Jean-Francois Hamon


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Ceviche fish tartare with vegetables
Brioche à puce au chocolat
Vegetables terrine
crumbe de légumes
Pineapple pie
Boeuf bourguignon �  la Francaise
Grilled scallops
"Poire belle H�©l�¨ne" crepe
Poppy seed bread
Sesame bread
Pile of crepes
"Brioche des rois"
Marzipan pie
Slice of bread with mediterranean topping, feta, olives and tomato
Chocolate and hazelnuts pie on a plate
Loafs of raisin bread
Slices of brown bred with a knife
Caramelized apple pie on a slice of brioche
Heart biscuits
Rolled cake
Whisk and eggs
Pile of pancakes
Orange crepes
almond crepe
Fruits on a slice of bread
Pancakes with maple syrup or honey
chocolate and orange crepe
Bowls of Pumpkin soup with cream. Halloween atmosphere.
Slices of brioche with apricot jam
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