Most requested in September

To help you plan for your next shoot, here’s the content our customers will be searching for over the next two months. Prioritize creating images depicting women’s health, Movember, and home improvement, as well as celebrations such as Halloween and Diwali.

Women's Health

  • All aspects of women’s wellness, including breastfeeding, fertility/infertility, IVF, and menopause
  • Medical devices related to cancer, including images of a mother who has cancer.
  • Mammography machines, and women getting a mammogram.
  • Cosmetic procedures, including rhinoplasty, botox, hyaluronic acid, teeth straightening, eyelash extensions, and laser hair removal.
  • Digital health concepts, including images of people using a laptop, tablet, or phone to meet with a medical professionals. Please keep in mind property and model releases are needed for anything or anyone recognizable.
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Tips and advice for creating successful content

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