Tom Alyea

Avid hiker who enjoys taking pictures all throughout the United States and World
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Old Southern Mansion in Missouri
Prairie Dog in western Kansas
Old Southern Brick House in Missouri
Missouri River in Parkville at Sunset
Yellow Western Meadowlark
River Landscape Pennsylvania in Summertime
Ice in Parkville
Scenic Lake in the Ozarks
Wildflowers in the grass
Historic Skyline Buildings in Kansas City Missouri
Historic Skyline Buildings in Kansas City Missouri
Historic Skyline Buildings in Kansas City Missouri
Cannon in Missouri
Water flowing over stones
Christmas Fence with Garland and Bow
Mileage Signpost Sign to Australia
Tallgrass Prairie in the Fall in Kansas
Fox One Room Schoolhouse at Tallgrass Prairie
Old Civil War Home in Missouri
The Endless Prairie in Summertime
Little Schoolhouse on the Prairier
Kissing Rhino Closeup
Sunny Trail in the Ozarks of Missouri
Cardiff Lighthouse in Summer
Building Facade in Kansas City
Covered Bridge in Bedford County Pennsylvania
Statue of Liberty NYC
Natural Spring Lake in the Ozarks
Dirt Road on the Prairie in Kansas
Closeup of Snail
Camino de Santiago Hiking Trail against the blue sky
Cardiff Hill Lighthouse
Vintage Urban Streetcar
Historic Kansas City Building in B&W
Glowing Tower in Kansas City
Bank Building Profile
Little Country Church in Missouri
Grass in the Prairie in Winter
Ice Flow on the Missouri River
Potomac River Landscape Harper's Ferry WV
Covered Bridge in Bedford County Pennsylvania
Covered Bridge in Pennslyvania
Sandstone Cliffs along the Meramec River in the Ozarks
New York City Skyline
Endless Dirt Road on the Prairie
Historic A Trestle Bridge Parkville Missouri
Harpers Ferry in Summer
Old courthouse clock tower in Kansas
Harpers Ferry in Summertime
Tree Bark Closeup
Niagara Falls Rainbow
Tree Ring Closeup
Branch floating in the water
Turtle on a log
Lonely Pond on the Tallgrass Prairie
Snow Goose on the Pond
Historic Front Porch in New Madrid, MO
Petroglyph in Missouri
Yellow Butterfly on Coneflower
Grass Prairie in the heat of summer
Great Plains of Kansas
Ruined Castle in the Sky
Lonely Tree on the Prairie
Eye of the Hippo
Dawn in the Ozarks
Waymark on the Camino de Santiago
Old Bridge on the Camino de Santiago
Fog over the Hills in Spain
Closeup of Milkweed
Fly-Fishing in the Ozarks
Fall Colors On the Creek
White Flower in Garden
Shadow on the Trail
Wheat on the Prairie
Closeup of Black-eyed Susans
Titmouse Looking For Food
Bird Feeders in Winter
Pine Leaf Closeup
Pine Cone Closeup
Pine Cone Closeup
Yellow-headed Song Bird
Trek through the Eucalyptus Forest
Hiking Trail with Hiker Shadow
Wooden Cross on the Camino de Santiago
Trail on the Camino de Santiago Spain
Decorative Building Corner
Old Keel and River Boat
Building View up to Clouds
Decorative Building Column
Toadstools in the Grass
Old Barn in the MidWest
Old Rustic Cabin in the Woods
Clouds over the Prairie
English Ivy in Green
Old Mining Equipment
Great Blue Heron by the Lake
Glowing Scene on the River
Box Turtle on Gravel
Old Historic Building in Black and White
Waterlily and Lotus Flower
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