Long Exposure Collection

A star trail is a type of photograph that utilizes long-exposure times to capture the apparent motion of stars in the night sky due to the rotation of the Earth.
Long Exposure photo of Santa Monica Pier from the Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California, during early sunset with the famous Ferris Wheel in between colorful sky and reflective shoreline
Long exposure photograph of traffic passing along a suspension bridge disappearing into the fog
Long exposure shot of a train entering the main station of the city of "Fribourg" in Switzerland with snow covering the platform
Hexagon tile bathroom inteiror with a double sink with a long horizontal mirror above it and a large window in the background. 3d rendering double exposure toned image blurred
Silhouette of The perennial trees died in the water at the reservoir ,long exposure sunset in Thailand,Black and White color,Blue mono tone
People in motion on the exit of underground pedestrian road. Blurred long exposure image.
multiple waterfalls long exposure
Firefly flying in the forest.
Fireflies in the bush at night at Prachinburi province, Thailand.
Long exposure photo.
The forest in fairy tale. Magic fairy forest
A long exposure shot of the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon.
viewers watch shining light at the cinema, long exposure, blue glow
Waiter Serving In Motion On Duty in Restaurant Long Exposure | Copyspace
long exposure aerial shot on winding swiss alps mountain pass road, light trails of road traffic, small glacier and steep ridge in the distance
Big industrial chimneys at night
Holy Spring Water Tirta Empul Hindu Temple , Bali Indonesia
Northern lights over winter road with light trails from moving cars near Apatity town in Murmansk region (Kola peninsula) in northern Russia - long exposure nature background
Fun fair
Long exposure shot of air planes landing at Ronald Reagan Air port, Washington DC in the evening of summer.. Total 8 shots stacked./The Sky traffic
View on illuminated Grand canal with Santa Maria basilica from Accademic bridge at the dusk in Venice. Long exposure image technic
subway in New York City
Summer sunset over the famous Seljalandsfoss Waterfall  in Iceland  viewed from behind the fall. Long exposure.
Light trails of car on a country road at blue hour
City of London streetscene with moving traffic including buses, cars and taxis
Car light trails in the tunnel. Art image . Long exposure photo taken in a tunnel
Morning commuters in London.
Long Exposure Night Time Rocket Launch
Magic Light through Tower Bridge
Paris city traffic at evening, long exposure photo with Arc de Triomphe in background
Light Trail on the Democracy Monument in Thailand form aerial photography top view, look like colorful eye
Sunset over the Sea cliff bridge along Australian Pacific ocean coast with lights of passing cars near Sydney, Australia. Long exposure.
Poles and soft water on Venice lagoon. Long exposure photography.
abstract blur circular bokeh color of Evening traffic jam on road in city.
Crowd of people at a public square. Long exposure.  Aerial view
Fairground ride spinning in a blur of colour
Modern interior with white walls and parquet with a carpet on the floor. There is a kitchen zone with wooden lockers and oven, room with a walking man, blue sofa with pillows, wooden tables, shelves.
Traffic in Hong Kong at night
The winding mountain road with light tracks from cars at the evening, Maloja Pass, Switzerland
Long exposure of rapids along the Kopka River.
Long Exposure Sunset Seascape with old jetty formation in foreground, Robina Beach, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Soft Focus, Motion Blur Due to Long Exposure Shot.
Long exposure image of steel wool photography, light painting in the night at the lake. Soft focus due to long exposure
One life as one trip on the subway. All passengers - the people in your life.Who will ride with you to the last stop?Motion blur subway and people waiting at subway station.Girl is standing on station
Lone tree, Lake wanaka, New Zealand (black and white)
Vortex Night Exposure Star Trails of the Sky in Bishop California
Aerial view of light trails on a winding road through the forest at night
Motion blurred business people walking in front of a bright concrete wall.
Long exposure of burning steel wool being spun into a sphere on the coastline before sunrise.
crowded cars driving at flyover,long exposure.
Long exposure shot of clouds passing by on Gulf of Finland near Saint - Petersburg, Russia.
Follow the lights. Sunset highway long exposure shoot.
Speed Traffic