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A holiday image. Single red umbrella against a tropical sky and seascape - isolated. copy space, background.
Overhead view - A child's had working on a puzzle, jigsaw, putting it together.
Work from anywhere - working on laptop beneath the autumn sky while on a deck near the water's edge. concept - background
A lakeside dock and fishing boat on an Ontario lake in the morning mist
Row of Adirondack chairs -patio - deck chairs on wooden dock with sunset or sunrise -cottage life. Banner - panoramic
Muskoka or Adirondack chairs sitting on a wooden dock facing lake at sunset - sunrise, long wooden pier. Surrounded by green trees and hills
Empty rustic wooden table, selective focus foreground, and defocused lush green garden in background. Ideal for product display on top of the table.
Lone electricity tower with powerlines,  in an agriculture field of corn in the autumn.
White wooden garden door through a living hedge fence atop stone stairs
Four adirondack chairs overlooking the river where lone woman canoes off into the distance, autumn colours. mood, concept,
An elderly couple walk a long a path in a park, holding each other. Couple is walking away from view with arm around her.
A bright and sunny mid-afternoon, casts long winter shadows, as a young boy pulls and ice covered sled up a snow covered hill
Harvested corn field after long winter, all that remains are short cut plant stocks, forest in background with blue sky
People enjoying the sunset and beach on Lake Erie, Port Dover, ON-CA
Sign in Spanish, with an arrow and the text, 'ruta de evacuacion' evacuation route.
Puzzle pieces assembled by senior woman, top view
Pumping gasoline into a heavy truck gas tank
Scenic view of an abandoned railroad line, under a blue sky, background with copy space
Blank retro sign against beautiful blue sky with  light clouds. concept, background and copy space.
Summer Awakening - Morning Mist Dockside
lifebuoy, lifesaver to be thrown to a person in the water to rescue or prevent drowning, located on a pole at the edge of a  fast moving river.
Worn, aged and rusted, vintage  gas sign against beautiful blue sky with  light clouds
Rear view of senior male out walking in the park along a path, vanishing point
Robin laying on stone patio, with its head cocked sideways, it's beak open and it's feathers fluffed up while sunbathing. Feathers spread
Young professional - digital nomad taking advantage of outdoors in autumn - working on laptop by the edge of a lake. Blurred background - autumn colors
Low bow-back chairs, stacked, stored, captain's chair, stylised background
Work space, office business and finance concept. Top view of  keyboard, and coffee on graph paper. Flat lay
Outdoor shower near swimming pool, classical design, stone surface framed by tropical plants
Exterior signage, ALL ACCESS. Hanging from the ceiling by steel chain. Low angle view, background, copy space.
The old town in the foreground and the newer resort area of Puerto Vallarta under the night sky.
Terracotta potted plant being trimmed back with pruning shears
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - MARCH 14, 2018: , A scenic pier, Playa Los Muertos Pier, with a unique, contemporary design and busy scene on Los Muertos Beach, MX-JAL.
Still life - creative process: hands on typewriter with vintage camera in background and rustic wooden furniture at the water's edge.
Outdoor shower made of wood among tropical plants
Latticework fence and gated area for entrance to private patio garden. Fall colored blooms with lush shrubs and hedges. Drawn into scene.
Wooden pier with ladder in lake, sunlight glistens on the lake, forest along waters edge.
Very old abobe, stone and brick residential homes along the river in old part of Puerto Vallarta
Infrastructure in Mexico, street lamp pole with a mess of electrical wires and cables, an urban garden and homes in background
Potted tropical plants sit on an old textured fire escape against a brick wall, vintage effect.
No smoking, Fasten seat belt sign, icon, Vintage effect. Sign on board an airplane.
A confusion of twisted wires wrapped up on metal poles on the edge of a family balcony, new pairs of red and white running shoes sit on the railing along side a red satellite dish, low angle view.
Old rusted industrial exhaust fan mounted in an exterior beige wall. copy space.
Vibrant yellow wall with a deep rich red rose flower wreath around entrance with a stone staircase
Tropical sunshine over vibrant beach umbrellas and thatch straw umbrella. Holiday concept, background and copy space
Inviting circle of muskoka chairs around a firepit in the early fall, Thanksgiving, concept, copy space
Man striking two beaters against the strings of dulcimer, culture, hand.
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - March 10, 2018: Tourist buying from an array of colorful souvenirs for sale at the Cuale Island Flea Market, in old Puerto Vallarta. Spring 2018. MX-JAL.
Flexibility workplace, season, vacation, business concept, work from anywhere concept. Connecting with the world, writing and creativity
Vibrant sun umbrellas line a rooftop terrace, with seascape on the horizon, against beautiful sky.  copy space
Tropical rooftop patio terrace, potted flower plants - vibrant, cheeful. concept
The underside of a sun drenched green parasol, protective sun umbrella, on the edge of a decorative stone walled balcony.
top view of calculator from years past, vintage effect.
Natural landscape, early evening at the cottage by the lake
Canadian national flag consisting of a red field with a white square at its centre in the ratio of 1:2:1, a red 11 pointed maple leaf centered on the white band. Bright blue sky
Gloved gardener prepares pots with soil to plant on deck
Playing accordion outdoors, filtered effect, close-up, abstract background
Billboard, your VOTE counts - Oct 21, graphic maple leaf for Canada's upcoming election
Income Tax time, season, finance concept - yellow notepad with File Taxes with keyboard and coffee on background of plotting graph paper.
Taxes, To Do, reminder, finance concept - Top view with copy space. Background
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - MARCH 10, 2018: Hustle and bustle  and lively activity on March 2018 in Los Muertos Beach, MX-JAL.
Aging woman's on hand holding on to the handle of an adult walker with brake handles, select focus. In the garden
Close-up of senior hand holding a Tomatillo with a variety of tomatoes in the background. Select focus and blur
Modern mailboxes, 1,2, 3, stepped, connecting by hard mail - communication concept
Work from anywhere - working on typewriter beneath the autumn sky while on a deck near the water's edge. concept - background
The hands of a female, Outdoor portrait of a writer/blogger/freelancer/student with typewriter, at the water's edge. Concept
Charming retro open garden gate, autumn colors, manicured shrubs and garden. copy space
Toad, frog hiding in the spring grass
Low angle from below the  tropical palm umbrella - a quiet solitude on empty beach.
Wild cottontail rabbit in garden near soccer ball and net
Vintage store front entry with handmade, drawn - Sorry we're closed sign in window, blurred background
Harvested corn field after long winter, all that remains are short cut plant stocks, low angle view.
HURON COUNTY, ON, CANADA - MAY 26, 2019:  Great working farm part of the Barn Quilt Trails .  May 2019, Huron County, ON-CA.
Gateway door through a hedge to a garden
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - MARCH 9, 2018: Ariel view of a parked bicycle at the end of the day, packed for the instant set up for the making and selling of tropical drinks. 2018. MX-JAL.
Red Church Door — Exit
PUERTO VALLARTA, JAL. MEXICO - MARCH 9, 2018: A close-up of one of the eight sculptures of La Rotunda Del Mar, "The Rotunda of the Sea, by Alejandro Colunga, 1997 on the Malecon Boardwalk.
kayaks and canoe stacked in stand by the cottage shed in early fall.
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - MARCH 9, 2018: Sit awhile and admire the beauty of the ocean, La Rotunda Del Mar, "The Rotunda of the Sea", by Alejandro Colunga, 1997 on the Malecon Boardwalk.
Autumn mums, colorful roadside display,
A high view angle of a motorcyle stopped on the side of a cobblestone road. black and white, natural light, high contrast & shadows
Close-up of stacks of old  books between bamboo poles. A view of the fore edge of the books - the vertical edge of the book opposite the spine. Background, concept.
Wooden lifeguard tower -hut - with palm frond roof, look out post on an idyllic empty beach. copy space - concept
Editorial billboard with caption, FAKE NEWS, on top of a building set against a cloudy blue sky
Low angle view of harbor, marina with boats in the background against a summer sky
close up of cherry tomatoes growing on the vine in the summer sun, copy space, copy space
Musician playing his accordian during a street festival. concept, background
Unidentifiable boy, dressed in snow gear as he skates on a portion of a vast frozen lake, which has been cleared of snow to create a natural skating rink. concept, copyspace, background.
Vintage sign in hockey arena directing players to dressing rooms and pro shop
Garden cherub wall plaque overgrown with twisted climbing vines against a brick wall, copy space.
Inviting Willow branch chair - closeup
Building facade with fire escape
Black and white, Sidewalk - pathway with converging lines, modern cut two tone concrete. abstract
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - March 11, 2018: View towards the ocean while crossing the bridge from Isla Rio Cuale in downtown Puerto Vallarta , MX-JAL.
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - MARCH 12, 2018:  Messy electric cables in amongst festive lights and decoration hung from a concrete utility pole, MX-JAL.
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - February 12, 2020: Birds eye view toward Yelapa boat launch  in old Puerto Vallarta downtown. MX-JAL.
PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO - February 12, 2020: Birds eye view of souvenir and gift stores along the Malecon near Lazaro Cardenas y Estacionamiento Park in old Puerto Vallarta downtown. MX-JAL.
A rooftop terrace on a warm sunny day, patio umbrellas and ocean view. concept, background
Holiday image - refelctions of the vibrant umbrellas against a bright sunny blue sky. background
Balcony and terrace with a blurred exterior cityscape buildings in the background. Hillside, copy space, concept.
Amazing view from a terrace balcony on a tropical sunny day overlooking a mountain range and seascape.
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