Brad Bowins

Avid scuba diver, underwater photographer, skier, and hiker who loves travel to exotic destinations where the best nature photos can be taken!

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Nurse shark nestled into coral shelter, Grenada.
Great hammerhead shark with trailing crowd of smaller fish, New Providence Island, Bahamas.
Ghostly plane wreck on sea bottom with doors and windows gone, New Providence Island, Bahamas.
Manta ray completing a sweeping turn with blue water and sun background, Yap, Micronesia.
Sad appearing Caribbean reef shark with fish hook in mouth, New Providence Island, Bahamas.
Colorful Ember parrotfish with shading and prominent teeth, close-up, Fiji.
 Diver with flashlight swimming through sunlit lava tube, Kona, Hawaii.
Great hammerhead shark close-up from below with mouth visible.
Four Tarpon fish across diagonal below sunlit boat, British Virgin Islands.
Beautiful blue water Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon with coconut trees in foreground and enticing islands in background, Micronesia.
Extensive black barren volcanic rock surface with blue sky and clouds, Chain of Craters Road, Hawaii.
Racoon butterflyfish with yellow body accented by black and white bands set against black background, close-up, Kona, Hawaii.
2 Caribbean spiny lobsters fronting coral reef, British Virgin Islands.
Temple of Philae orderly decorated stone columns fronted by stone courtyard with clear blue sky above, Aswan, Egypt.
Aerial view of Somo Somo Strait and curving coral reef with brilliant blue sea, Taveuni, Fiji.
Frigate birds in flight against blue sky above tropical forest, Half Moon Caye, Belize.
Two Boulder corals as fortress towers adorned with soft coral and silhouetted by sunrays, Little Cayman Island.
Backcountry skiers carving tracks from sun to shade with blue sky background, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia.
Yellow tunicate with intake and outflow siphons visible against coral background, close-up, Australia.
Colorful slipper lobster with prominent eyes set against coral background, close-up, Hawaii.
Solitary anemone with delicate translucent flowing extended tentacles against orange soft coral background, close-up, Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon, Micronesia.
“Double trouble” pair of Whitetip reef sharks on sand eying photographer, Cocos Island.
Glacier between mountain peaks fronted by tree lined ridge with blue sky and sun rays, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia
Three sun dappled Bottlenose dolphins in formation upper to lower across diagonal swimming above sea bottom, Grand Bahama Island.
Tube sponge with lit iridescent interior suggestive of a black hole in outer space, close-up, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.
Green sea turtle giving welcoming wave with small fish in blue water and coral background, Galapagos Islands.
Great white shark head-on with food streaming out of its mouth, South Africa.
Lemon shark with Remoras attached passing over sunlit sand, Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
Great hammerhead shark swimming to surface with blue water background.
Colorful reef urchin with solid spines set against a coral background.
Tiger shark head on over sandy bottom, Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
Sleeping parrotfish looking at peace on the sand, close-up, St. Croix, Caribbean.
Snow frosted backcountry evergreen forest on diagonal slope with snow covered mountain peak in background, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia.
Beautiful snow covered and forested slope with sunrays, Selkirk range, British Columbia.
Peregrine falcon close-up of face with blurred background, Toronto, Ontario.
Colorful Keel-billed toucan with open beak posed on branch with tropical vegetation in background, Belize.
Ram-headed sphinxes in row along diagonal fronting pylon of Karnak temple, Egypt.
Pu’uhonua O Honaunau Place of Refuge tall forbidding wooden figures and spikes with powerful clouds above, the Big Island, Hawaii.
Sunlit snow covered mountain and trees on diagonal with cloud shrouded valley below and bright blue sky above, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Sun dappled Bottlenose dolphin swimming across sea bottom gazing up, Grand Bahama Island.
Orange encrusting sponge smooth abstract surface with pores, close-up, Exumas, Bahamas
Arms of Sponge brittle star artistically splayed over orange tube sponge, close-up, Belize.
Pederson Cleaning shrimps with striking blue body and white antennae posed on a sponge, close-up, Belize.
Sarcophyton soft coral with delicate white tentacles retracted with lighted colorful background, close-up, Fiji.
Tiger shark close-up swimming upwards, Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
Caribbean reef shark swimming downwards with coral reef in background, New Providence Island, Bahamas.
Toothy and curious Orange-fin anemonefish looking at photographer, close-up, Fiji.
Lemon shark head-on eying photographer, Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama Island.
Great white shark by buoy eying photographer with mouth open, South Africa.
Hikers on Svinafellsjokull glacier with snow-capped peaks and clear blue sky, Iceland.
Grass covered Skaftafell loop trail summit with prominent rocky ridge with blue sky, Skaftafell National Park, Iceland.
Etched patterns in lava with framing flowers, Chain of Craters Road, Hawaii.
Two bearded fireworms with spiky white tufts curled against each other on coral background, close-up, St. Christopher & Nevis, Caribbean.
Cheeky little Blue-lined blenny standing guard in his coral home, close-up, Indonesian.
Bright yellow feather star vertically positioned with grip on coral, close-up, Manado, Indonesia.
Sponge brittle star with long spiky arms spread diagonally across Iridescent sponge, close-up, Grand Cayman Island.
Imposing volcano fronted by tropical vegetation and draped in clouds, Minahasan Highlands, Indonesia.
Red hot flowing lava field aerial view, Halema’uma’u Crater, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.
Smoldering Halema’uma’u Crater against blue sky across barren volcanic landscape fronted by bushes, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.
Fagrifoss “Beautiful Falls”, waterfall with rocky background, Iceland.
Powerful upwelling of geysir set against perfect blue sky, Geysir, Iceland.
Coconut trees touching blue sky and clouds, St. Vincent, Caribbean.
Rocky promontory of tree carpeted shore with brilliant blue water and blue sky, Algonquin Park, Ontario.
Svinafellsjokull glacier with fissure across diagonal and clear blue sky, Iceland.
Shoreline with blue water and sky bordered by tropical forest, Maldives.
Boaters watching sunset over lake with streaked colorful clouds, Ontario.
Moss covered barren volcanic landscape with craters, Lakagigar “Laki”, Iceland.
Warm colorful autumn leaves against clear blue sky, Ontario.
Striped and colorful Spotfin lionfish with black and blue spotted fins, close-up, Kavieng, Papua New Guinea.
Snow frosted evergreen trees with billowing clouds and blue sky in background, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia.
Snow covered evergreen trees in backcountry valley reaching towards blue lightly clouded sky, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia.
Glacier descending off mountain summit with sunlit snow and blue sky, Stockhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland.
Colorful Vermillion star spread artistically across dark natural background, close-up, Saanich Inlet, Vancouver Island.
Tiny colorful Pederson cleaning shrimp with blue spots nestled into shelter of Giant Caribbean anemone tentacles, close-up, Saba, Caribbean.
Wispy colorful fresh water algae adorning rocks near surface, Sifra, Iceland.
Heart shaped mast of boat wreck sunlit with blue water background and small fish, Unkai Maru, Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon, Micronesia.
Two divers floating above coral reef with soft coral sea fans highlighted, Fiji.
Iridescent tube sponge abstract perspective showing jagged hole and section of sponge against black background suggestive of outer space, close-up, St. Croix, Caribbean.
Bluish large Caribbean reef octopus with arms extended and prominent eye over coral reef, close-up, Little Cayman Island.
Red Pin cushion sea urchin with white balls forming an abstract background, close-up, Red Sea, Egypt.
Orange spotted smooth Flamingo tongue snails sitting diagonally on webbing of sea fan, close-up, St. Christopher & Nevis, Caribbean.
Sea fan with colorful branches, webbing, and polyps, close-up, Saba, Caribbean.
Sunlit colorful sea fans extending from coral wall, Coral Sea, Australia.
Manta ray completing a sweeping turn with blue water and sun background, Yap, Micronesia.
Maldives anemonefish on retracting tentacles of reddish Magnificent sea anemone, Maldives.
Left-eyed flounder with both eyes on left side camouflaged in sand, close-up, Cocos Island.
Fragile branching arm of Basket star artistically spread across diagonal against black background, close-up, Saba, Caribbean.
Intense looking Arrow crab with pointed head, close-up, Bequia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Magnificent sea anemone orange body on diagonal with tentacles rising up, close-up, Maldives.
Star coral with fringed jagged openings for polyps rising to a point, close-up, Belize.
Red bladed soft coral with tentacles, close-up, Similan Islands, Thailand.
Green sea turtle in striking pose over coral reef, Coral Sea, Australia.
Tiger shark cruising over sunlit sand, Tiger Beach, Bahamas.
Elephant with large tusks feeding on leaves with warm glow from setting sun, Pilanesberg Park, South Africa.
Pine branch frozen artistically in river ice with icicles on needles, Maligne Canyon, Jasper.
Glacier with hiker providing size comparison set against mountains and clear blue sky, Svinafellsjokull glacier, Iceland.
Cute Maldives anemonefish peeking out from protective tentacles of its Magnificent sea anemone home, close-up.
Maldives anemonefish hiding in safety of Magnificent sea anemone above purple body of its host, close-up.
Cute Maldives anemonefish peeking out from protective tentacles of its Magnificent sea anemone home, close-up.
Skogafoss waterfall with brilliant rainbow and clear blue sky, Skogafoss, Iceland.
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