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Husband and wife are signing divorce settlement,focus on keys
businessman pressing phone button, company identification icons
binders with papers are waiting to be processed with businessman  back in blur. Accounting and business concept
accountant is examining  invoices and documents
businessman is analyzing  through  magnifying glass contract and prices
woman returned wedding ring to  husband . Divorce concept
Woman is taking care for health with hearth beat monitor and blood pressure
Divorce agreement. Wife and husband can not make settlement
doctor is writing prescription to patient, focus on stethoscope
businessman and businesswoman are exchanging document or contract
attorney is commenting contract so client can understand consequences
man is touching growing arrows, concept of 
Businessman sitting at his office and interrogated his client
closeup of pen and human fingers  signing document
businesswoman is reviewing document with tax consultant and making calculations to optimize report
Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped. marital problems, conflicts and stubborn concept
businessman working on tablet computer  is calling service for support
Businesswoman looking through a magnifying glass to contract
businessman is watching bull and bear , concept of stock market and investing
businessman and businesswoman are inspecting  contract
Businessman is analyzing business report with charts and diagrams
hacker gives key to victim to restore the personal data on laptop computer
Businessman looking through a magnifying glass to contract
business people analyzing legal or financial document
businessman choosing right partner from many candidates
Businessman is picking up the headset for help, while reading legal document
business partners reading and negotiating about legal document
woman choose one credit card from many, concept of  credit card debt,
businessman is writing on document and a lot of documentation is waiting to be reviewed
senior manager is Giving a lot of work
businessman is writing a letter or signing a agreement
businessman hand picking up telephone receiver on business workplace
man is turning off  power adapters for mobile phones and tablet computers
warehouse technician inspects stocks in storage with bar code reader
get out of bed in the middle of the night
energy savings with turning off electrical appliances
engineer draws a chain sprockets. Technology and industry concept
business man and woman checking proposal of contract
Auditor is reading documentation
plumber fixing central heating system
business man and woman are handshaking over documents in with office in background
man turning off the fusebox
innovator showing connected sprockets,  ideas and changing technologies
doctor pressing find doctor  on virtual search bar. concept of use of internet for medical assistance
businessman is dialing a phone number in office
manager is giving employee termination of contract to read
doctor is giving a prescription to a female patient
closeup of hand holding bar code scanner and scanning code on cardboard box
real estate agent gives house keys to his client after signing contract
busy businessman in office at the desk using two mobile phones, two telephones and tablet computer
computer tablet and mobile phones charging on home desk
files and folders and businessman in background with tablet pc in hands
Scanning label on the box with barcode scanner
woman is signing contract with business man in background
men can not sing belt on his pants due to big stomach
rich man is giving woman debit card
businessman is answering the phone
Attorney is pointing to treaty article on contract
businessman is picking up telephone handset, customer service
businesswoman is pointing with finger to unfinished work to be done as soon as possible, authority boss
organized cables connected in network switch in data center. Internet, communications concept
businessman is carefully reading contract
businessman and businesswoman are pointing to article of the treaty
Hand of an electrician with multimeter probe at an electrical switchgear cabinet
Man is typing on keyboard and using mouse
businessman checking final  mark on checklist
Entrepreneur calculating and reviewing investment plan
concept of stock market
accounting concept with files and folders
Man is taking off the wedding ring
man and woman writing on document
businesswoman and businessman are handshaking and exchanging contract documents
auditor is examining articles of agreement
woman is reading bank notice about credit card spending and  repayment of debt
break up . Woman is taking off the ring from hand
male is standing  and shows outstretched hand with open palm
busy young woman is typing on laptop computer and using mobile phone at the same time
closeup of old female hands dialing a telephone number
big fat italian pizza
older woman signing the document
Client is passing documentation in binders to his partner
Businessman holds his hand near his ear and listening
pipes and heating system
Choosing healthy life
Handing File Folder ,teamwork concept
Businesswoman is explaining terms and conditions in agreement to his client before he sign the document
Businessman offering a pen to sign a contract
credit cards stack on white
businessman hold business card , contact us concept
aged woman reading document
Woman is picking up the headset from phone, assistance concept
shallow depth of field of accountant calculating financial data
Young man having a business meeting with an executive in his office, she is giving  a contract to client or employee
businessman is checking final price in contract
Business colleagues working together on project with tablet computer and paper report
woman is destroying  credit cards because of big debt
entrepreneur shaking hands with his accountant after passing documentation and invoices
business woman is passing document to manager
Businessman using telephone while writing in notebook  at desk
car dealer gives the customer the car keys with car in background
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