Most requested in January

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we’ve made a list of high-demand content for January. Customers will be looking for images celebrating divine magic & occultism, Black History Month, women in power, and the idea of creating a home. Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly.

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Divine magic & occultism

- Magic and interest in all things mystical has been growing in popularity. - Try uploading photos, footage, and illustrations of occult symbolism like astrology, fortune tellers, and alchemy. - Also capture modern approaches to the paranormal, depicting seances, aura readings, and crystal ball gazing.
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Black History Month

- Customers will be seeking content that highlights the achievements of African-Americans. - Try to upload visuals that celebrate empowerment and diversity. - Images showcasing social justice and triumph in the face of adversity will also be in high demand.
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Women in power

- Customers are constantly seeking images that celebrate the strength and power of women. - Images and videos celebrating International Women’s Day, depicting feminism, women’s rights activism, and the fight for gender equality will be highly sought after.
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Creating a home

- There are few greater feelings than the feeling of home, and that’s reflected in our consumer downloads. - Motivating visuals of spring cleaning (and spring decor), home staging, and lawn care will be requested. - Aspiring content of beautiful modern homes, their interiors, and people enjoying them will be popular. - Make sure to get those property releases if the interiors are recognizable!

Need inspiration?

Get more ideas for what to focus on by looking back at our Shot List archive.

For the best results, your content should include individuals of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types. Content with recognizable faces must include model releases, and so should the interiors of recognizable locations. Also, remember to avoid capturing brand names and logos.