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From inside the pool, young caucasian boy jumps into the pool and dives with swimming goggles. 5 year old kid swimming and having fun in summer on a sunny blue cloudy day. Vacation concept.
On the Business Meeting Chief Analytics Makes Report, CEO and Top Managers Listening. Meeting in the Conference Room.
slowed down underwater portrait of woman facing the light floats up unconscious
Colorful Tropical Coral Reefs of a beautiful underwater colorful fishes and coral at Talung island dive site in Thailand.
Amazing underwater scene with floating particles and plankton in macro and light rays shining through
Young woman dressed in blue swimsuit dives in to the crystal oceans water. Aerial shot of beautiful sea view and woman swims under water.
Depressed businessman in front of an electric bulletin board. Japanese translation: "yen","dollar","euro","pound"
plunge and dive into water
Aerial View Footage: From Outside into Office Building with Businessman Working and Looking out of the Window.
Action shot of bungee jumping off a cliff onto a zipline over the sea.
Underwater ice with rising water bubbles. Macro shot of beautiful blue underwater ice.
CIRCA 1939 - Men and women in Victorian swimwear walk through snowdrifts in a Mount Hood, Oregon forest and have a snowball fight.
Stockbroker in white shirt is working in a dark monitoring room with display screens. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Over the Shoulder View of Stock Market Trader Working on a Computer with Multiple Monitors Showing Stock Ticker Numbers and Graphs. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
SLOW MOTION, SELFIE, UNDERWATER: Breathtaking view of male snorkeler diving with a school of tropical fish. Caucasian man on carefree summer vacation in Maldives dives with exotic fish and stingrays.
Confident Businessman in a Suit Standing in His Office, Looking out of the Window and Making Important Phone Call so He can Close the Deal.
SLOW MOTION, POV, UNDERWATER: Man dives into the turquoise ocean water surrounding a tropical island. Cinematic shot of jumping into the refreshing ocean during summer vacation in the sunny Maldives.
New York, United States - April 21, 2020: Oil prices. Oil plummets below zero amidst coronavirus pandemic, live stock market update
Oil plummets, prices plunge, energy market crisis, worldwide stock market crash. Trading, price war, collapse
Stock Market Top Trader Looks at Projected Ticker Numbers and Graphs Running, Analysing Data to Make Best Sell. Behind Him Room Full of Screens and Statistics. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera.
Humpback whale blows and creates a rainbow, then dives down, slow motion aerial view
Slow motion- Young woman diving underwater in pristine clear water cenote in Mexico. Bikini girl swimming underwater in blue lagoon enjoying tropical vacations
Beautiful underwater scene with floating plankton in close up and light rays shining through
Beautiful fish during a dive in the Maldives. Amazing dives while relaxing.
Muscular Male Swimmer Comes to Starting Block to Jump and Dives into Swimming Pool. Professional Man Athlete Ready to Win Championship. Cinematic Light, Slow Motion, Flare Light, Back View Wide Shot
Olympic Swimming Pool: Professional Swimmer Steps on Starting Block and Dives. Overcoming Fear, Determined Athlete Ready to Set New Record on a Championship. Stylish Cinematic Slow Motion Medium Shot
woman is falling inside water of swimming pool, underwater shot
Three Experienced Stock Traders Talking Business, Consulting Documents and Argue About Data. They Work for a Big Stock Exchange Firm. Office is Full of Displays Showing Infographics and Numbers.
Man jumps into the ice hole
Aerial - Adult man dives into the the pool while girl is lying on a donut pool float (slow motion)
little girl jumps into an inflatable circle with a pool side. Children have fun and play, dives on the water pool in the swimming ring. Concept summer on vacation, holidays, weekends with kids
CIRCA 1953 - Clowning divers put on a humorous diving display at a swimming pool in Miami.
Man jumps into the ice hole. Aerial top down view
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE: Fit male tourist dives into the refreshing ocean water at sunset. Athletic man on summer vacation in Croatia dives off a rocky cliff on a perfect summer evening.
Waterfall Pouring water vesion one
Depressed businessman in front of an electric bulletin board. Japanese translation: "yen","dollar","euro","pound"
Young Sea turtle swims up in blue water, takes a breath and dives to the sandy bottom covered with green sea grass. Great Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Red Sea, Egypt
Aerial - Top view of a beautiful young woman jumping from a motor boat bow into crystal clear transparent water of a luxury travel destination
Breathtaking turquoise underwater ice with rising air bubbles. Close up of cold cyan underwater ice.
Winter swim. Young man with beard swims in a winter lake. Scene 1, camera 1
View from the top as a man dives into the pool and swims under the water
View from the top as a man jumping and dives into the pool and swims under the water
Gannet white sea bird dives into the ocean waves fishing slow motion
CLOSEUP of ice bathers feet entering the icy water of a lake
Underwater Godrays effect. Sun beams penetrating wavy ocean surface. Ocean background light shafts VFX element. Underwater tropical marine footage. Diving, snorkeling paradise. Summer vacation.
Tourists On The Plunge Pool Of Florence Falls In Litchfield National Park In Australia. aerial
CIRCA 2021 Slow motion, NATO Enhanced Presence Battlegroup Estonia soldiers ice water plunge during winter training.
A popular meme for social networks, a guy in a mask for self-isolation dives, dreams of the sea and relaxation. Vertical video for social networks is a fun promotional video for travel agencies.
Winter swim. Young man swims in the winter lake. Splitted footage of the male in hat bathing among the ice and underwater view of the icy water
Cute teen boy dives in blue pool with open eyes
california sheephead dives down in kelp forest
From inside the pool, young caucasian boy dives with swimming goggles. 5 year old kid swimming and having fun in summer on a sunny blue cloudy day. Vacation concept.
CIRCA 1944 - US Navy sailors dive off a ship in port and write letters home.
CIRCA 1964 - German scientists test a two-man submarine.
Stockbroker is looking at data with numbers on a transparent glass screen in a dark office filled with displays. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Young man with lean body jumps into the ice hole and haves recreational winter swim
Boy jumping from springboard and diving in Swimming Pool -Slow Motion- For videos about: swimming, pools, summer fun, vacation, getaways, underwater footage, kids, beating the heat, and exercise.
Surfer dives under the wave with the surfboard (the trick named in surfing as Duck Dive) looks into the camera and shows the Shaka sign
Waterfall Pouring water version two
Over the Shoulder View of Stock Market Trader Working on a Computer with Isolated Mock-up Green Screen. In the Background Monitors Show Stock Ticker Numbers and Graphs. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Travel.Tourism.Travel Destination  Aerial view of the magnificent beautiful clear water of Gudu Falls surrounded by green forest and plunge pool below in the Drakensberg mountains,South Africa
Girl plunging in water, shot from below. Slow motion shot at 100 fps
Aerial view of majestic blue whale in calm, blue ocean, floats, ascends, blows and dives again
SELFIE: Ecstatic man jumps off a very high platform strapped to a bungee cord and plunges towards the mountains and river. Male tourist showing courage for bungee jumping in spectacular New Zealand.
free diver girl trying to blast ears. Freediving is a sport when a person dives into sea water while holding his breath. An extreme type of underwater diving to a depth without professional equipment.
ZOOM OUT - An ice bather finishes his daily practice and steps out of his snowy ice hole
Sperm whale dives, showing fluke, close traveling shot
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, DOF: Smiling Caucasian female volleyball player dives and strikes ball with her hands. Young woman on active summer vacation playing beach volleyball on a sunny day. Sand flying
CIRCA 1955 - Men and women participate in a High Dive competition in Panama.
Young adventurous man dives below intense crashing ocean wave and returns to the surface
CIRCA 1949 - Slow motion is used to capture a diving competition at a Los Angeles swimming pool.
Aerial moving forward of a woman hiking the rocky base of a rushing waterfall surrounded by lush vine covered cliffs and cool mist rising from the river - Nusa Penida and Lombok, Bali
Boy in swimming goggles dives and swims underwater. Camera rotating after boy swirling under water
Close up reflection of stock market graphs in broker glasses.
Close up of Beaver Swimming, Slaps Tail then Dives Under Water in slow motion
Established Aerial View of Jatigede Dam, The Second Largest Dam in Indonesia
CIRCA 1947 - Refurbished old jalopies are raced over a frozen pond in New Hampshire.
Slow motion view of a man wearing a wetsuit dives from a cliff into the sea, landing near the camera, view underwater of bubbles rising.
Young guy taking a plunge in beautiful turquoise water of Megali Petra beach in Lefkada
SLOW MOTION, HALF UNDERWATER: Active young woman dives into empty pool and splashes glassy water. Caucasian girl jumps head-first into refreshing pool during relaxing stay in tropical hotel resort.
Female dives into the depth, high angle view. Free diver floats to the bottom of the sea
AERIAL CLOSE UP Flying above scenic Niagara Falls along the edge of a cliff. Whitewater rapids breaking and crushing into the bottom of the waterfall. Thick fresh mist rising above the Horseshoe Falls
Young man jumps into the ice hole and haves recreational winter swim with joy
Hand of a man is Pressing on a Memory Foam White Pillow to test its Softness and Memory.
drowned woman is floating underwater in deepness in dark, her body is covered red chiffon fabric
Late at Night Trader Reads Numbers on His Multiple Displays with Stock Information on Them. In Background Big City Window View. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Girl dived into the water - pool. Top view of jumping into the pool in slow motion. Woman swims underwater.
sexy woman in erotic suit is moving slowly underwater in unusual nightclub
Young Goalkeeper saves the ball in a soccer / football match. The boy dives and catches the ball to prevent a goal. Super Slow motion
CIRCA 1949 - People dive athletically and comically into a swimming pool, and women model different styles of bikinis poolside.
Set of three clips of the young man jumping into the ice hole. Three different angles of one action
Funny two little girls sisters swim and Spinning into an inflatable circle. Children have fun and play, dives on the water pool in the summer on vacation, holidays, weekends with family
A stunning view of a young man doing a swallow dive on a Turkish resort in the Mediterranean sea. He is shot from underwater in slow motion.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Hungry wild pelicans accompanied by a gull hunt fish in beautiful emerald sea, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. Pelican descending from the sky plunging into the water to catch a meal
Winter swim. Young man jumps into winter lake at sunny day. Multi camera scene. Camera 3. Aerial, top down view
CIRCA 1958 - A large reception awaits Esther Williams in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the premiere of her new movie "A Raw Wind in Eden."
Cute teen boy dives in blue pool with open eyes
Amusing doggy run towards ball lying on snow, catch it and bump to camera, sniff lens. Cute scene of beagle play with owner fetch game at snowy winter park. Dog rush headlong, jump to grab toy
CIRCA 1930s - Women perform dives into a swimming pool.
Spain Costa Brava Mediterranean coastline panning from the sea shore, Canyelles Grosses, Roses, Catalonia
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