Featured Portfolio: Alena Ozerova Collection

Portrait of beautiful young girl walking with umbrella under rain
Little child walking in the rain
Home cozy portrait of pregnant woman resting at home and reading book on sofa
Mother with her 5 years old kids cooking holiday pie in the kitchen to Mothers day, casual lifestyle photo series in real life interior
Group of 4 fashion kids wearing striped navy clothes in marine style playing in the sea port
7 years old child having fun in flower field
Four generations of beautiful women sitting together in a camomile field and smiling
2 years old child standing on the floor alone in the kitchen, casual lifestyle photo series in real life interior
9 years old girl dressed in fashion floral swimsuit and denim shorts posing with inflatable ring at the beach in sunlight
Mom with her 9 years old daughter are cooking in the kitchen to Mothers day, lifestyle photo series in bright home interior
Tween girl holding a bunch of pink roses wrapped in craft paper over blue wooden fence
6 years old little boy is jumping on the parent's bed
Beautiful teenage girl drinking smoothie shake against white wall
Family walking on the evening beach during sunset. Child with mom.
Child eating watermelon on the beach in summer sunny day
Hiker with backpack looking at mountains, alpine view
Father with daughter drinking warm tea in the rustic wooden outdoor cafe on mountain, alpine view, snow on hills. Winter weekend. Dombay, Karachay-Cherkessia, Caucasus, Russia.
Tween girl relaxing on green grass in spring field, blue skies, idyllic scene
Woman wearing sweater drinking hot tea outdoors in autumn sunlight. Fall cozy concept, backlit.
10 years old pre teen girl lying down on sofa and playing with black kitten
Cute baby 1,4 years old sitting on high children chair and eating fruit alone in white kitchen
Fashion model wearing bohemian chic clothing posing on the salt beach outdoor.
Fashion model in black clothing. Leather jacket and pants, blank t-shirt and sunglasses. Street urban minimalist style.
Woman relaxing on donut lilo in the pool water in hot sunny day. Summer holiday idyllic. Top view.
Woman relaxing in the hammock on tropical beach, hot sunny day
Surfer girl in sport swimwear and sunglasses posing with surfboard on the beach. Active lifestyle and summer vacations.
Dad with his 10 years old kid girl cooking in the kitchen, casual lifestyle photo series. Child making breakfast with parent together. Cozy homely scene.
10-12 years old pre teen girl writing diary in pink bedroom
Woman paddling a kayak in the island lagoon between mountains. Kayaking in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.
Two people (mom and child) relaxing on donut lilo in the pool at private villa. Summer holiday idyllic. High view from above.
Mom with her 6 years old daughter walking along city street and eating ice cream in front of the outdoor cafe. Good relations of parent and child. Happy moments together.
Young stylish woman wearing neutral blazer with handbag walking on the city street in spring. Casual fashion, elegant look. Plus size model.
Fitness sporty girl wearing fashion sportswear over street wall, outdoor sports, urban style. Teen model in swag clothes posing outside.
Autumn road among forest to the mountains. Fall travel, bad weather.
Young woman chilling at home in comfortable hanging chair in front of big window. Girl relaxing in swing in loft living room with brick walls. Beautiful legs barefoot on white carpet.
11-12 years old tween girl wearing fashion sportswear rollerskating on skateboard in the city street, urban hipster style
Beautiful woman wearing fall sweater, ripped jeans and colorful shoes drinking take away coffee standing against cafe wall on city street. Casual fashion, elegant everyday look. Plus size model.
Pretty young woman wearing bright colorful jacket walking on the city street. Casual fashion, plus size model.
Still life details in home interior of living room. Sweaters and cup of tea with steam on a serving tray on a coffee table. Breakfast over sofa in morning sunlight. Cozy autumn or winter concept.
Back view of man traveler standing on mountain alone and looking at autumn sea landscape. Hiking in cold season. Wanderlust concept scene.
Children having fun in outdoor cafe. Kids talking and drinking cocoa for the breakfast in the city street in autumn. Spending weekend with friends.
Young stylish woman wearing gray maxi dress and leather jacket walking on the city street in spring. Casual look, elegant style. Plus size fashion outfit.
Man on lilo in the sea water. Human relaxing on inflatable ring on the beach. Summer vacations, idyllic scene.
Child in pajamas relaxing on a window sill with pet. Lazy weekend with cat at home. Cozy scene, hygge concept.
Home portrait of a 2 month old baby with mom and dog on the bed. Mother playing with the child and pet.
Portrait of a cute 2 month old baby lying down on a crochet blanket
Young woman enjoying natural bathing by the Kawasan waterfall in Philippines
Young woman swimming and enjoying the morning view from roof top infinity pool in Bangkok, Thailand
10 years old preteen girl walking on the city street and eating ice cream by the outdoor cafe.
Old window with the view from inside into blooming tree. Opened book, cup of tea or coffee, glasses and knitted sweater on windowsill. Cozy spring weekend concept.