitum napellus or monk's-hood close up of flower
Aconitum napellus or monk's-hood is a plant species with highly toxic flowers
Aconitum napellus or monk´s-hood flowering
Parnassia palustris or marsh grass with white flowers in green
Coastal landscape with fresh water stream running into the salt north sea on the beach surrounded with dunes and with waves braking on the sandy shore on the background
Larva of Fire salamander or Salamandra Salamandra hanging in the water above aquatic vegetation taken from the side under water
Underwater image of Spined loach or Cobitis taenia with characteristic barbles and black dots visible
Garden tiger moth colorful night butterfly or or Arctia caja with open wings with conspicuous pattern frightening predators
Great crested newt or Triturus cristatus male under water with full developed crest looking like an aquatic dragon with orange belly and black dots
Close up and side image of male of European stonechat Saxicola rubicola with green caterpillar to nourish it´s chicks sitting on the stem of a thistle in Andalusia, southern spain
Beautiful under water picture of common grass frog metamorphosing larva with close up of the nearly juvenile frog in between ceratophyllum demersum aquatic plants with four legs completely developed
Close up of finch Fringilla coelebs washing and actively moving wings and water drops around and with waves on the water and diffused reflection of the colourful song bird in with background
kingfisher mating on a stick with open wings with connection between male and female. Picture taken in nature (bird watch tower Veendam, the Netherlands).
Close-up macro image of male Tritirus alpestris or Alpine newt male underwater with belly facing towards camera and feet with fingers spread and bright orange belly without spots and swollen cloaca
Metamorphosing green frog tadpole of Rana esculenta under water with fully developed hint and front legs taken from the side with the frog towards the camera and large webbed feet with long toes
Colorful picture of Triturus vulgaris or smooth newt walking over plants with entire animal completely in picture
metamorphosing of Rana temperature brown frog under water with plants
Anser anser Grey leg goose flying in blue sky over the Hunzedal in the past decades it has become the most common wild geese in the Netherlands living along waters in the country side
Nocturnal close-up image Saturnia pavoina small emperor moth resting on Calluna vulgaris Common heather taken from above with the big mimicking eyes looking into camera with hairs visible
Macro of scarlet red waxcap hygrocybe mushroom in bright green moss background
Overview of flowers in colourful meadow with rumex and ranunculus in green grassland that is almost ready for harvesting hay for winter feeding of livestock in atlantic Europe
Cute image of metamorphosing green frog tadpole with light green back and dark spots with the front leg visible as a bulb near the eye
Couple of Red-crested duck Netta rufina with male partially in front of female, the two with reflection mirroring in water from turbid eutrofic channel with green grass and iris on the background
Panolis flammea pine beauty, pine moth sitting on branch of coniferous tree with green needles, closeup with hairy back and long antennas resting taken from above
Edible frog or Rana esculenta in a garden pond in between green emergent aquatic plants and with foam around and with flowering Myosotis palustris
Close up of Cocoon of SILKworm or Bombyx mori  attached to the leaf of mulberry with branches and leaves of the tree visible on the back ground
Freshly deposited whitish eggs of triturus newt folded in bright green leaves of myosotis palustris underwater with a blue background in a garden pond, protected from predators and uv-radiation
Cute image of colorful Fired bellied toad or Bombina bomina under water sticking head out of the water in a small outdoor aquarium in Lithuania
Alert Mother grey leg goose anser with thirteen lucky chicks walking around in the wet grassland with cardamine pratense flowers in the green grass
Underside of Great crested newt under water with black spotted belly and swollen cloaca visible together with white spotted throat in surrounded by aquatic plants
the colorful orange belly with black dots and spotted white throat of the smooth newt is only visible from below or when they take up water, this pond dweller triturus vulgaris is underwater
common toad bufo bufo tadpole swimming underwater between green leaves of hottonia in a garden pond, the macro image of the black tadpole with dark tail is contrasting with the light color background
Nocturnal image of adult Common toad full of wraths or Bufo bufo climbing over a piece of dead wood in a forest taken slightly from below with dark black background
Blue Erythromma viridulum or Small red eye eating a small fly while holding tight to green stem of what seems a juncus rush together with exuvia of an ephemeroptera
Close up of caterpillar of Operophtera brumata or Winter moth walking on the underside of a leaf of oak Quercus robur taken from above with macro with hindlegs visible holding tight to the leave
Macro image from face from the moth Calliteara pudibunda or Pale tussock night with grey hairy face and brown antennas walking on oak leaf
Close-up of three flowering Calla palustris or water arum in a wet bog habitat covered with green sphagnum underground visible on the background
Four large white flowers of Calla palustris or water arum in a natural drying mud plain in the Netherlands with the muddy humid underground visible on the background together with not flowering plants
Lilypad whiteface darter or Leucorrhinia caudalis dragonfly drying the soft fragile wings on a plant of lysimachia because it just left the exhuvia and the water
Alarming Family of Anser anser or Grey-lag goose with both adults open beak and a young chick with open bill obviously screaming loud while other younger ones look around in grazed grassland
Youngster of Black-tailed Godwit or Limosa limosa is hunting for small insects and following mother in dutch green grassland with flowers of Taraxacum and large leaves of Rumex
Solitary chick of Black-tailed Godwit or Limosa limosa walking in high grass with Rumex flowers and tall stems of green grass
Flock of Sturnus vulgaris or starling birds flying in group together to avoid predation
An adult common eel that is taken out of the water and is placed on grass
Full picture of Calidris marítima or purple sandpiper walking with yellow legs on dark stone with algae along the coast with water on background
Fruits of xanthium orientale or rough cockleburr riping on the plant
Adult Allophyes oxyacanthae or Green-brindled Crescent moth on the leaves of Crataegus monogyna or common hawthorn one of the plants they eat
Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula male with bright orange red chest ready for drinking water in forest puddle with green moss and reflection of grey legs and moss
Cloudy day on the bog with clouds reflected in natural bog pool with open water and swampy embankments with eriophorum angustifolium, nuphar luteum, sphagnum, juncus and molinea plants with small pine
Konik horse with manes fully covered with seeds from Arctium lappa or greater burdock
Close-up of group of ten Sanderling or three-toad sandpipers Calidris alba resting undisturbed on the dry beach out of reach of the higher waves and seawater

Alert Polecat on the look out with ears and neck lifted and nose open
Close-up of head of Stone loach or groundling bottom dweller fish or Barbatula barbatula with many tentacles or barbles on the bottom jaw
Under water image of Perca fluviatilis Perch fish together with Elodea aquatic plant with upper fin hanging down giving resulting in a sad image
Close-up of imago from front face of maybug, melolontha melolontha beetle grabbing with hook of feet the green leave of an oak with a contrasting black backgound showing bright the orange antennas
Front view of Drymonia ruficornis or lunar marbled brown moth with large fluffy antennas with white hairy legs on the green bark of a tree, the larvae of this  Notodontidae feed on oak species
Couple of redshank tringa totanus mating with male on top of female with bending legs to approach with cloaca to the female and with open uplifted wings on meadow with short grass
Fire bellied toad or Bombina bombina under water with colorful alarming belly facing camera
This nest of lapwing vanellus vanellus with four eggs in grazed grassland that seems fertilised with manure at natura2000 area Leekstermeer
Close up of solitary bee Andrena vaga or grey-backed mining bee covered in yellow pollen walking on sandy soil in search for suitable spot to deposit the eggs with nutrition for larvae
Tadorna shelduck male standing majestic on with proud raised chest and rooted with pink feet on grassland at a lake shore with white and brown chest and bright red bill in full picture
two white tailed eagles Haliaeetus albicilla full in picture fighting over a dead animal in a yellow autumn grassland with open wings and claws
Young larva of Common spadefoot toad or Pelobates fuscus under water without feet and with round belly with bluish shine
Cute picture with clear differentiation between females of Great crested newt and Smooth newt in which the smaller one is the smooth newt
Adult male of Triturus vulgaris or smooth newt with mouth and body full with a large worm
Flowering green-winged orchid or Anacamptis morio in grassland
Molting great crested newt or triturus cristatus releasing and removing the old skin releasing the transparent layer with the fresh head out already while rest is visible as a grey layer under water
Closeup of Mimas tiliae or lime hawk-moth imago taken from above with wings wide open walking on green leave of Tilia or lime where the larva eat from in a nocturnal image of the moth
Calla palustris, water arum, wild calla, white, flower, flowers, flowering, nature, natural, drying, dry, swamp, marsh, bog, boggy, sphagnum, peat, underground, visible, background, green, yellow, gar
Close-up macro image of hairy head and face of Diaphora mendica moth Muslin moth or night butterfly taken from the front on eyelevel while holding gently with feet hanging over leave of oak
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