Most requested in April

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we’ve made a list of high-demand content for April. Customers will be looking for images about loving the skin you’re in, treating yourself to self-care, the versatility of black minimalism, and celebrating local cultures.

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Love the skin you’re in

- Our customers will be searching for real representations of different skin types. - Capture images showing how people naturally look - wrinkles and acne included! - Candid images showing vitiligo, rosacea, and eczema will be searched for. - Avoid displaying skin conditions in a negative light in your work.
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Self-care is the best care

- Self-care and wellness will be popular categories, including images of yoga in natural or aspirational environments. - Visuals of essential oils, diffusers, face masks, journaling, and other self-care routines will be hot topics. - Content in neutral and natural tones will be particularly popular for its calming qualities.
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Minimal black is the new black

- See how Minimalist Black is predicted to blow up this year as one of Shutterstock’s 2020 Creative Trends. - Bold, dark images with black as their main color are going to be popular, especially modern homes and living spaces. - Black monochromatic outfits, compositions, and backgrounds are on-trend and expected to see an increase in downloads. - Illustrations, compositions, and textures in a dark, minimalist style will also be in demand.
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Celebrate local culture

- Capture real events and people in your area—it’s what creatives will be after in April! - Upload content featuring local artists, creators, and chefs at work. - Images of prominent locations and landscapes will see an uptick in searches (remember to get those property releases when needed). - Showcase a traveler’s eye of the world around you—visuals that go beyond a tourist’s perspective will be among our most popular.

Need inspiration?

Get more ideas for what to focus on by looking back at our Shot List archive.

Please keep in mind property and model releases are needed for anything or anyone recognizable.