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About stop motion videos

Stop motion videos are some of the most creative types of footage ever captured. They require an artistic touch with patience and beautiful composition. Often you’ll find that the stop motion videos you are most drawn towards animate objects in ways you never imagined. It’s the creativity that brings stop motion to life that makes stop motion videos so popular. Shutterstock makes searching for stop motion videos and animations easy. Need a stop motion video for your next project? Search for exactly what you need. Find millions of clips, including stop motion puppets, stop motion faces, and stop motion food. Even better you can use advanced filters to narrow your results based on length, frame rate, and more.

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Using stop motion in advertising

  • Advertising and commercials often use stop motion videos to showcase products and services in an unconventional manner. The use of stop motion not only grabs viewers attention, it’s a great way to keep the audience focused on what you are trying to sell. Original stop motion videos are produced with new products taking the center of attention.
  • If a production doesn’t have the budget or finished product to use in the video, stop motion is also often used with voice over to easily explain complex topics. You may recall seeing a stop motion video of coins stacking to show savings, or piles of paper stacking up showing off how much work is needed to complete a task the old fashioned way.
  • Stop motion is best used when the audience can emotionally connect to the visuals they see on screen.
Stop motion in advertising