Most requested in January

Explore the Shot List, our guide to the content people will be searching for. In December, users will be looking for visuals of Black History Month, establishing shots that set the scene, digital collages, and health-conscious changes. For the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types. Content with recognizable faces must include model releases, as well as property releases for recognizable locations.


Black History Month

- Capture images that depict Black individuals in roles of empowerment. - Photos and videos showing the strength of communities united will be a popular theme. - Upload visuals that showcase social justice and standing up against discrimination. - As always, but particularly in January, customers will be searching for inclusion and diversity in their content.

Establishing shots

- Given our current circumstances, a popular establishing shot will be of hospital exteriors taken with a tripod. - Shoot slow panning shots showing the front of restaurants or bars. - Aerial drone shots, while always popular, will be a particularly hot topic—try shooting city skylines, residential neighborhoods, and industrial sites. - Capture the change of light with shots of homes and apartments throughout multiple times of the day, like sunrise, noon, and sunset.
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Digital collages

- Create a blend of floral designs overlaid on portrait photographs for a textured look. - Pair bold, abstract shapes with scenes of nature or animals in their element. - Combine seasonally-themed objects, like sunglasses, watermelons, and pool floaties to represent summer. - Retro and vintage objects will be in demand, including designs and patterns mixed with more modern stylings.

Health-conscious changes

- The trend of preparing healthy meals in home kitchens continues, specially as New Year’s resolutions kick in. - Show families staying fit by exercising together at home, in parks, or gyms. - Focus your lens on trainers and clients using mobile devices and laptops for digital workout sessions at home. - Capture scenes of meditation, relaxation, and positive emotions. - Individuals, couples, and families shopping for healthy foods in grocery stores or outdoor markets will see plenty of downloads—upload any you may have or plan to shoot.

Need inspiration?

Get more ideas for what to focus on by looking back at our Shot List archive.

Property releases are required for any and all original artwork, such as paintings and hand-drawn illustrations.