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Daily life in Milan, Italy during COVID-19 pandemic. Milano, Italian city and coronavirus outbreak. Aerial view of Piazza Duomo. Historic monument and religious building seen from drone flying in sky
Group of scary zombies dancing. Halloween concept.
Flying Bats Animation with Black Alpha Matte. Halloween Bats on Moon Night Background. Fly Silhouette Bat. Many Flittermouse. Bat Party Transition Template. 3d Motion Design Elements Decoration 4k
Little girl in white dress looking like a ghost carelessly running down the hallway of a haunted house - halloween costume party, horror movie 4k footage
Temple Expiatori La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Flying around the architectural masterpiece of Gaudi in the sunrise, UHD, 4K
Caucasian girl in white sundress looking like a ghost scarily staring at camera, then grinning - halloween costume party 4k footage
Girl in little white sundress creepily staring into camera, dressed for halloween. Child's ghost in haunted house - halloween costume party 4k footage
Halloween Horror Scary Haunted House Background Video Footage
Milan, Italy - March 2020: empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo Empty streets.
Bats animation on green screen. Animated flying bats
Discovering the Giralda in Seville behind some orange trees under a blue sky
Aerial view of Piazza Duomo in front of the gothic cathedral in the center. Drone view of the gallery and rooftops during the day. Flight over the city. People in the city. Milan. Italy,
Dark evil zombie with red eyes entered room. Abandoned house with monster inside in black and white background colors. 2D animation for creepy Halloween in HD. Horror character concept. Scary places.
Halloween day. Ghost character bone dancing. 3d rendering, realistic CGI,3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha channel
Medieval spiral staircase with candles at night. 3d rendering. Seamless loop.
Milan, Italy - March 19, 2020: Pigeons are waiting for people on an empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo
Aerial Drone Reveal Shot Of Milan Cathedral Piazza Del Duomo Di Milano And Distant Milan Skyline At Sunset
Cathedral of Our Lady amid Antwerp cityscape and Scheldt river, Belgium - Aerial wide Panoramic shot
Full Moon over a spooky cemetery with silhouette headstones and rolling low lying fog.
Fantastic overview aerial footage around the Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor) at the dawn in Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona.
Aerial: Moving Toward and Over St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
Candles Light Up By Themselves Haunted House
The little girl in white dress looking like a ghost carelessly the hallway of a haunted house. Halloween costume party, horror movie 4k footage
Mortar and pestle witchcraft alchemy still life selective focus, witch craft pharmacy and medicine. Spiritual occultism chemistry, magic alchemy and ritual arrangement.
Halloween Transitions 5 Pack. Cartoon bats motion graphics package features 4K resolution animation pack of hand drawn dynamic and fun cartoon bats transitions.
Zombie hand rising out from the grave
Human bones and skulls scattered on the field of the past battle. The concept of war and the Apocalypse.
Aerial drone footage view of cathedral Duomo  in Milan Italy  // no video editing
Black and white grunge texture background, flickering vignette spotlight, old film effect
Paris / France - 05 01 2020: Animated Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503–1507, currently in Louvre.
Abandoned House Among Dead Trees and Fog 4K Loop features an old abandoned house in a field with dead and burnt tress all around with smoke or mist rolling by in a loop
Milan, Italy - March 17, 2020: empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo Empty streets.
death with a scythe makes selfie on the background of the entrance to hell
Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower at sunrise, Italy
Aerial drone shot tracking around the stunning Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, with the lake surrounding it and mountains in the background, and the reflection in the water.
Spiky Metal Chain VJ Loop is a motion graphics clip featuring demonic chains with spikes and hell glow. This video is perfect for VJ thematic sets, metal and gothic festivals, Halloween rave parties
Vienna, Austria. St. Stephen's Cathedral (Germany: Stephansdom). Catholic Cathedral - the national symbol of Austria, Aerial View
Barcelona - Cathedral, Barri Gothic Quarter, Time lapse. Cumulus sunset clouds over old city districts. Panoramic view, buildings roofs.
warlike medieval strong man sits on old bronze throne holding sword, image tyrannical king. Carnival vintage costume velvet clothes Royal gold crown, jewelry. Serious pensive face. gothic castle room
Red Rose Ignites And Burns In Fire
A black magic candle on the background of the magical attributes of an open book and herbs. Halloween concept.
Time Lapse of People at Duomo di Milano or Milan Cathedral in city of Milan The famous Milan Cathedral timelapse hyperlapse (Duomo di Milano) and monument to Victor Emmanuel II on the Piazza del Duomo
Duomo di Milano Cathedral, Aerial, reverse, drone shot, panning towards the church over buildings and architecture in the cityscape of Milan city, on a sunny evening, in Lombardy, Italy
Grand Place Brussels, Belgium, wide dolly truck shot sideways with town hall in the center. On a calm warm summer morning with clear blue skies during sunrise.
A scary witch near a wooden shack with crown on her head and a devilish cane in her hands is terrifying looking at the camera.
Aerial view of Gardens of the Alcazar of Cordoba, Spain. Flying over Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain
Halloween bats flying on green screen.
Barcelona / Spain - 08 23 2019: La Sagrada familia cathedral, Aerial, tracking, drone shot,panning around the La Sagrada familia cathedral, over the city of Barcelona, at sunset
Abandoned horror house in the middle of deep dark spooky forest
Aerial rise above kayakers on Lake Geneva near Lausanne, Switzerland on a sunny day.
Aerial drone footage of famous statue on cathedral Duomo of Milan Italy // no video editing
Golden Black Vertical Sliding Panels animation. ALPHA MATTE. Perfect animated 3D model frame for TV show, studio set design, intro, catwalk stage design or The Great Gatsby and Art Deco theme projects
Milan, Italy - May, 2020: empty square in front of the Piazza Duomo in Italy. Empty streets. City of the desert. Gallery Columns. Blue sky
Flying bats motion graphics with green screen background
Aerial skyline of Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain
France, Lyon, drone aerial view above Saone river in the historic old town.
Durham , NC , United States - 06 12 2021: Aerial of Duke University campus tower. Gothic architecture and tennis courts.
Mysterious beautiful young gothic woman in hood. Closeup girl face red halloween vampire makeup. Sexy fashion velvet vintage red dress. Girl holds rose in hands. Dark room interior medieval castle
Zombies walk and crawl forward through the misty dark and scary forest. The concept of the zombie-apocalypse. Animation for fantasy, fiction, zombie and apocalypse backgrounds.
Artwork old style Portrait medieval woman princess looks at camera face close up. Hands of king man put vintage antique crown on head of girl. Guy and lady in dark gothic night room. background studio
Portrait asian gothic teenager girl close-up in short hairstyle makeup Joker walks through an abandoned building looking at the camera. Protest. Alternative in youth. Hipster, freak, emo, grunge
mexicane skull video animiation laser
Aerial drone shot tracking around the stunning Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland at sunset, with the lake surrounding it and mountains in the background, and the reflection in the water.
Beautiful Duomo di Milano in close up.White marble stone sculptures and statues in exterior design of ancient catholic church in center of Milan city in Italy.Gothic architecture style in details
Milan city skyline aerial view at dawn flies backwards. The theatrical performance shot from the Milan cityscape in the fall.
Aerial footage. A short flight that shows the city of Milan skyscrapers
Windows of a Spooky Castle Showing a Lightning Storm
Mysterious silhouette young woman, view back, red Gothic velvet vintage dress, hood. Girl turns, beautiful face brunette closeup. Festive halloween makeup, gray eyes, bright lips, dark pink shadows
Cartoon Flying white Ghost on an green screen
Aerial view of Piazza Duomo in front of the Gothic cathedral in the center. Drone view of the gallery and rooftops during the day. Flight over the city. People in the city. Milan. Italy january 2021
Video with noise. book without cover design. fantasy woman princess sits on floor reading. Beauty yellow long vintage dress. Enchanted prince man with horns on head. Room gothic smoke, candles burning
Dark queen with crown with lightning. Goddess of death smiles. 2D animation horror fantasy genre. Evil skull face with luminous eyes. Gloomy ghost in haze. Scary animated video clip. Spooky cartoon.
Mystical geometry symbol. Linear alchemy, occult, philosophical sign. Astrology and religion concept. Zodiac circle
Lightning Strikes Near Old Gothic House At Night
View from drone of residential areas of Spanish town of Jerez de la Frontera with Catholic Cathedral and former Moorish alcazar
Strasbourg, France. The historical part of the city, Strasbourg Cathedral, Aerial View, Point of interest
Aerial View of Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna, Austria. Summer
Black Raven and Human Skulls in a Field
woman is reading prayer or spell, closeup of lips, black silhouette in church
Devilish woman vampire appears from dark and kisses. Animation in horror fantasy genre. Scary witch face on spooky Halloween. 2D motion graphics. Frightening moving pictures. 4K animated video clip.
Air tour over the beautiful Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel surrounded by beautiful colorful houses in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende
Market Square from above, aerial view of old city center view in Krakow at morning time, main square, famous cathedral at sunrise in Krakow, Poland.
Cemetery statue of a girl slow camera movement
Aerial drone footage of famous statue on cathedral Duomo in Milan Italy by night // no video editing
Portrait of plague doctor with crow-like mask and red eyes isolated on black smoke background. Creepy mask, halloween, historical terrible costume concept. Epidemic
Walk through a surreal city of floating houses with corners and arches, 3D computer graphics, 3d fractal graphic
Establishing shot of Florence, Italy. Sunrise over city
4K London Bird View of Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster and Gothic Historical Landmarks Buildings from Up High at Sunset in England, United Kingdom UK
Black flock of bats crosses the screen. Halloween transition.
A stack of old books. Vintage book on wooden table. Magic lightning around a glowing book in the room of darkness. Selective focus
Aerial view of Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza del Duomo
Group of scary zombies dancing. Halloween concept.
Paris, France-14 January, 2018: 4K, View interior of the famous Saint Chapelle, details of beautiful glass mosaic windows. Holy Chapel is a one of the most beautiful and tourist visited landmark-Dan
overflight approaching the San Miguel Arcángel Parish in the center of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato
Trans walk defile fashion show lgbt. Model bisexual transvestite catwalk smoky light. Women transgenders. Transsexuals people fashionable podium. Men trans. Glamour lesbians vogue catwalks model.
Coventry Cathedral Ruins in sunny day. Gothic church in Coventry UK.
Earth Zoom on Milan City - Italy
Seamless animation of skeletons playing the piano and dancing during Halloween in a horror house. The concept of a post-apocalyptic world or Halloween horror.
Aerial view of Vienna in the rays of the setting sun. Heldenplatz, Rathaus, Volksgarden and university of Vienna skyline aerial shot. Cathedrals and cityscape City of Vienna, Austria.
Sunlight Through Church Stain-glass Window
Cartoon Bats Flying From One Side to Another on a Green Screen
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