Most requested in December

Explore the Shot List, our guide to the content people will be searching for. In December, users will be looking for visuals of love in the LGBTQ+ community, hobbies at home, beautiful plates of food, and the teenage experience. For the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types. Content with recognizable faces must include model releases, as well as property releases for recognizable locations.

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• Customers will be seeking out images celebrating love in the LGBTQ+ community. Avoid stereotypical poses or LGBTQ+ symbolism—authenticity is key. • Users will be searching for images of same-sex couples cooking and enjoying a romantic dinner at home. • Get snapshots of intimate moments (holding hands, displays of affection) between lovebirds wearing masks in public places. • Images of couples exchanging gifts, like roses and chocolates, will be (and always are) very popular. • Capture love as it’s experienced today with images of couples spending Valentine’s Day together over video calls.
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Home hobbies

• With everyone spending more time at home than ever before, you should capture moments of people using devices to participate in new hobbies. • Images of children having piano lessons over a video call is a modern twist on an old classic and will be very popular. • More time at home means more time in the kitchen. Snapshots of people learning how to prepare food via laptop or tablet will be in demand. • Snapshots of friends practicing yoga in their backyard led by an online instructor will be a popular topic. • Giving customers “behind the scenes” images of instructors setting up cameras in their homes for live streaming will be searched for often.
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The art of plating

• As we approach the new year, one thing remains the same—our customers love visuals of food, specifically the act of preparing and presenting meals on a plate, aka plating. • Expect high downloads of visuals showcasing chefs adding finishing touches to their elegant meals in restaurant kitchens. • Customers will be seeking out images of everyday people plating their meals at home. • Keep it simple—upload still life shots of various types of food and meals in front of interesting backgrounds. • What does everyone do before digging into a tasty meal? Snap a photo! Images of people taking photos of their food at restaurants or at home will be in high demand.
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The teenage years

• From the first day of high school to graduation, there’s no time like the teenage years. It will resonate with customers who’ll want visuals of this unique time and place. • Capture young love, images of teenagers out on their first date, or holding hands. • Include images of teens filling out college applications, studying for exams, or attending classes (either in person or virtually). • Capture those character-building moments of teenage life—like teens dealing with acne, having conversations through text, or sitting alone at school. • Add snapshots of teenagers interacting with their parents. From having dinner together to arguing, these images are relatable and will be used often.

Need inspiration?

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Property releases are required for any and all original artwork, such as paintings and hand-drawn illustrations.