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About video background videos and stock footage

Video backgrounds are often used for motion graphics, advertisements, concert and touring visuals, television news, websites, presentations, and all types of explainer videos. These visuals can stand out on their own, but are designed to be used specifically with text or graphics on top. This allows you to display messaging or a large amount of text that is still easily legible. Shutterstock makes searching for video backgrounds easy. Need to search for simple and clean animations? Search for exactly what you need. Find millions of clips, including infinite loops, abstract backgrounds, and glowing backgrounds. Even better you can use advanced filters to narrow your results based on length, frame rate, and more.

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Using video backgrounds for websites

  • Websites are turning more towards animations and background footage to create captivating homepage headers, category title blocks, and landing pages. Videos can be compressed for the web and still maintain quick loading speeds and high resolution visuals.
  • Viewers will often pause scrolling to interact with website blocks with video backgrounds so they can further study the text while also appreciating the visuals. The best websites use a limited amount of movement, either relying on abstract backgrounds or simple geometric shapes with subtle changes to draw your attention to copy.
  • Landing pages that target specific segments will turn to background videos that users can relate to, whether it calls for calming visuals of clouds in the sky or high tech visuals of spinning virtual reality scapes.
Using video backgrounds for websites