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Pouring bright hot liquid steel or metal from ladle in blast furnace foundry metallurgical factory. Steel mill iron smelting process with bright sparks and smoke
''On air'' symbol in the studio with a smooth camera move!
Cinematic shot of empty classic theatre with red velvet curtains opening stage with dramatic lighting before start of show.
Serious young businessman checking corporate paperwork correspondence sitting at home office desk. Male entrepreneur reading documents, analyzing financial papers, preparing audit report at workplace.
4K: Voters voting at Polling Place of the USA Election.  Diverse People Stood at booths wear Face Masks. Gimbal shot. Stock Video Clip Footage
Accountant analyzing business marketing data on paper dashboard at office table. Corporate finance and money accounting concept.
audit, business, accounting, company, finance word cloud made as hologram used on tablet by bearded man, also used animated analysis service success consulting word as background in uhd 4k 3840 2160
Compliance Concept
Hexagonal virtual Touch Screen Concept with man touching screen with finger and light streak
Red hot metal line. Production of rolled metal at a metallurgical factory
African woman sit at desk calculates costs using calculator and laptop, close up view. Female manage expenditures, control personal expenses, pay through e-bank app. Business accounting work concept
Two businessmen working on financial statistics analyzing charts project data in report doing paperwork. Executive analysts discussing business diagrams, corporate graphs consulting at office meeting.
African woman using calculator and laptop app calculate costs, incomes, expenses, estimate budget for project, accountant conduct financial inspection, summarize total sum. Finance management concept
Job meeting. Financial check in a large company, audit
Cinematic back view shot of female artist or actress is going out on classic theatre stage with dramatic lighting for performance preview before start of show.
Fly fishing. Man fly fishing on the wild river with lots of insects flying in the air
Exhausted frustrated young mixed race girl sitting on sofa at table with paper bills, feeling stressed about bank loan payments, thinking of unpaid taxes, financial problems, money bankruptcy concept.
Factory Worker Grinds Metal Construction using angle grinder. Bright Golden Sparks comes out, Heavy Manual Work at Modern Steel Making Industry. Slow Motion.
What? I can't hear you! Confused girl having hearing problems, asking to say louder, difficult to listen quiet talk, misunderstanding in communication. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Blank W-9 and Form 1040 U.S. individual income tax return with pen. Tax payment concept. Filing taxes document
Close up woman accountant working using calculator and laptop, graphs statistics on device screen. Make payments on-line through secure bank system, analyze company charges calculate expenses concept
Stream of molten metal poured from one ladle to another in foundry. Liquid metal in furnace. Liquid metal production process. Molding molten metal at industrial plant. Slow motion
Financial analyst. Rear over shoulder view of young man worker sit before desktop pc screen review paper electronic sales stats. Male employee make forecast of trade results studying graphs diagrams
A furnace in which metal is melted. Sparks and smoke from the fire. Metallurgical industry. Car engine factory
Smiling Indian woman statistician analyze market segments using sales statistics performed in infographic. Young lady trade expert use convenient app to work with data on pc at home office workplace
4K: Voters voting at Polling Place of the USA Election.  People Stood at booths wear Face Masks. Gimbal Walking shot. Stock Video Clip Footage
Hearing test showing ear of young woman with audio sound waves simulation technology - isolated on white loopable
A woman casts her envelope vote into a transparent plastic ballot box. Human hand voting.
Close up young woman summarizing monthly incomes and outcomes with calculator, checking electronic bills in e-banking computer application, managing expenditures and household money payments.
Diverse team participate in group videocall, woman sit at workplace desk greeting colleagues start virtual meeting solve current business issues using modern technology and videoconference app concept
Closeup hand group asia people busy account team work late night audit check notebook and online sale cost budget profit statistics paper on table desk in staff idea in analyst job career cowork
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
Focused serious young indian woman using computer accounting applications, calculating domestic utility bills, managing monthly budget finances, paying banking loan online, sitting at table in home.
4K: Senior Male Chinese Voter voting at Polling Place for the USA Election. He wears a Face Mask while posting vote in the Ballot Box. Stock Video Clip Footage
Metal casting process in metallurgical plant. Liquid metal pouring into molds
Hypnotizing Beautiful Yellow Stream of Hot Liquid Molten Steel and Bright Sparks Against the Black Background. Metal is Pouring into Huge Vessel, Modern Iron Manufacture Industry, Slow Motion
Jobless business people applicants group sitting in chairs in queue line row waiting for their turn company job interview, human resources, recruiting and employment concept, staff legs close up view
Businessman with Standards hologram concept
Top view of car body framework at car factory. Automotive factory equipment.
Human hearing mechanism anatomy cross section. 3D animation.
Serious female accountant sit on sofa at home holding pen writing calculation results, using e-bank app on laptop, prepare financial report, calculating money, planning managing family budget concept
African ethnicity female manager prepare financial report making presentation writes notes or corrections do paperwork seated at modern workplace in office alone. Banking, management, finances concept
4K: Voters voting at Polling Place of the USA Election.  People Stood at booths wear Face Masks. Gimbal shot Up. Stock Video Clip Footage
Diverse applicants of different age ethnicity waiting for their turn sit in line queue, multi ethnic business people group preparing for job interview, human resources recruitment employment concept
Cinematic shot of empty classic theatre with red velvet curtains opening stage with dramatic lighting before start of show.
Female shop assistant taking shelf inventory in store using digital tablet with wireless technology
A fully equipped fisherman swinging the fishing line to cast salmon on a sunny morning
Man wears a hearing aid. Senior man with symptom of hearing loss. Mature tensed man with fingers near ear. Man with hearing aid.
Check List Web Template 4k Animation. Motion Graphics
Iron And Steel Works. Pouring Of Molten Iron. metal industry, molten metal, glowing steel, industry, molten steel, melting steel, metallurgical plant, red-hot metal, manufacturing, hot metal
The snail shell-resembling organ of the inner ear, have sent electrical signals to the auditory nerve, these impulses are transferred to the auditory centre of the brain.
Accountant making calculation over a spreadsheet with a marker
two doors open - in the middle there is green space for keying to easily embed any content of your own
The inspector engineer is checking structure and house roof specifications After the renovate is complete. Engineer record datil on paper for close project. Construction concept for new house.
Hard work in a foundry. Metal smelting furnace in steel mill. Molten metal pouring, metallurgy, steel casting foundry. Steel manufacturing
Senior man holding ears while suffering from pain. Side view of senior man with symptom of hearing loss, copy space. Mature tensed man sitting on couch with fingers near ear suffering pain.
Engineers from the Quality department are inspection and recording construction problems. Inspector writes down the details before deliver the house to the customer. Landlord for new house concept.
Close-Up Of Stamping On The Document
Focused Lawyer Manager With Corporate Financial Audit Report Document. Trader Freelancer Work Stock Market Data.Creative Employee Analyzing Paperwork. Lawyer Businessman Working In Office On Workplace
Fly fishing. Fly fisherman casts the fly on the river, tiny fish leaps and takes the fly. Angler stands in the river and fishing
entrepreneur reading financial report on dashboard, fintech and audit concept, monitoring revenue statement of performance of the company
Cinematic rear view of factory worker in helmet at modern metal production plant. Foundry, metal cast, bright yellow sparks in the background, selective focus, bokeh, light. slow motion
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept. Hands closeup.
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, high five after making catch
fisherman fishing fish silhouette on sunset. man recreation with fishing rod outdoor catching fish at sunrise. hobbies lifestyle fishing sport concept sunset. man relaxes with fishing rod
Woman in medical mask and gloves makes an audit in warehouse using a tablet. Logistics and storage concept: Manager makes an inventory. Reopening small business after lockdown.
Video of a person casting a ballot at a polling station, during elections.
Woman wearing face mask drops off her ballot to voter's box for the upcomming election during COVID-19.
Animation Maximize Ear hearing and increase sensitivity
business, people, paperwork and technology concept - businessman with laptop computer and paper working in office
Steelworkers standing near a blast furnace with sparks at the metallurgical plant, heavy industry concept. Stock footage. View inside of hot shop of the steelmaking factory.
Accountants concept animation.Growing tree with relevant icons.
Close-up front view of a factory worker pouring molten metal into casts at a steel casting foundry
Straight down aerial view of a Gemsbok Oryx walking on the red sand dunes casting a shadow in the spectacular Namib Desert
4K: Young Black female Voter at Polling Place wearing Face Mask. USA Presidential Election. Gimbal movement Up. Stock Video Clip Footage
The auditor checks the financial statements and highlights the data with a marker.
Heavy Construction Concrete Pour. Manufacture of a reinforced concrete structures. Production of reinforced concrete products.
Medium close-up shot of concrete pour at active construction site.
dachshund dog, black and tan, sleeping in bed with high fever temperature, or virus, covered by a blanket, vet auditions a dog with a stethoscope.
Hot Liquid Metal Stream is Pouring from Induction Foundry Furnace. Yellow Molten Steel. Industrial Oven. Steel casting. Hot metal. Heat. Danger. Heavy industry. Close up, slow motion.
Close up video of reading contract with magnifying glass.
Female farmer examining ploughed field soil, drone footage top view of woman agronomist working casting shadow on theground
African woman in glasses sit at workplace desk calculating domestic utility bills, planning budget using computer app, making online payments, summarizing monthly expenses. Accountancy work concept
Fisherman catches a fish. Hands of a fisherman with a spinning rod in hand closeup. Spin fishing reel
Pouring concrete mix on concreting formwork. Forming, an essential part of the entire building process. Before concrete can be poured, forms need to be built to hold the concrete in place. Slow Motion
Hard work in the foundry. Pouring molten steel. Liquid steel pouring. Molten metal pouring, metallurgy, steel casting foundry. Steel manufacturing
Workers pouring concrete into large steel molds on a construction site
Cheerful Female Gamer Playing Online Video Game on Personal Computer. Professional Woman Player Enjoying Fantasy RPG. Real Role Playing Character Casting Magic Spells, Destroying Enemies. Window View
Excited Middle Aged Male Gamer Playing Online Video Game on Personal Computer. Guy Enjoying Fantasy RPG Video Game with Role Playing Character Casting Magic Spells, Destroy Enemies. Outside In Shot
Metallurgical production, heavy industry, engineering, steelmaking. Red hot steel metal billets after molten steel casting. Continuous casting machine. Hot steel pouring in steel plant.
Sound waves affect the hearing membrane. Model of the inner ear.
African american businessman showing computer presentation to caucasian client sitting at office desk, explaining new project business plan with pc at meeting, diverse partners negotiate using laptop
Cheerful Female Gamer Playing Online Video Game on Personal Computer. Professional Woman Player Enjoying Fantasy RPG. Real Role Playing Character Casting Magic Spells, Destroying Enemies. Window View
Close up of brunette woman hand pushing her hair back behind her ear and baring a silver earring. Action. Side view of a girl face touching her dark hair.
African female accountant sit at desk use calculator calculates finances feels stressed about mistake in financial document. Lack of money, bookkeeper experiences troubles due error in report concept
Businessman with Internal Audit hologram concept
Small BBQ on fire with burning charcoal and flying sparks
Concrete Pump operation in a large Construction site, with workers guiding and casting a new floor level, Aerial view.
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, mother daughter catching fish
Concept of hearing impairment and their treatment. Cute little girl with a Cochlear implant
Red hot steel metal billets after molten steel casting. Continuous casting machine. Heavy industry metallurgical plant continuous casting machine
Co Worker At Work On Budget Analysis. Teamwork Concept
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