Climate Change Collection

Oil factory plant
White sandbags for flood defense and it's reflection brown water.
Smoking plant near a river at sunset
Dry and ill sunflowers after a long drought period
Flooded coastal town in the Netherlands
A house built on an eroding beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts is soon to be demolished as strong storms and sea level rise due to climate change threatens the coastline.
Sea level rise - climate change concept
spectacular calving glacier in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
Flooded parkland at Henley on Thames during the UK floods of summer 2007
A field of corals has been bleached as high sea surface temperatures have caused the corals' symbiotic dinoflagellates to exit the corals' tissues.  If temperatures do not fall the corals will die.
Flood water streaming over the top of a dam caused by excessive rainfall, possibly as a result of climate change
Greenland. Centuries-old thicknesses of glaciers. Icebergs of unusual forms. Research of a phenomenon of global warming and catastrophic thawing of ices.
Four massive smoke stacks from a coal fired power station
A large boulder coral has begun to bleach on a coral reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This tropical region is part of the Coral Triangle and is known for its high marine biodiversity.
Clear frosty day. Ice on sun. In result of ice reefing and ridging (hummocking) ice floe formed as canopy. Sunny winter landscape
Oil and gas well, in remote rural area in Europe
flood in Budapest
Drought Season in Lake Tahoe, South Shore, Sierra Nevada, California. California experienced an extensive drought; you can see the Lake Tahoe shore dried up along many docks.
Coal power plant play a vital role in electricity generation worldwide. Altough modern plants are much more efficient than before, it is not a clean form of electricity.
Dead Trees in the forest around a lake with low water levels
A 'Road Closed' sign partially covered in flood water lit by the evening sun
Cow and Cracked earth  metaphoric for climate change and global warming.
Coastal erosion - houses built on weak clay soil slide down to the sea in Odessa, Ukraine.
fire grass spring
Oil refinery at twilight
Hungarian flood by Danube 2013 - homes and other buildings & roads under water
The Trans-Andean oil pipeline on the western slope of the Andes, Ecuador. This pipeline links oilfields in the Amazon with a refinery on the Pacific coast.
Deforestation at Vietnam countryside, stump solitary, jungle damaged, make change climate, living environment is narrow, this is global problem, desolate landscape on day with dry tree
Tree stranded in flooded Lago Nicaragua, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
Coastal erosion of the cliffs at Skipsea, Yorkshire on the Holderness coast
A piece of ice falling from the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina with the splashes of water
Smoking industrial plant and melting ice
Operating oil well profiled on dramatic cloudy sky
polar bear on melting ice floe in arctic sea
Forest fire. fallen tree is burned to the ground a lot of smoke when vildfire
Herd of cows're walking on river  because global warming and El Nino effect.
car ignoring road closed because of flooding sign
Skiing in artificial track between green lawns without snow
Pine stump, result of tree felling. Total deforestation, cut forest
Polar regions of Earth. Icebergs of various forms and sizes. Climatic changes and growth of average annual temperature on the planet. Reduction of the area of polar ices and catastrophic thawing.
The scenic Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, clay and salt pan with braided Acacia trees surrounded by majestic sand dunes. Namib Naukluft National Park, visitor attraction and travel destination in Namibia.
Dry land, detail of drought, climatic change
Briksdalsbreen glacier
polar bear swimming in arctic sea and looking toward camera
roads and streets of the city submerged by the mud of the flood after the flooding of the River
Smoke from the pipes of heat station - Moscow
Pine tree forestry exploitation in a sunny day near Glencoe, in the Highlands of Scotland. Stumps and logs show that overexploitation leads to deforestation endangering environment and sustainability.
Climate Change - Antarctic Melting Glacier in a Global Warming Environment
Polluting factory at dawn. also see video 3152725