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Minimal motion 3d art. Heart abstract seamless animation vertical pattern. Sweet, candy,party shop,valentines day, greatings concept.  4k video
Minimal motion design. 3d creative animal prints donuts on yellow background. Fast food concept art. 4k video
Chef confectioner makes chocolate bar - he pours hot melted chocolate to the silicone form, art of handmade chocolate, cooking desserts from chocolate and cocoa, making bars, 4k 120 fps Prores HQ
macro viewing past patisserie on black reflective background, probe lens view of sweet pastry and small cakes
Bright and colorful candy beans or peanuts are falling down. Multicoloured tasty sugar sweets. Chocolate candies filling all the area. Close up. Red, green, yellow colors. Holiday mood. 3D Render 4K
Funny dog west highland white terrier dressed in cloak, horns, devil costume is sitting near decorated with pumpkins house, waving head. Preparation for celebration. Trick or treat. Happy halloween.
Down syndrome chubby girl doing activities together with parents in the living room at home, hugging sweet down syndrome daughter smiling with her mom.
Close up Move the camera, Vanilla ice cream scooped out from container with a spoon.
Valentine's Day cookies with sprinkles falling in slow motion.  Shot on Phantom Flex 4K.
Candy sweets background. Assorted colorful mixed candies. Colorful delicious sweets turning top view.
Closeup scooping lime flavoured sherbet ice cream, Top view Food concept.
melted caramel sauce flowing on rotating vanilla ice cream in waffle scoop close up
Mother and daughter buying sweets in supermarket during pandemic
Walnuts in a wooden bowl. Healthy peeled nuts. Female hand picking a walnut
Woman in a dress making traditional sweet orange jalebi snacks on a street food market in central India in slowmotion
chocolate candy set. Box of chocolates close-up .assorted chocolate sweets.Chocolate candies set in an open box. top view. sweet dessert.
dessert, handsome professional chef confectioner in gloves, squeezes thick protein cream from pastry bag to decorate delicious fresh donuts, unhealthy food
boy eating candies falling from jar
Closeup scooping Ice cream flavoured Coconut, Top view Food concept, Blank for design.
Oaxaca, Mexico - August 21, 2018: Traveling in a traditional Mexican market in the center of Oaxaca. where vegetables, fruits, spices, mole, food, sweets, chocolate, toys, piñatas, crafts are sold.
This is a shot of a little girl grabbing a single piece of halloween candy. Shot on a GH5 with 35-70 Ziess
freshly baked crunchy traditional portuguese dessert pastle de nata with custard on the counter
Moving and disappearing chocolate chip cookie on blue background, stop motion. 4K. Abstract colorful animation. Food, eating concept
Fasting during Ramadan. Breaking the fast. Religious muslim man praying
The process of making chocolate confectionery. the mixer mixes the chocolate mass in the confectionery factory
Stop motion footage of a milk chocolate Easter egg wrapped in gold foil being slowly unwrapped and eaten bite by bite until there is nothing left. White background with copy space available
Pouring sugar syrup on Gulab jamun , gulaab jamun golden bowl Indian sweets 4K footage video. Indian festival Diwali sweets Dussehra mithai Deepavali, Pongal, Durga Pooja, Holi, Diwali festival India.
Cream cupcakes.Fruit, berry and chocolate cakes on a pink background. Assorted sweet table. Sweets and rotation. High quality 4k footage
Concept of Easter egg hunt. Cute chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are hidden in green grass on the backyard. Traditional candies while spring celebration. Happy Easter. Joy. Gift. Funny game for kids
Animation minimal art. Unicorn and cake sweet vibes
Chocolate syrup pouring on chocolate brownies. Tasty dark rich brownies served with raspberries
Mother putting tilak on young daughter's forehead - Celebration at home. Festive colorful background. Indian stock footage of nuclear family celebrating Diwali festival at home - Mother-daughter pe...
Happy Easter decadent chocolate background overhead with Easter eggs and candy on a rustic wood background with copy space.
Chef chocolatier makes sweets from melted chocolate with pastry bag in slow motion, raw materials for making filling for truffles, cooking the sweet desserts, making candies,
handmade turkish dessert baklava ..walnut, pistachio turkish style antep baklava presentation and service
Box of chocolate bonbons hard to resist. Hand trying to take pieces, other hand hitting it to avoid and guard the sweets. Trying to resist temptation, regulating impulses
CIRCA 1934 - In this animated film, a man gives frosting to a woman for her to make sugar roses in her garden, then saves her from a bee.
Three generation woman happy family old grandmother, teenage daughter and kid girl are eating cookies. Loving child grandson laughing at mother grandmother at home.
golden coins in hands
happiness asian family enjoy weekend home sweet home,father working at home with mother watching her daughter use tablet for watch movie together on sofa couch living room home interior background
happiness sweet Asian family father mother and son sitting together on sofa watching movie from the tv at home. laugh smiling Asian family at home isolation quarantine moment in lockdown state order.
Candy sweets background. Assorted colorful chocolate candies. Colorful delicious sweets turning top view.
Close-up portrait of cute child boy eating a tasty candie closing eyes in satifaction enjoying leisure activity. Sugar addiction concept.
silicone spatula stirs dark melted chocolate in glass bowl slow mo close up. Preparation of High quality melted chocolate without lumps for premium handmade candies, truffles, chocolates and sweets.
variety of sweets, lollipops, candy, marshmallows, etc. Dolly video
Colored Candy explosion in 4K
Chocolate candy falls onto a conveyor belt. Food on production line at factory of sweets
3D animation of red heart. Looped heart rotation. Alpha channel, transparent background. Easy to apply on top of any video. 4k.
Videotaping a Baked sweet potato while slowly turning it.
Strawberry fruit in vinyl house, Nonsan, South Korea
Tea being poured into glass transparent tea cup. Cup of tea.
Sweets, hot tea and teapot. Ceramic teapot and glass teacup closeup. Slow motion
Girlish sweets sequence. Colorful youth candies in minimal style on yellow background. Sugary food loop.
Ice cream Cookies & Cream scoop in waffle cone on pink background, Front view Food concept.
close-up of part of child's face, child, boy 8-10 years old holds in hand, wants to eat gelatinous sweets, gummy bear, concept of children's delicacy, healthy and unhealthy food, halal food
Close-up candies and sweet sugar jelly multicolored on pink background, Colorful sweets and Delicious Concept. Sweet Candy Jelly Bonbon Lollipop Mixed of Snack Sugar vibrant color background.
Woman breaks chocolate bar. Hands breaking, cracking dark milk chocolate. Person chef chocolatier snapping apart pieces of sweet chocolate for melting and making sweets desserts. Slow motion
apricot tree close up. Large ripe apricots on a tree branch close-up. An orchard with green leaves and fruit. Harvest time. Natural sweets and vitamins
Mom puts the child on plate the Turkish sweetness of Lokma. Slow Motion Video
Tourists Walking at Famous Phuket Old Town Sunday Night Market. High Quality 4K Footage. 20 FEB 2022 - Phuket, Thailand.
Minimal motion design. 3d vanilla donuts on blue abstract background. Fast food concept art. 4k video
Happy family Easter. Funny kid play game with easter cake at home. Funny kids play Easter hare hunters. Homemade cakes for holidays, healthy food, healthy sweets for children.
Pile of soft tasty colorful marshmallows falling on pink background. Delicious fluffy chewy snack candie treats. Confectionery. Sweet shop. Close-up.
Desserts in small bowls are at the open buffet. desserts in the open buffet. 4K.
Closeup Scoop ice cream chocolate out from container with a spoon, Food concept, Top view Blank for design.
Ramadan iftars marks the end of fasting. Table with dates, Oriental food and sweets. Eid mubarak. Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, evening meal
Slow motion Scooping ice cream Vanilla Top view.
Little girl sitting in a trolley in a supermarket asks her mother to buy a sweet treat. Woman takes candy from the shelf.
Video footage of Baklavas in a tray
Smiling Indian mother feeding sweets to her young daughter during festivities - Happy Family. Indian stock video of a mother wishing daughter on the auspicious day of Diwali festival / Durga Puja
Chest-up of ten-year-old Black boy drawing at desk at home, eating sweets at daytime
Tilting up of ten-year-old Black boy drawing at desk at home, eating sweets at daytime
Close-up macro fresh strawberries covering with melted liquid chocolate. Molten chocolate or brown caramel stream pouring on juicy red berries. Confectionery, tasty dessert. Cooking handmade sweets
Assorted Chocolate Candies. Chocolate Sweets. Candy Design over dark Background. Various Chocolates. Confectionery. Slow motion 4K UHD video
Women placing beautiful lamp / diya in the temple for Diwali puja.
Minimal motion design. 3d chocolate donuts on abstract background. Fast food concept art. 4k video
Close portrait of a happy preschool girl hugs her mom in the supermarket. An unexpected gift, a pleasant purchase, a happy childhood.
Seamless dripping caramel drops sweet sauce or honey and melted liquid chocolate. Close-up flowing tasty syrup drip. Confectionery yellow and brown handmade sweets cooking abstract background
Making cornmeal cake, step by step video recipe, on blue background.  Baking Brazilian corn cake, stop motion. Festa Junina bolo de fuba preparation.
Multicolor Jelly Beans Candy Falls on White Background. Bright Tasty Colourful Texture Of Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange and White Sweets in Motion
Close up shot of salty melted caramel is poured down, making of the candies, cooking dessert in slow motion, confectionery, sweet-shop,
Chocolate Chips Drops Rotating Background. Food Concept. Unhealthy Sweets Backdrop. Confectionery Concept. Ingredient for Homemade Chocolate Candy, Pastry Production, Dessert, Sweets
CIRCA 1933 - In this animated film, Dick and Larry and other vendors at a bakers convention fail to sell their goods.
Woman breaks chocolate bar. Hands breaking, cracking dark milk chocolate. Person chef chocolatier snapping apart pieces of sweet chocolate for melting and making sweets desserts. Slow motion
Vanilla ice cream scooped out from container with a spoon, Food concept.
A young man holds a chewing pad close up and then puts it in his mouth and chews
Ramadan Islamic Background. Fasting during the month of Ramadan dawn to sunset. Break Ramadan Fast. Iftar - Dates and a glass of water. Eid Mubarak. Arabic patterns lantern and tableware
Slowmo shot of four cute African-American kids wearing Halloween costumes trick or treating outdoors running along street with pumpkin buckets holding hands
Woman opens the door and sees children in Halloween costumes playing trick-or-treat and gives them sweets.
colorful marmalade rolls on the conveyor. production line. confectionery factory.
Taking video while slowly turning a baked sweet potato.
In Japan, it is called YAKIIMO.
Slow motion Closeup scooping Ice cream Mocha Chip out from container with a spoon, Closeup Top view Food concept.
Blogger pastry chef makes a video lesson about cooking a cake. young woman in an apron at home in the kitchen tells the recipe on camera. Online broadcast, author leads a blog or course about cooking.
South Indian family dressed in traditional wear is celebrating Diwali at home - Happy Family. Family spending time together, eating sweets and celebrating Diwali - Festive colorful background with ...
Little girl opening fridge door and taking out a piece of cake and a lot of sweets. Point of view from inside of the kitchen refrigerator
A spoon breaks a piece of classic creme caramel.
confectionery factory for the production of sweets with cookies
Making crepes stop motion above view on a purple background. Baking french thin pancakes in an iron cast pan.
Sweets Motion Graphics Pack is a cool-looking pack, that consists of a unique collection of smooth animated elements. 4K and alpha channel included.
Portrait of smiling Caucasian brunette boy talking with mother as sitting at the table with tea and sweets. Positive teenager spending free time with parent at home. Unity, joy, lifestyle, happiness.
the most famous Bengali or Indian sweets - Rasgulla made with date palm jaggery or nolen gur in a bowl on dark background
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