Most Requested in March

To help you plan for your next shoot, here’s the content our customers will be searching for over the next two months. Prioritize shooting images and footage depicting mom appreciation, global celebrations, and common work practices. Also, upload content to get people excited for summer and festival season. Property and model releases are needed for anything or anyone recognizable.

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Appreciating Moms

We are looking for images celebrating moms in everyday life, showcasing how important mom is. Examples include super moms, moms that seem like they have super powers. Images showing the different moms in your life, a grandma or an aunt. Diversity is encouraged in ethnicities, ages, and lifestyles.
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Celebrations from Around the World

We need images of various global religious, political and cultural events. Include images celebrating festivities like Cinco de Mayo, Dia de Los Muertos, Songkran, Bengali New Year, Bihu, Tami New Year, Akshaya Tritya and Baisakshi. Also, content celebrating global remembrance and independence days.
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Common work practices

The business of working. This month we're looking for content showing day-to-day work practices seen in typical offices. Content may include people writing signatures and documents, or showcasing community such as internships or referring friends. We're also looking for GDPR and data protection imagery.
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Festival fun times and summer vibes

We're thinking about summer, and the upcoming festival season. Shoot images of people enjoying cultural and music festivals. Lifestyle and still life summer food content such as acai and shaved ice is also needed. Think summer vibes, poolside. In addition, images of 2019 graduation and studying abroad.