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Dark animation with hellish characters and creatures. Collection of nightmares for creepy Halloween. Scary video clip filled with demons, things, ghosts and sinister shadows. Black and red background.
Fire from heaven falling, a huge fireball falling from sky, devastating disaster
Caucasian girl in white sundress looking like a ghost scarily staring at camera, then grinning - halloween costume party 4k footage
Werewolf bares his teeth and growls
Dark 2d animation with devilish characters and monsters in black and white. Collection of motion graphics in horror fantasy genre. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for Halloween. Vj looped movie.
Two horned silhouettes fall ground and turning into dark birds, fly on sky. Scary 2d animation. Horror fantasy movie. Spooky visions of hell. Halloween ghosts video clip. Black and white background.
Dark ritual with dagger. Falling man into trance and remembering past life. Dead king sits in throne room. Creepy cartoon, footage, vj loop, fx. Scary animated 4K movie teaser. Horrible hell visions.
Welcome to hell. Animated horror collection with frightened face, monster from dark and suicidal hanged man. Animation in genre of horror with blur effects and camera shake. Exciting images of death.
possessed by demon and devil incarnate woman is wriggling in darkness, flickering light
The silhouette of a demonic samurai in a fighting stance, behind him a huge spirit of a golden dragon, They are allies bound by the magic of the sun, standing at sunset . looped 2d animation
Creepy human mummy tied to post. Black raven sits on spire. Crow eye, which reflects silhouette of man with heart in his hand. Horror fantasy 2D animation. Scary animated short film. Ghosts in haze.
Dark evil zombie with red eyes entered room. Abandoned house with monster inside in black and white background colors. 2D animation for creepy Halloween in HD. Horror character concept. Scary places.
Scary Wolf: The monster comes out of the dark, growls and bites. Disturbing lighting of the animal creates a horror atmosphere.
Funny dog in ghost costume turn head and look straight to camera, then turn back, autumn park outdoors. Fallen leaves lie around, carved pumpkins on ground.
Scary small girl walks along dark corridor and creepy smiles, revealing her skull. Animation with devilish character. Motion graphics in horror fiction genre. Black and white background for Halloween.
Full Moon over a spooky cemetery with silhouette headstones and rolling low lying fog.
Zombie hand rising out from the grave
Dark hole and ugly face dead man, from whose mouth branches of tree crawl out. Horror fantasy 2D animation. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for creepy Halloween. Black and white grunge background.
Dark monsters with evil faces in black and white background. Collection of animations in horror fantasy genre. Motion graphics with demonic characters. Animated video clip nightmares for Halloween.
Goddess of death opens her mouth. Dead man crawls out of lake. Dark visions of hell 2D animation. Horror fiction animated film. VJ loops and music clips. 4K grunge spooky movie with brush strokes.
death with a scythe makes selfie on the background of the entrance to hell
Animated horror collection with hellish storm of demons. Abstract animation in genre of fantasy with blur effects and camera shake. Black and red color background. 4K short film for spooky Halloween.
Animation of an alien monster bursting in half and from tentacles crawling out from inside it. Horror video clip with coal and noise effects. Animated 4K movie nightmares for creepy Halloween.
Scary monster comes out of forest thicket and rests on stone. Evil demon looks at hut and growls. Glowing eyes thing of night. Creepy 2d animation. Horror fantasy movie. Black and white background.
Evil Clown Make Up, Scary Halloween Horror Scene, Frightening with Balloon.
Angry demon face screams in fire. Digital 2D animation. Horror fantasy genre. Evil burning devil head. Suspense movie. Spooky animated Vj loop video clip. Cruel ghost attack. Orange color background.
Dark animation with devilish characters and monsters. Collection of motion graphics in the horror genre. Abstract videoclip with blur effects and camera shake. Black and white background for Halloween
Two evil little twin girls looking at camera, paranormal events, glitchy screen. Ghost activity, horror scene, tv distortion effect
Dark visions of hell. Scary 2d animation on black and white background. Motion graphics for VJ loops and music clips. 4K grunge video with brush strokes. Animated film nightmares for creepy Halloween.
Mysterious beautiful young gothic woman in hood. Closeup girl face red halloween vampire makeup. Sexy fashion velvet vintage red dress. Girl holds rose in hands. Dark room interior medieval castle
Crazy laughing zombie head with a torn face. Scary monster character. Looped animation in genre of horror.
First person view of five diverse kids wearing cool Halloween costumes are talking different lollipops and candies out of bowl unrecognizable person holding in hands
Animation of scary flying vampire with wings. Black and white horror fantasy footage. Motion graphs for music clip and VJ screensaver. Fantasy video for creepy Halloween. Grunge and noise effects.
Nightmare shot of a demon face in the darkness moving around screaming and being scary while a light flashes on his face to add drama to the scene
Animation of the appearance of a devil from the darkness or fire. Horror or religion scene.
Flight sorcerer to hell. Gloomy fallen angel. Mythical fire world. 2D animation horror fantasy genre. Evil demon face with luminous eyes. Creepy animated backdrop movie. Scary animated video clip.
Red demon hand gives a gift to the businessman. 50 fps
mexicane skull video animiation laser
Cartoon Flying white Ghost on an green screen
Seamless animation of a zombie devil baby doll dancing with headphones isolated with alpha channel. Terror creepy demon monster character for Halloween background.
Scary animation with hellish storm of evil monsters. Collection of nightmares for Halloween. Black and red colors background. Motion graphics in horror fantasy genre. Frightening moving pictures.
Fallen angel with torn off wings. Scary 2d animation. Evil demon turned its head. Dark visions of hell.  Gloomy character concept art. Black and red background. Apocalyptic doomsday theme video clip.
Zombie rises from the ground. Demon in collar with chains. Black and white collection of movies in horror fantasy genre. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for Halloween. Vj looped motion graphics.
Dark queen with crown with lightning. Goddess of death smiles. 2D animation horror fantasy genre. Evil skull face with luminous eyes. Gloomy ghost in haze. Scary animated video clip. Spooky cartoon.
Devil with cow skull head making rite in smoke. Demon with horns turning around close-up. Evil imp wearing black robe with hood using witchcraft in darkness and fog. Halloween and full moon.
Murderer with flick-knife in the hands kills his victim.
woman is reading prayer or spell, closeup of lips, black silhouette in church
Two silhouettes of running zombies on the camera. Animation of monsters on green screen. Looped video footage in genre of horror.
Lost man swims along river of fate. Queen of darkness lifts him out water. Horror fantasy animation with movie effect. Evil goddess with luminous eyes. Scary animated video. Mystical wind and ghost.
Scary burning monsters shadows. Cruel ghosts attack. Digital 2D Halloween animation. Horror fantasy genre. Evil devil head. Suspense movie. Spooky animated Vj loop video clip. Orange color background.
Furious Monster Run in Motion Graphics Animation. Scary Person Running Away from Zombie in Dark Haunted Woods. Fiction Fantasy of Mad Looking Face Death. Light in Black Horror Scene Chasing in POV
Dark army 2d animation with scary hellish characters. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for creepy Halloween. Black and white abstract background. Coal, noise, grunge, flicker and shake effects.
Halloween spooky doll in black background. Horror scary face appearing in the dark. Haunted toll. Shocking green light flashing in the darkness.
Creepy witch girl face. Kiss of darkness. 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Mystic girl head in other dark world. Gloomy ghost in haze. Spooky female character. Gothic cruel woman with evil eyes.
Bloody hand against blured wet shower glass. Horror scene
Dark queen with crown pulls bony hand. Crepy 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Cute face turns into skull. Gloomy ghost in haze. Gothic cruel young woman with evil eyes. Spooky female character.
Halloween day. Ghost character bone dancing. 3d rendering, realistic CGI,3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Black big snake crawling and attacks
A witch with long curly hair holds a magic fire. Tongues of flame on the palms of a red-haired woman.
Eye of engry man in the dark
Animation of the appearance of a skull or skeleton from the darkness. Horror scene or Halloween decoration.
A horror concept of a hooded entity with glowing eyes. In a spooky forest on a misty day in winter. With a blurred, glitch edit.
silhouette of a man with a top hat creeping on a glass door with blue light in the background
dark gothic shot mystical lady in  long green emerald cloak cape, woman witch walks in night dusk forest conjures, girl mystic hood. Back rear view, fantasy vintage silhouette no face creative video
Devilish woman vampire appears from dark and kisses. Animation in horror fantasy genre. Scary witch face on spooky Halloween. 2D motion graphics. Frightening moving pictures. 4K animated video clip.
A Ganesh Idol decorated with garlands
Portrait of sinister man in carnival costume of Halloween zombie with bloody wounded scars face throwing money dollar cash banknotes. Horror theme of cosplay wounded undead, beast, monster
Devil looking at the camera. Mysterious masked man in a ruined mansion. Hallway with red lights, scary person in a haunted house. Nightmare about demon in hell.
Amazon witch with two blades against the backdrop of hurricane. Animation in genre of fantasy.
Scary flickering monsters in the dark. 4k horror animation. Effects of noise and damaged TV. Black and white background.
Maniac carrying a murderous weapon escaping from crime scene. Bloodthisty criminal carrying an axe in hallway of old house 4k footage
Man lies under water in the bath
CIRCA 1922 - In this classic horror film, the devil possess a medieval nun at the altar of a church, frightening the other nuns in the convent.
Dark evil queen with crown with shining eyes. Fantasy animation. Blue background color. Scary witch face on spooky Halloween. 2D motion graphics. Frightening moving pictures. 4K animated video clip.
Attack zombies inside tomb. Scary screaming mummies. Digital 2D animation. Horror fantasy genre video. Angry burning devil eyes. Animated backdrop Halloween movie. Green and black background color.
Representation of Christ's temptation in the wilderness. Footages from the collection Temptation of Christ.
diamond monster dance, demon dancing, House and hip hop, loop animation, realistic CGI, 3d render
Possessed woman scratching glass with hands, creepy female silhouette, horror. Scary ghostly creature behind the glass
Animation of the appearance of a devil from the darkness or fire. Horror or religion scene.
Dark zombie entered room of abandoned house 2D animation. Video clip in horror genre. Apocalyptic doomsday theme. Infection area. Danger zone. Scary animated backdrop movie. Green and red background.
Silhouette of face an attractive sexy vampire woman licks with tongue false fangs. Drops of blood flowing on red lips. Close-up portrait of beautiful mouth. Festive art halloween make-up. Gothic lady
Evil woman with makeup zodiac signs of Capricorn or Aries or Taurus. Girl with horns on head.
Satan with horns is standing at home in the dark by the window. A demon with horns
Crazy clown with a wide, frightening smile slowly appears from a dark corner. Shooting in black room, close-up face
Halloween in blood. Devil head with horns in blood, bloody face. Scary horrorwith spooky monster. Demon or satan. Fantasy art project for holiday. Realistic gothic monster zombie
CIRCA 1922 - In this classic horror film, witches fly on their broomsticks and join a Satanic dance ritual in the forest at night.
Halloween 4K animation with alpha channel. Glowing scary halloween pumpkin face animation loop or background. 4k Animated glowing demon face on transparent background. Scarry animated carving pumpkin.
Red Devil Cartoon Emoji Character Holding A Pitchfork Over Flames. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With Raging Flames Background
Man in traditional japanese samurai clothing is looking at camera and demontrating his katana sword, isolated on black background - culture, tradition, martial arts concept 4k footage
Vampire Halloween Woman drinking red wine. Beauty Sexy Vampire Girl. Vampire makeup Fashion Art design. Attractive model girl wearing Halloween party costume and make up. 4K UHD video 3840x2160
Scary evil demon in hellish landscape. Animation in horror genre. Motion graphics with dead zombie character. Creepy animated video clip nightmares for Halloween. Bloody movie with spooky skull face.
3D Halloween skulls rotate 360 degrees in this seamlessly looping video background. The skulls are isolated on a transparent background.
Appalling epidemic and world end. Lost man sleeps in heap of dead and see wakes up zombies walking above him. Scared face in ashes. Creepy 2D animation. Hell survivor traveler. Dark Hd scary movie.
Mysterious, scary man in a mask lifting his head to look at the camera. Black background horror scene. Masked cultist in a dark room, frightening, dangerous people. Demon looking at the camera.
Evil skull ghost in dark. Digital drawing hellish monsters. Scary demon of nightmare. Creepy 2D animation. Black and white color abstract background. Animated vj loop video clip. Motion graphics, fx.
Two ghostly twins looking at camera, zombie children, creepy horror scene. Paranormal events, ghost activity, horror scene, tv distortion effect
Horror scene of a scrambling dead zombie, halloween
Two creepy little girls with pale faces and blank eyes looking at camera, horror. Paranormal events, ghost activity, horror scene
The fire lake tunnel leading to hell, evil human beings burned by flames falling into the hell, human beings judged
Scary Head Video Horror Noise 3D Rendering Animations
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