Features and updates

Content Editor Refreshed Design

Refreshed design

With all the relevant information located on a single panel, it’s even easier to find exactly what you need without scrolling.
Suggested Keywords

Suggested keywords for images and videos

Choose from a selection of keywords that automatically populate based on the content of your work, plus enjoy the ability to copy and paste keywords from one item to another.
Time Saving Functionality

Time-saving functionality

The Multi-Select tool makes submission easy by enabling you to add information to multiple items at once. Plus, it’s easy to switch between the image and video tabs when you’re uploading your work.
Status Flags browser

Simplified content status

Status flags make it easy to scan your work before submitting, by offering a quick status of when content is ready for submission.
Tabs browser

Status Tracker

Follow the progress of your content through the review process by checking the “Pending” and “Rejected” tabs.
Catalog Manager

Enhanced Catalog Manager

Organize all of your approved video clips from your Catalog Manager. Plus large image or video previews make it easy to edit approved content.


Spend less time managing your files with our improved technology.


Enjoy smart features like Auto-keyword Suggestions, Multi-select, and Status Flags.


Manage all your content in one place, from submission to tracking approvals.

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Submit on the go via a mobile browser or use the contributor app with auto-keywords.

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