Most requested in June

To help you plan for your next shoot, here is the content our customers will be searching for over the next two months. Prioritize capturing images featuring non-traditional gender roles, bright, minimalist summer colors, summer travel, and local wedding customs.

Modern Masculinity and Femininity

  • Images of people in non-traditional gender roles.
  • Images that reflect a broad understanding of masculinity and femininity.
  • Men in non-stereotypical roles, including caring for children at home, nursing, teaching, or working in a kitchen or garden.
  • Women working in non-traditional roles and industries, for example in technology, science, construction, and more
  • Same-sex couples raising a child or embracing one another.
  • Men or women expressing various emotions, such as sadness, anger, fear, concern, or worry. (Please remember to tag your images with keywords that represent the emotions or concepts relevant to the shoot.) Please keep in mind property and model releases are needed for anything or anyone recognizable.
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Tips and advice for creating successful content

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