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Car start with smoke on wheels. Footage. Red modern drag sport auto burning tire at city street.
Car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race. Footage. Slow motion video of sport vehicles right back wheel the tire burns against the asphalt with smoke
Burglar Intruding in the House from Backyard at Night Casting a Shadow and Jumping over Fence Breaking in with a Weapon and Flashlight Shot on Red Epic
45 muzzle flashes continues fire montage in slow-motion. Dangerous shooting againgst black screen muzzle flashes in slow-motion.
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect. Back view
Nodding dog with gold and diamonds necklace, baseball hat, stacks of money and sunglasses, shaking his head next to an American flag. Right to left, slide shot.
Video surveillance images. Two suspicious men stand at the door. Surveillance systems. Video broadcast. Recording. Thieves, robbers, burglars. Raider seizure. Dangerous people. 4K (2160p), 50 fps.
World economic crisis. The woman counts the money. Total unemployment in a pandemic.  Bribe. Police counts money in a bribe taker's office. Dirty money.
Arrest of the offender without resistance. Policeman puts the handcuffs on the hands of criminal, hands closeup. Detention of the accused business person.
Black and blurry silhouettes. Assault and beating of a woman. Violence over the weak. Robbery and fight.
Portrait of a robber in a balaclava with a flashlight in the apartment
CIRCA 1932 - Crowds gather to watch Al Capone be transferred from a holding cell to a train by law enforcement officers.
Car jacking thief steal car breaking door criminal job burglar Hijacks Auto thief black balaclava hoodie trying break into vehicle screwdriver Street crime violence gangster robber automobile parking
Shadow of the Murderer Killing its Pray with a Knife at Night
The fellow in a hood walking and smoking on the night street. slow motion
Nodding dog with gold and diamonds necklace, baseball hat, stacks of money and sunglasses, shaking his head next to an American flag. Left to right, slide shot, hat turned sideways.
Suspicious white van drive fast on road at night doing illegal trafficking, transportation- Illegal activities, stolen and hidden merchandise
911 Police chopper searching for suspect at night in Los Angeles
One female bandit goon staring at camera. Menacing looking baseball batting criminality threatening viewer. Criminal background. Lady thug holding bat. Gangster danger area. Neon red blue lighting.
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect. Back view
A man comes out of the dark walking with a gun in his hand pointing it at the camera loads the bullet with the gun drum. Gangster / Policeman dressed in civilian clothes
Pixel old glasses. Gangster effect with glasses video
Shiny, brand new ammo bullets in the middle of mafia table. A lot of dollar bills stacked on top of it  Gangster crime wealth and deadly force. Neon red and blue lights illuminating the cash. 4KHD
Silhouette of aggressive man standing with knife in hand indoors. Dangerous criminal using weapon in floodlight background. Scary gangster attacking with dagger in dark space. Crime concept.
Bearded man putting on hood, hiding from people, anonymous dark silhouette
Slow motion locked-down rear view of silhouettes of four men in black suits confidently walking away from camera towards exit of parking lot.
Arrogant gangster smoking expensive Cuban cigar, dangerous mafia, slow-motion. Self-confident businessman relaxing in luxury men club, oligarch in expensive suit exhaling white smoke, successful life
Car start with smoke on wheels. Footage. Red modern drag sport auto burning tire at city street.
CU on hands, man being handcuffed near unmarked police vehicle in the street. Shot on RED Dragon with 2x Anamorphic lens
Unrecognizable Burglar Wearing Black Jacket and Carrying a Bag Walking Away From the Camera Along Corridor in Old Apartment Building Criminal Concept
Thief is Looking inside the House Through the Windows with Flashlight Opening the Back Door and Entering the Property at Night Shot on Red Epic
Closeup following shot of a man wearing a black jacket, with his hoodie up and his back behind the camera as he walks toward a deserted neighborhood
1970s: Pictures of gangsters on display. Picture of Machine Gun Kelly. People with guns on stairwell. People fire Tommy guns. People are shot. Cars in chase.
Evil savage man attacks frightened beauty girl 2D animation. Pretty woman scared by maniac. Gloomy freak laughs. Animated short film in horror genre. 4K drawn noir movie. Shake, coal and noise effect.
Cute pug dog lying on white bed with lot of money, bunch of fake, souvenir bills. White bedding. Belly up. Portrait. View from above, top view. Funny rich dog concept. Dream to make a lot of money
Naughty girl in a balaclava holds a baseball bat in her hands and poses on the territory of a car parking. Cheeky sexy woman in mask shows disrespect and aggression. Back view
African-american male prisoner holding bars and looking to camera, imprisonment
An old fashioned squatting slav in a tweed cap with a leather purse talking angrily on phone with money on the floor
Silhouettes of national security agents looking at night cityscape from rooftop
CIRCA 1936 - Field kit equipment and weapons used by the FBI are put on display.
CIRCA 1933 - Machine Gun Kelly ends up in court for his role in the Charles Urschel kidnapping, and is sentenced to Alcatraz.
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect.
CIRCA 1933 - The wife of kidnap victim Charles Urschel identifies his captors, Albert Bates and Harvey Bailey, in court (narrated in 1936).
CIRCA 1934 - Kidnap victim Edward Bremer is saved, and guns are piled outside the house where kidnappers Ma Barker and Fred Barker were killed.
CIRCA 1936 - J. Edgar Hoover oversees firing practice in a field, where federal agents shoot at a car with a variety of guns in a simulation.
CIRCA 1935 - Rescued kidnap victim George Weyerhaeuser smiles for photographers.
CIRCA 1935 - The FBI pores over a ransom letter for kidnap victim George Weyerhaeuser.
CIRCA 1936 - Qualifications to become an FBI agent are explained.
Thief Breaks Lock On Vehicle. Car Jacking Thief Steal Car Breaking Door. Criminal Bandit Job Burglar Hijacks Auto. Street Crime Violence Gangster Robber. Vandalism Crime Theft Using Tool For Open Door
Profile mugshot of male person with dark hair turning to different sides and looking to camera. Criminal young man holding sign for photo while standing in front of police metric lineup wall
Kidnapped tied woman sitting on the chair. Arms and legs tied with a rope
Tobacco farmer. The man is enjoying tobacco. Evening at the ranch. Cigarette smoke is in the air. Successful tobacco business.
Tilting up footage of brutal bearded man in sunglasses getting out of big black car at underground parking with squad of criminals going on deal
911 Police chopper searching for suspect at night in Los Angeles
CIRCA 1937 - Police guard deputy district attorney Thomas Dewey's office.
CIRCA 1937 - Case files get thumbed through in Thomas Dewey's office.
CIRCA 1936 - A special machine is used at the FBI to look up the fingerprints of a fugitive from justice.
CIRCA 1937 - Accountants in Thomas Dewey's office go over the finances of organized crime bosses.
CIRCA 1936 - Attorney General Cummings steps out of his office in Washington DC, and a plaque at FBI headquarters honors fallen agents.
CIRCA 1934 - John Dillinger's belongings are taken by the FBI after his death.
CIRCA 1937 - Members of Lucky Luciano's gang are brought into a police department handcuffed together.
CIRCA 1936 - The ID cards of female criminals are checked at FBI headquarters.
CIRCA 1937 - Witnesses in an organized crime case arrive at deputy district attorney Thomas Dewey's office.
CIRCA 1936 - Fingerprint records are checked at the FBI.
Close up thief in a balaclava climbs through the window of an apartment
CIRCA 1936 - Men operate a switchboard at the FBI to field calls about kidnappings, and other agents man teletype machines for communications.
CIRCA 1936 - J. Edgar Hoover looks over a map of where all his agents are currently placed across the country, and considers transferring some.
CIRCA 1937 - Women working in Thomas Dewey's office sort through old case files.
CIRCA 1937 - Clerks in Thomas Dewey's office do filing work.
CIRCA 1937 - Evidence in an organized crime case is moved from deputy district attorney Thomas Dewey's office to the hands of police detectives.
CIRCA 1936 - Files on dead criminals are kept up at FBI headquarters, including the dossier on John Dillinger.
CIRCA 1937 - A woman works as a switchboard operator in Thomas Dewey's office.
CIRCA 1937 - Thomas Dewey pores over evidence in the Lucky Luciano case.
CIRCA 1937 - New York's deputy district attorney Thomas Dewey assures his chief assistants that witnesses against the mob will be protected.
CIRCA 1937 - Thomas Dewey meets with his chief assistants in the deputy district attorney's office.
CIRCA 1937 - Headlines share the news of New York deputy district attorney Thomas Dewey's indictments of racketeers.
CIRCA 1936 - Single fingerprint files are searched at FBI headquarters.
CIRCA 1937 - Accountants in Thomas Dewey's office go over the taxes of accused organized crime bosses.
CIRCA 1936 - J. Edgar Hoover outlines the necessary qualifications to become an FBI agent.
Burned Out Detroit Row Houses.  Shot could be used to show ghetto, arson, fire department, crime, gangs, vacant, drug house, bad neighborhood, abandoned, or poverty.
The thief breaks the door lock
CIRCA 1947 - In this comedy movie, a woman is enthralled and her date is impressed by a gangster in a movie they go to see.
CIRCA 1937 - Mayor La Guardia says that federal courts cannot stop New York from taking legal action against slot machine operators in the city.
Two silhouettes of men in black suits with classic hats standing by vintage old car. Strangers look like italian mafioso from movie . Footage have permissible count of normally film effect style GRAIN
Real surveillance cameras captured and recorded the two robbers enter the house.
4K Asian & western criminal gangs meet in dark parking lot to do a drug deal Dec 2016-UK
Slowmo medium arc shot of one squad of criminals with metal briefcase approaching to another gangsters transferring money in silence looking fiercely at underground parking
CIRCA 1937 - Lee Thompson Smith oversees a grand jury discussing evidence of organized crime in New York City.
Formation of  composition of attack. Man in a mask on face comes into door of room. Home insurance against theft and robbery. Theft of property in the COVID-19 pandemic. Breaking open the door.
CIRCA 1937 - Jurors confer at a trial and decide that something must be done about organized crime in New York City.
CIRCA 1935 - Mobster Dutch Schultz is brought to trial for tax evasion (narrated in 1960).
CIRCA 1937 - Mayor La Guardia congratulates New York's special prosecutor Thomas Dewey on a recent victory against racketeers.
Los Angeles , CA / United States - 05 03 2018: Los Angeles, California, 04 May 2018 – Lincoln Town Car, Lowrider on Hydraulics, Popping on Three Wheels, Cruising in LA
CIRCA 1937 - Mayor La Guardia speaks to victimized shopkeepers in his office, who have been forced to allow racketeers to operate slot machines.
CIRCA 1931 - In this documentary directed by Frank Capra, Manchuria is invaded by Japan while the USA suffers during the Great Depression.
Dealer selling drugs on the street at night
CIRCA 1950s - An overview of the 1920's biggest celebrities includes Eugene Debbs, Al Capone and Amy Semple McPherson amongst many others.
masked burglars breaking and entering into a victim's home
Drag racing car burn tire at start line
View from over shoulder of man pulls from the package large sum of money sitting behind the wheel of car, close up shots
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