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We challenged 6 great designers from 6 countries to reimagine iconic landmarks from their homeland using only Shutterstock asset.
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Jamsan (Kang, San)

Graphic Designer and illustrator, KOREA Jamsan is a master artist of concept art and illustration, whose style knows no limit. He’s held a solo exhibition called “Where People Gather” and has participated as a concept designer for illustrations for global companies including Nike, Samsung Galaxy, Graphic Noble, Holica Holica, and more.
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Once Upon a time when the tigers used to smoke

In Korea, many folktales begin with the phrase: "Once upon a time, when tigers used to smoke..." Nowadays, the tiger acts as an Olympic mascot. Ilwalobongdo- Moon, Sun and Five Mountain Peaks-symbolizes the prosperity of the kingdom and tranquility of the people.
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The Namsan Seoul Tower represents modernization. Finally, I used the five colors frequently used on traditional buildings to bring all elements together. To me, this is today's Korea: the contrast between passion and gentleness, tradition and modernization. --- Jamsan (Kang, San)

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