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Stressed nervous inexperienced businesswoman designer speaker preparing speech feeling afraid scared worried before performance reading papers preparing business speech, public speaking fear concept
Stressed anxious businessman speaker feel nervous afraid before speech holding papers reading financial report preparing practicing standing in office, public speaking fear failure phobia concept
Waitress girl justifies itself to customers clients for mixed up order, low-quality drink cold tea or coffee beverage, hysterical man talks with waiting staff complains about long poor service concept
Mother Starling bird parent playing with three grey baby fledglings in hollow tree nest calling for food hungry mother flying away to left search medium shot slow motion
Teen boy trying to drive car. Father teaching his son how to drive car. Man and child spending time together, family. Dad passes on knowledge to teenage son.
a family of white swans swims on the lake, adult swans and chicks, beautiful white birds
Different age and ethnicity office workers sitting at desk look at laptop screen, leader of project aged businesswoman in glasses explain details to african employee intern inexperienced man colleague
Anxious stressed conference speaker presenter read papers financial report afraid of public speaking at presentation, nervous concerned businessman feeling fear panic worried about speech performance
Nervous young female conference speaker feeling unconfident before presentation. Worried leader wiping sweat with paper tissue, preparing for lecture, repeating speech, afraid of public speaking.
Teen boy trying to drive car. Father teaching his son how to drive car. Man and child spending time together, family. Dad passes on knowledge to teenage son.
A barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) resting in the mud nests.Mud nests are constructed by both males and females.
Young house wrens peek out of an old wooden bird house.  Two babies show their heads through the small hole of a bird house.
Mother bird yellow vented bulbul 
feeding big size insect to one of her child siblings , hd video. 
Hungry fledgling birds perching side by side.
Top view on tractor ploughing dry and dusty farm field and preparing soil for sowing. Drone shot of agricultural work and concept of food industry
Inexperienced lady with colander on head holding kitchen utilities and help sign
The fledgling on the top resting while the mother bird looks down towards the camera and looks back, Buffy Fish Owl Ketupa ketupu, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.
A family of egrets, an egret standing on edge of nest on the branch, three young birds eating in the nest
Inexperienced rich man hitting past golf ball displeased with failed shot, loser
Two baby owls nest in a tree hole
Beautiful streak eared bulbul parent bird feeding green grasshopper to one of its fledgling and keeping white shit from the other,HD video.
Parent bird feeding two hungry babies in the nest.
Young technician falling from ladder while working with ceiling, injury at work
Unskillful slovenly housewife soiled during cooking dessert in the kitchen
Parent Feeding Blue Tit Fledgling That Has Just Left The Nest
Aged mentor helping with enterprise program on computer to intern young inexperienced girl, businesswomen different generations ages working together on task or project sitting at desk in workplace
Teen boy trying to drive car. Father teaching his son how to drive car. Man and child spending time together, family. Dad passes on knowledge to teenage son.
TIMELAPSE, AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Inexperienced driver is having problems parallel parking their car into a roadside parking space. Flying above person struggling to park vehicle into a row of parked cars.
Happy customer man is sitting in a shopping cart and rides along the wall of mall store center outside and imitates smoking. Discounts and sales concept. Funny and amusement moment
baby bird waiting for feeding a food in the nest on a tree branch
Inexperienced woman golfer dissatisfied about failed shot bad luck person, sport
Newborn chicken walking through the scene
Two Blue Tit Fledgling Chicks Birds Being Fed By Adult In Hawthorn Bush Spring
Wild Fledgling Great Tit On Womans Hand Calling Parent Birds
Male Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus ) feeds two of his three few weeks old female and male chicks at the nest in Ipswick, Massachusetts.
Baby crow is lying in the nest and hatching waiting for their mother for food. new born crow corvus on crow nest top of the tree. Birds breeding at home, Baby bird on the hunt.
Black-capped Chickadee Fledgling waiting in a apple tree for its parents
Unplugging headphone cable from the headphone jack. external sound card,mixer in home studio of musician.
Nervous sweaty businessman conference speaker presenter sweating wiping sweat holding tissue prepare for speech feel stressed worried before office presentation afraid of public speaking fear concept
Teen boy trying to drive car. Father teaching his son how to drive car. Man and child spending time together, family. Dad passes on knowledge to teenage son.
Newborn baby bird in nest. One bird sleeping and other bird hatching from the egg, time of their hatching chicks range in development from helpless to independent, beautiful nature of animal wildlife
Newborn chicken walking through the scene
Lots of little chicks in a box at the agricultural farm
Irritated parents arguing crying baby, relations crisis, parenting difficulties
Cattle egret chicks with  pin feather in the nest with eggs.  The chicks of egret in hatchling stage of age. Hatchling is a very recently hatched baby bird.
Shy couple hesitating to get acquainted, flirting, confidence is true beauty
Beautiful aerial flight over Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii - 4K drone footage at beautiful sun
SOCHI, RUSSIA - MARCH 15, 2021: Young inexperienced father looking over the big package of diapers thinking over the best choice for the baby
Inexperienced housewife asking for help in cooking, wearing pot on head, joke
Boss scolding at young inexperienced employee for low rating and missed deadline
Clumsy housewife and her husband are trying to cook cakes of the dough
two alien in a spaceship. silhouette.
Man Frightened While Driving a Car. Inexperienced Driver Shocked on Road
alien face, glowing eyes
Inexperienced helpless driver at the open hood of a broken car
Dissatisfied housekeeper showing plunger, tool to unclog drain, plumber service
Ashy Wren Warbler (Prinia Socialis) feeds young hungry fledglings in the nest on a branch
Afro-american teen boy lovingly holding pretty girlfriend face, trying to kiss
Young Driver In Rush Hour
Young driver being impatient, waiting inside his car and showing signs of frustration.
Young male golf player hitting ball, surprised with unsuccessful shot, bad luck
Nervous male golfer hitting swing bad shot at course, furious about losing ball
Young Barn Swallow fledglings sit on the wire on the first day after the departure from the nest. Fly away and fly back on the wire.
Hen teaches the chickens to dig into ground. Life in a chicken coop. Poultry
Common blackbird (Turdus merula) feeding chicks in nest
Young mother searching child care tips at night, irritated with baby crying
Cedar Waxing (Bombycilla cedrorum) fledglings being fed by parent
Little chicks with open mouths in a nest hidden in an old rusty mailbox
Temperamental golfer throwing a tantrum on the course.
Aerial flight over Sydney Australia skyline in 4 K during sunset
New born Royal Albatross nestling, bird - New Zealand, Otago Peninsula
man teaching woman to play guitar
Newborn baby bird in nest. One bird is sleeping and the other hatching from the egg.  At time of their hatching chicks range in development from helpless to independent, depending on their species.
Hooded crow young fledgling chicks in tree nest slow motion
Baby birds in nest with beginning of clip somewhat subtle; then one bird starts to open it's mouth to sky and then two others join in thereafter.
All dart arrows missed target.
On green chroma key background.
 Little Chick on a White Background. Chick Takes Care of Fluff and Slowly Comes Out of the Frame.
AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Unrecognizable person tries to parallel park their car into a tight roadside parking spot. Driver attempts to back their vehicle into a parking space at the side of the street.
Gannet coming in to land at Point Danger gannet colony, Australia.
hungry baby birds are waiting for the food
Clumsy housewife and her husband are trying to cook cakes of the dough
Pair of painted storks (Mycteria leucocephala) building nest for nestling against blue sky on background. Exotic birds strengthening their house with tree branches. Bottom view. Still camera.
Afro-american female shrugging shoulders, unsure of choice, yellow background
Nightingale taking care of her hungry hatchlings in a nest, closeup footage
Juvenile Tui bird pollinating flax plants in Karori, Wellington. Slow Motion
ROME, ITALY - MAY 5, 2012: Rack focus footage of roman stone bust sculptures in the Vatican
The bird feeds baby birds
Teen Drives Through Busy Roads During the Night
Corruption and bribery concept. Man in black suit with silver case goes to meeting to transfer money. Back view, behind. Businessman looks like Italian mafia. Closeup Hand held shooting
Teen boy trying to drive car. Father teaching his son how to drive car. Man and child spending time together, family. Dad passes on knowledge to teenage son.
inexperienced housewife gets the laundry washing program wrong, and clothes shrink in size. She is still young, she needs a lot of experience.
Blackbird fledgling sittin on the ground,
Group of Japanese quails in a wooden cage
Hiker tripping up on small ditch in hard ground
A young sparrow sitting on a pavement street in the city.
Overhead view of calm group of sleeping peaceful newly hatched altricial American Robin chicks siblings in a nest naked no feathers in the cold spring season
Amazing 4k aerial footage of Manly beach Sydney 
Seaside of Australia at perfect weather
Men's hands unplugg jack cable from the headphone input. external sound card,mixer in home studio of musician.
Asian paradise flycatcher flying female in brown color and male in white color taking care their eggs in the nest alternately, hd video.
Father and mother bird duties.
Asian paradise flycatcher bird male in white plumage perching on the nest taking care three babies in heavy raining and low light condition, hd video.
Father bird and his children are all wet.
Lovely couple dreaming of romantic kiss in darkness, shy inexperienced teens
Inexperienced golf player hitting ball, shocked with failed shot, loser concept
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