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A rendering of a female with a computer circuit texture, in blue.  Matrix style background.
A blue gradient background with metal style spikes.
Vector Flags of Europe and Northern Africa with a wavy appearance. See portfolio for more flags.
Vector flags of Europe and Northern Africa
Goddard Mansion in Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth, Maine was the home of Colonel John Goddard and his family.  The family lived in the building during the late 1800s.  The house overlooks the ocean.
Straight filmstrip vector.
G8 flags United States France Canada Italy Japan Germany United Kingdom and the European Union
Vector flags of Asia
Flag communication system used in sailing.
Colored vector ribbons.
An information symbol with a glass like appearance.
Vector biohazard symbol
Curved filmstrip vector.
Vector of Star of David
A young adult male in black pants and a white collared shirt.  The green striped tie is loosened around the neck, top button is undone.
Vector flags: Russia, Soviet Union, North Korea, South Korea, China, and India
DNA Double Helix
A vector whirlpool spiral shape
A rendering of a female with a computer circuit texture, in blue.
Electronic circuit symbols
Vector Basque Flag
Vector Flags of the Caribbean.
Electronic circuit symbols
Vector palm tree silhouettes
A vector retro dot pattern
Vector black grid pattern
A bushel of apples.
A wavy vector film strip
Top Secret and Classified Stamp
Vector grunge border
Vector grunge border
A grid formed by shiny blue boxes.
Pool ladder and swimming pool.
Alpacas on a farm
Vector flags of Africa
Diagonal, curved film strip
Dripping, oozing sludge.
A glass-like Earth globe.
A rendering of a female with a computer circuit texture, in red.
Vector flags of the Middle East: Israel, Jordan, and Iraq
A panorama rendering of an island paradise.
A line of shiny blue cubes reflected.
A grunge style background.
A typical multiple choice answer sheet.
The Hebrew words for the first five books of the bible.
Two decorated chopsticks on a bamboo mat.
Vector Confederate Flag
A large oil tanker off the coast of Portland, Maine.  See my gallery for other views of this ship.
A UFO rendering on a white background.
A marble with the world on it.  PPlenty of white space for text.
A space landscape with a crater and comet.
A group of three dimensional spikes.
Vertical film strip
Blue twirl background
A thought bubble.
Copyright and Trademark symbols with glass appearance.
Vector Rising Sun Flag
Vector soccer ball design
Vector Earth globe.
A curved stream of binary numbers.
A matrix styled computer rendering
A blue glass box on a white background.
Full moon image with water
A large grid formation of shiny blue boxes with reflections.
A suspension bridge in Costa Rica built by the Taiwanese to secure fishing rights on the Pacific coast.
The African continent locked in metal chains.  See my gallery for similar images.
Vector blueprint
A vector information symbol
A swirling vortex of fire on a white background.
Rectangle and triangle pattern.
A group of truffles of different types on a white background.
A glass like series of marble loops forming a knot shape.
A rendering of the world with binary 1s and 0s in ocean area.
The tops of the plants in a field of sugar cane against a blue sky.
A wide open, golden field with a lone green tree in the middle.
Vector weather icons
A typical multiple choice answer sheet.
Abstract, twirling, lightning vortex.
Honeycomb pattern.
The famous monument, Mt. Rushmore.
Vector test tubes
A set of metal balls suspended from strings.  Demonstrates Newton's laws of physics.
A man emerges from the hot desert sand.
Flamingos in Curacao
A toy red wagon isolated on a white background.
A rendering of a DNA strand.
Three chocolate truffles of different types on a white background.
DNA Double Helix
Rendered golden chain.  See my gallery for a steal/iron chain.
Diagonal, straight film strip
Large image of the full moon over the sky in Cumberland, Maine.
Two silhouette fighters in martial arts poses on a red background.
Ariel view of a resort hotel in the Dominican Republic; taken from a parasial.
Ground in Death Valley, California
High contrast color image of the moon.
Alpacas on a farm
Dripping, oozing slime drops.
Red Apple Vector
A typical multiple choice answer sheet.  The green stripes are a common feature on multiple choice answer sheets.
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