Macro Collection

Purple Luna Agate of Mexico
Dandelion macro of pollen
Abstract background with macro bubbles of champagne
Close up macro shot of color pencils pile
Speaker Grillethe grille from the speaker
Kiwi underwater with bubbles on blue light background texture close-up macro. Bright view photo.
Water drop on steel wire macro
Macro of a plant spiral - selective focus
back of sunflower up close - macro
match bursting with incredible smoke cloud
Macro plant life. Summer
Macro, Closeup insect, ladybug
Stem typical Monocot and Dicot under a microscope.
Coffee foam extreme close up. Macro texture and background
Calla lily extreme close up texture of the plant spathe from outside. Botanical concepts, macro photography shot in studio. Texture of a beautiful calla lily - Fragility concept.
This is an extreme macro of a frogspawn coral, Euphyllia paradivisa.
Close up macro detail of dollar money banknotes.
Macro view of pineapple in dark
Artistic abstract close up macro phtograph created with mixing color liquids under water. Colorful background texture.  Isolated on black background.
Cactus plants outdoors,Copy Space.
Snowflake isolated on black background: macro photo of real snow crystal, captured on glass with LED back light. This is large fernlike dendrite snowflake with complex structure and lots of details.
Blue and white toothbrush with transparent toothpaste on contrast with a black background, with lots of detail, closeup macro and air bubbles
Macro closeup yellow and red flower.
Macro close up of the inside of fresh watermelon with vivid red texture and black seeds.
macro violet and pink daisy flower
Strelicium flower closeup macro
macro, insect, spider, bee, stacking, stack, fly, micro
Nature pattern. Cell thyroid gland dog- large size file
Strawberry texture, abstract background
Spider net with water drops
Beautiful Coral Pink vintage color trends feather texture background
mixing water and oil, beautiful color abstract backgroundbased on blue and orange circles and ovals, macro abstraction
Macro closeup of trichomes on cannabis indica leaf on black background.
Macro photography of colorful wild growing bacteria colonies and molds in a petri dish forming all kinds of beautiful patterns and shapes.
Amazing Violet Agate Crystal cross section. Natural translucent agate crystal surface, Purple abstract structure slice mineral stone macro closeup
Human eye iris close up
Aurelia jelly fish (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa),  up close.
Close-up dandelion head in garden.
Maitake Mushrooms Cluster
Macro shots, Beautiful nature scene dragonfly. Showing of eyes and wings detail. Dragonfly in the nature habitat using as a background or wallpaper.The concept for writing an article.
An extreme close-up macro detail microscopic image of a single human hair on arm
Macro shot of the wing of a Swallowtail butterfly’s wing, revealing the microscopic scales that create it’s color patterns.
Macro close up of soap bubbles look like scienctific image of cell and cell membrane
Artichoke photo macro
Extreme macro shot of a honey filled honeycomb