Most requested in July

Explore the Shot List, our guide to the content people will be searching for. In July, users will be looking for back-to-school imagery, cocktail content, home security highlights, and depictions of diverse weddings. Ideally, your content should include individuals of diverse ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, and body types, as well as LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals. Content with recognizable faces must include model releases, as well as property releases for recognizable locations.

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Back to school

- As schools switch back to in-person learning, we’re looking to document the transition with students ages 5-21. - Show students moving into dorm rooms and exploring campuses. - Depict students of all ages hanging out with friends on or near school grounds. - Portray students in class, with teachers lecturing or demonstrating.
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Care for a drink?

- Summer is heating up, and it’s time for refreshments all around. This month, we’re looking for people making and enjoying cocktails, in bars, at home, or outdoors—make sure not to include visible branding or logos. - Capture images of bartenders and mixologists preparing ingredients and pouring drinks. - Find examples of people making their own cocktails, at home or in the backyard. - Show home mixologists watching instructional videos on phones or tablets while they prepare drinks.
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Safe and secure

- As security cameras and equipment become more affordable, home security is emerging as a trend. - Capture homeowners or professionals installing security equipment around their property or inside their homes. - Show people viewing security footage on their phones, laptops, or tablets. - Shoot delivery people waving to security cameras after dropping off food or packages.
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Diverse weddings

- We’re looking for content depicting modern weddings around the world, with a focus on diversity—like LGBTQ+ people exchanging vows and celebrating. - Capture people of diverse ethnic backgrounds proposing, planning weddings, celebrating, and enjoying honeymoons. - Showcase senior couples marrying with their families in attendance. - Depict differently-abled people getting married or attending wedding ceremonies.

Need inspiration?

Get more ideas for what to focus on by looking back at our Shot List archive.

Property releases are required for any and all original artwork, such as paintings and hand-drawn illustrations.