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Under the Pier in Queensland, Australia. A look at the water flowing beneith the Pier.
A rusty old railway switching device
Rain drops on the leaf of a Matt rush.
A close up of the Cycas Revoluta, sago palm with rain drops hanging on the leaves
Communication Tower 3
Soup kitchen volunteers 2
Soup kitchen volunteers 5
Smoking idea
Soup kitchen volunteers 8
Pre harvest sugar cane fire, Queensland, Australia
Australian Fifty Dollar Note
Ned Kelly statue, Australian Bush ranger
A senior man on an electric buggy #2
A senior man on an electric buggy #1
A camel racing towards the finish line.
A wild Koala bear sleeping in a gum tree next to the path way in a nature reserve
Huge huntsman / mouse spider in our kitchen
Landmark historical building, Queensland, Australia
Sustralian $20 note
Roadside Solar lamp, Queensland, Australia
close up of a shady hat made from a palm leaf by Fijians
Plumbago blue flower
Inside a piano accordion, bottom area.
A pre harvest sugar cane fire
Cows meandering their way home
Meandering their way home.
Soup kitchen volunteers 6
Toward the point
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Bleeding heart vine Queensland, Australia
Sunset on the farm
The shadows grow long as the afternoon rolls on.
Country road down a mountainside.
A Koala bear warning sign for motorists to be carefull
Looking at the point
A wild Koala bear sitting in a gum tree next to the path way in a nature reserve
Looking at the Pier
On the sugar cane farm, queensland, australia
At a dog agility trial
Australian 20 cent piece
The view toward the Glass house mountains toward the coast.
Looking at the Glenwood country, Queensland, Australia
Lady eating witchety grubs.
Australian 50 cent piece
Golf, Australian outback style
Cows wondering toward home.
Long Jetty
A Terrier at a dog agility trial
A peacefull place to contemplate
Visitor notice board
A Border collie at a dog agility trial
Candle lit piano accordions
Country road with town water supply pipeline.
Two Dove eggs waiting to hatch.
A helicopter landing
Pentas lanceolata
Beach to Sea
Dawn glow on the river
Fasteners storage system
Bush fire, wild fire in Queensland, Australia
A Shar-pei at a dog agility trial
A Italian greyhound at a dog agility trial going over an A Frame.
Horse close up 2
Sunrise on the river.
Along the Jetty
Ripening seed of the foxtail Palm seed in Queensland, Australia 3.
Gouldian finch
A Cocker Spaniel at a dog agility trial
A Italian greyhound at a dog agility trial
The Pier from afar
Roadside Self service
The chocolate platter
Urban Kangaroos, these Kangaroos come and go as they please.
The Pier, Queensland, Australia
Motor X 3
A Sheltie at a dog agility trial
Water under the Pier
Cattle drinking from a troff
The Golden Orb spider
The Town Hall
Dawn on the river
Australian $50 dollar notes
Australian 10 cent piece
On the deck of the Pier
Walking on the beach
A fish cleaning bench next to a boat ramp in Queensland, Australia
At a dog agility trial
Cattle on their way home
Wind powered water pump.
Fishing near the Pier
Horse close up 5
A new day on the river
Dawn flow
Overlooking a country farm with irrigation system going in the background
A broken old tombstone
A greyhound at a dog agility trial
Fishtail Palm seed, Caryota mitis
Motor X 2
The roots of a single Fig tree
Found its niche
Old man reading on a park bench
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