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Wedges of Caerphilly Cheese
Stone of Destiny, Scone
Clive of India Statue
Sloes - fruit of the Blackthorn bush
SHUTTLEWORTH, BEDFORDSHIRE - JUNE 19:  Parnell Elf in Flight at the Air Display on June 19, 2010 at Shuttleworth, Old Warden Park, Bedfordshire, UK.
Birthplace of  Robert Burns
Home of Isaac Newton, Woolsthorpe Manor
Planed English Walnut Timber
An Array of Flagpoles with no flags against a blue sky
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti for sale
Greek Salad in a bowl
Almond Croissants for sale on a market
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 20: Statue of Captain James Cook on a stone plinth by Thomas Brook. Completed in 1914 and situated near Admiralty Arch, The Mall, London SW1, UK . Taken on 20 September 2015
A collection of Holy Bibles in many different languages
Coloured Brick Pattern
Dwarf French Beans
Weighing Machine - old fashioned scales
A Selection of Wetsuits - various colours
Wooden Block Steps made from natural wood
The doors to Santa's Grotto
Hawthorn Berries in Late Summer
JOHN O'GROATS, SCOTLAND, UK - 07 AUGUST 2017:Land's End to John O'Groats sign
Beetroot for sale on a market stall
Fresh Leeks for sale on a market stall
A basket of cleaned fresh parsnips for sale on a market stall
Fresh carrots for sale on a market stall
Polished Wooden Floorboards reflecting light
Beer wort brewing into beer in a brewery
Purple Sage - culinary herb growing
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 18 2016: Watling Street Sign, London - site of old Roman Road.
Bluebells in flower in spring
A Hurdle Fence - background texture
The Birthplace of Author D H Lawrence
Jester Statue, Stratford-upon-Avon
Royal Standard
Old Telephone on a plain wall
Potato Plants Growing on an Allotment
Silver Braided Rope on a grey background
Onion Bhajis in a wok
Bed with Cushions
PETERBOROUGH, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK - JUNE 23 2010: Eco-Schools flag flying at Exec Peterborough, East of England Showground, Peterborough
London Plane Timber background
A present wrapped in red shiny paper
Natural Hemp Rope
FORT GEORGE, SCOTLAND, UK - AUGUST 11 2007: .A bag of first aid equipment used in the second world war taken at are-enactment.
Beehive in Walled Garden
Platform 9 3/4 for Hogwarts
Paste di Mandorla
Bricks and beams of a Tudor building
Rainbow Flag of Gay Pride
Artificial Silk Flowers - made from silk, but look real
Wood Joint in Oak Beams on a Tudor Building
LONDON - FEBRUARY 13: Plaque commemorating the discovery of Penicillin by Sir Alexander Fleming, on February 13, 2014 at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, Paddington, London, UK.
SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON, UK - 07 MARCH 2010: Old Victorian toilet
WISBECH, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK - APRIL 11 2016: Plaque to commemerate Thomas Clarkson - Slave Abolisionist
Wooden Boarding on a shed
String of Garlic
BROWNSEA ISLAND, DORSET, UK - APRIL 20 2011: Statue of Lord Baden-Powell.
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 18: Plaque on Dr Samuel Johnson's House, Gough Square, London, UK. Taken on 18 September 2010
STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK - FEBRUARY 13:  Plaque commemorating John Wesley in Stroud. Taken on 13 February 2017
Bladder Wrack Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus) brown algae photographed on West coast of Scotland
Pottage cooking on a wood fire
Channel Wrack Seaweed (Pelvetia canaliculata) Brown algae photographed on West coast of Scotland
Chinese Flag in Wind
Winter Leeks Growing on an Allotment
Festive Bokeh Lights
Illuminated Christmas Globe
Christmas Tree Baubles
Retro Rockets on Lunar Module
Old Garden Pump
A pile of tartan scarves
close up of the sign at Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station
CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, UK - DECEMBER 03 2011: Coat of Arms of Clare College Cambridge
Kegs of Beer
Crotonese Cheese on a market stall
Old bridge over the River Great Ouse at St Ives, Cambridgeshire
Roman Wall Silchester
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 20 2015: Coldstream Guards Regimental Drum
BUXTON, DERBYSHIRE, UK - JULY 07 2011: Plaque to commemorate Mary Queen of Scots stay in Buxton
KINGS CROSS STATION, LONDON, UK - APRIL 07 2012: Platform 9 3/4 with person pushing trolley
LONDON, UK - OCTOBER 30: Plaque commemorating Edmund Halley at Westminster Abbey, London, UK. Taken on 30 October 2013
CAMBRIDGE, UK - October 24 : J J Thomson Plaque at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Taken on 24 October 2016
A maypole with ribbons
Bark pattern on Silver Birch tree
BUXTON - JULY 07: Plaque commemorating the theatre architect Frank Matcham, taken on July 7, 2011 at Buxton Opera House, Buxton, Derbyshire, UK.
Sexy young secretary writing in notebook with pink pen
A unicycle chained to a bicycle rack
3 Calves
Old Head Gear of Disused Mine
Union Jack and Maypole
Welsh Flag
Lavender Fields
Section of a modern brick building
Roman Mosaic Detail
An Old fashioned Pocket Watch
A pile of cut logs ready for fire wood
Using liquid nitrogern to make ice cream
Smoked Garlic
homemade whisky still
Forelle Pears
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