Most requested in June

Explore the Shot List, your guide to shooting content that sells. In June, connect with users searching for the joys of Pride, scenes of vacation getaways and healthy living, and the cool of blue-centric hues. Here’s a tip to stand out: include a mix of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types, as well as LGBTQ+ and non-binary people. Content with recognizable faces must also include model releases, as well as property releases for recognizable locations.

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- Celebrate the love and acceptance of Pride Month with vectors, videos and images of the global LGBTQ+ community.
- Dining, shopping, socializing, at home or out and about, showcase LGBTQ+ individuals and couples leading everyday lives.
- Young and old, same-sex and multi-racial; capture the entire rainbow of the LGBTQ+ spectrum being comfortable in their skin.
- From candid moments and studio portraits, to large crowds in open spaces, find opportunities to show how the LGBTQ+ experience is the human experience.

Please note: Include a property release for recognizable interiors and exteriors of private properties. Ensure all models are over the age of 25 if alcohol is included.
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School’s Out for Summer

- School’s out—in much of the Northern Hemisphere—so users will be on the hunt for stories of children and families enjoying their long-awaited vacations and staycations.
- Let’s go to summer camp! From sports and STEM camps, to cooking, art, and sleepaway camps, let’s see happy campers aged 4-16.
- Shorts, sandals, tanktops, and swimwear—it’s time to show off the fashions of the season at parks, beaches, and backyard barbecues.
- Summer also means summer jobs. Users will be searching for scenes of teens working at local stores, and internships.
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Health and Wellbeing

- Healthy living has never been so important. Marketers will be shopping for vectors, videos, and images that show how fun and easy it can be.
- Set the scene…and the table. Add depictions of fresh foods, farmers markets, healthy meal prep, healthy eating, vitamins, probiotics, kombucha, and more to your list.
- Focus on fitness. Yoga, pilates, cross-training, aerobics, swimming…anything that gets the blood pumping and muscles flexing.
- Show us the pros that know, from trainers and coaches, to nutrition experts and dieticians.
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Got the Blues?

- We’re seeing an uptick in the demand for blue hues in addition to the colors from our 2022 Color Trends Report. What blues can you do?
- Amaze us with blue lighting, violet backdrops, and cool color palettes in your abstract artworks.
- Blue hair? Of course! How about aqua nails, teal-tinted shades, and turquoise top hats as well? Anything and everything you can imagine.

Need inspiration?

Get more ideas for what to focus on by looking back at our Shot List archive.

Property releases are required for any and all original artwork, such as paintings and hand-drawn illustrations.