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The leading provider of royalty-free images and video clips, Shutterstock adds over 150,000 pieces of content from contributors worldwide every day. Signing up is easy and we provide contributors with monthly insights into what sells so they always know what to shoot.

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Work with some of the world’s most loved brands. Shutterstock Custom is a network for professionals and semi-professionals, producing high-quality custom content (including images, videos, gifs, cinemagraphs, and 360° video) for high-profile clients based on their brief.


Bigstock has over 60 million affordably-priced images and clips in every category, from animals to architecture, and submitting your content is simple.

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Offset by Shutterstock

Apply to be an Offset artist. A curated collection of authentic images, we’re proud to work with award-winning artists from around the world.

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A global supplier of editorial photography, including news, sports, fashion, and entertainment images, Rex by Shutterstock represents top professional photographers and agencies.


Shutterstock Music

Shutterstock Music offers thousands of tracks in dozens of moods and genres, all handpicked by industry experts. We’re looking for original, wholly-owned music with high production quality.


PremiumBeat musicians are world-class, professional composers. We work closely with select artists to nurture and support them; each track in our library is exclusive and handpicked.