Christian Lagerek

photographer, industry and advertising. stock-photography since 1990. Image-bank, Tony-Stone, two years Magnum. member of the Getty house collection

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oil and gas refinery workers inside large industrial plant
two oil and gas workers with main station at refinery industry
oil and gas refinery photographed at dawn
oil and gas industry in powerful HDR processing effect
Two mechanics, workers in front of giant gears axle, as with steel industrial works
two engineers seen through a large cogwheels gear shaft, metal industry
oil worker with giant pipelines construction
gears and cogs powered by large timing-chain, aerospace industry
computers circuit-board close-ups
large gears and cogs, titanium and steel industry parts
ball-bearings, pinions against brushed aluminum, titanium and steel aerospace parts
oil and gas worker with large refinery industry in background
refinery workers with machinery inside large oil and gas industry
steamrollers paving a newly laid asphalt on a country road, road-works
industry worker, driver talking in phone, large fuel-truck in the background
oil and gas refinery in old vintage style of photography
oil worker in front of giant refinery, mirror image concept
giant red moon rise over dark northern forest
engineering parts arrangement, blue toning concept, focal-point on the large closest gear
oil workers and the main refinery fuel station supplying shipping industry
refinery workers with petro industry in the background
gears, bearings and timing-chain close-ups, duplex blue toning idea
airplane mechanics and giant jet engine repair
refinery workers inside large oil and gas petrochemical refinery
driver, worker in front of large fuel-truck, tanker truck
oil engineer, workers in front of large pipeline and fuel construction inside refinery
oil and fuel storage tanks with worker in foreground, sunset and panoramic view
oil-worker in foreground pointing at oil and gas refinery in background
industrial engineers, workers with large cogwheels and gears machinery, metal blue toning concept with focal-point on workers
workers, engineers, in front of refinery main pipeline and filling station, typical scene inside refinery.
refinery workers with pipeline construction in background
machine engineers seen through a giant gear and cogwheel axle
surveyor with instrument, surveying large building-site, super-.wide perspective
oil and gas workers inside large petrochemical oil refinery
refinery workers with machinery and large fuel-storage tanks, towers, early evening sunset, focal point on workers
oil and gas industry, worker in close-ups with giant fuel-storage tanks, sunset time
engineer in close-ups standing in front of large oil and gas refinery
large pipelines construction as seen inside oil and gas industry, engineer at work, blue toning concept
mechanics, engineers with large cogwheels and gear machinery
refinery workers and chemical plant in background
construction worker directing crane load of pipelines, building and construction industry
small red farms in old rural setting, fields and forest
engineers working in chemical-plant, blue toned background
oil worker and pipelines
oil and gas workers, large shiny pipelines in background
engineer, worker with gears and axles machiney in background, metal bluish toning concept
engineer, seen through the shaft of giant gear wheel, machine engineering idea
cogwheels and gears of titanium and steel for the aerospace industry
oil, gas and fule industrial installation, dark duplex blue toning idea.
gears and cogs, titanium and steel engineering parts
oil worker talking in phone with refinery pipelines in background
engineer in hard-hat pointing at oil and gas industrial plant
white truck driving on country-road under blue sky
drilling-mmachinery for rock-blasting, computerized remote control
titanium cogs and gears for the aerospace-industry
two refinery workers and pipelines
titanium ball-bearings used for the aerospace industry
industry workers with large cogwheels and gears machinery
two power industry workers with refinery in the background, slight zoom effect
oil, gas and engineers, surrounded by pipelines inside oil refinery
Industry-workers, engineers standing inside a giant steel shaft, steel industrial concept
engineers inside refinery with blue toned pipeline menagerie in background
refinery worker with large petrochemical industry in background
refinery worker, engineer inclose-ups, with large fuel-storage tanks in background
engineering, pipeline construction inside oil and gas refinery
artificial intelligence and communication, brain and computer-part, slight zoom effect
construction site in extreme wide perspective, cranes and scaffoldings
chess game being played by computer-parts, artificial intelligence and communication
construction worker talking in phone pointing out over large building site
oil and gas workers inside large refinery, pipelines and pumps
large micro-chip and computers motherboard
contruction worker, building site and cranes
engineer in front of large computer-board
two industry workers in front of giant gears machinery
oil and gas worker inside refinery, selenium toning idea
titanium cogs and gears for the aerospace industry
giant gas-pipes, pipelines inside refinery industry
oil and gas workers, engineers, walking in front of refinery industry, wide-angle sharpness.
truck and driver loading truck with container, truck driver directing
ball-bearings and cogwheels in a machinery concept
oil and gas workers inside refinery industry, pipelines constructions
refinery workers in close-ups with large oil and gas industry in background
cogwheels, gears and timing-chain, aerospace parts in titanium and steel
pure titanium ball-bearings and gears, aerospace rocket engineering parts
large oil and gas refinery, panoramic view with two oil-workers in foreground
oil and gas workers inside large pipelines constructions, chemical refinery industry
two Borzoi puppies dressed up as father christmas and wishing greetings
oil and gas workers with machinery inside large refinery
oil and gas workers fueling large fuel-truck, tanker inside refinery
container ship mired in industrial port
two workers inside building-site, cranes and scaffolding
two engineers standing in front of three large refinery storage tanks
winter landscape with old rural cottages in Sweden
oil and gas workers with pipelines inside refinery, slight zoom effect
engineering, cogwheels, gears and chains, titanium and steel
titanium engineering parts for the aerospace industry
oil and gas refinery, smoke, smog and pollution
human brain and communication, microchips and electrodes, artificial-intelligence
refinery pipelines constructions, illuminated concept
mechanics, workers in front of a giant cogwheels and gears machinery
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