Most requested in February

Explore the Shot List, our guide to the content that people will be searching for. In February, users will be looking for user-generated content, college life, silly mistakes, and Valentine’s Day imagery. Ideally, your content should include individuals of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types, as well as LGBTQ+ and non-binary people. Content with recognizable faces must include model releases, as well as property releases for recognizable locations.

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User-Generated Aesthetic

- Brands are crazy for content that looks like it was created by everyday
people—like social media challenges, quirky dances, and other viral activities.
- Capture candid shots of friends and families cooking, relaxing, or enjoying each other's company at home, with natural lighting and limited retouching.
- Create videos and images of people out shopping, dining, or enjoying other public activities.
- Find candid imagery of people embracing, comforting each other, and showing affection.
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Off to College

- We’re looking for images, illustrations, and clips depicting young people preparing for college, such as studying at school or at home, working with tutors, and taking entry exams.
- Show students opening mail or excitedly looking at a computer screen with their parents.
- Portray families packing up their car, unpacking in dorm rooms, or shopping for school supplies.
- Depict young university students hanging out on college campuses or in dorms.
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Accidents Happen

- Life is full of accidents, big and small—but we’re looking on the bright side! Our users want positive images of things going wrong, like an excited puppy sitting next to a torn-up pillow, for instance.
- Showcase images of children making messes, getting into mischief, or with food smeared on their faces.
- Depict people with their arms or legs in casts or bandaged up, with friends and family members signing or drawing on them.
- Show people stranded next to a broken-down car looking relaxed, talking with repair crews, or fixing the problem themselves.
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All the Love

- Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re looking for images showing preparations for a special night.
- Show people shopping for flowers, buying a bottle of wine, picking out a special outfit—or even shopping for engagement rings.
- Capture moments of couples cooking romantic dinners, setting the table, and lighting candles.
- Portray people wrapping presents in red gift paper or other Valentine’s Day packaging.

Need inspiration?

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Property releases are required for any and all original artwork, such as paintings and hand-drawn illustrations.