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Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted smoke comes from coffee beans.
A beautiful woman in a flowing dress floats under the water on a dark background, she swims to the surface of the water and comes up, creating a lot of bubbles.
People is walking in Graben St. timelapse hyperlapse, old town main street of Vienna with many shops and restaurants, Austria. The column, called The Pestsaule, was inaugurated in 1693 after the end
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted smoke comes from coffee beans.
Sunrise in Dubai hyper lapse or time lapse view from boat or sea. The Sun rises over UAE skyscrapers at morning. Camera moves along beach, coast, shore
Very dirty dark smoke comes out in horrific clouds from old chimney of factory plant, polluting environment. Toxic production company. Industrial enterprise. Winter. Aerial gain attitude close up
A shot of a young beautiful smiling woman comes from behind and surprises a handsome man by applying color on his face. An attractive Indian couple celebrating Holi festival with friends outdoors.
Woman customer receiving food from waitress with face mask on counter then next customer come and order food by social distancing rule for new normal lifestyle in restaurant during covid pandemic.
twilight time illumination vienna city famous riverside night life traffic bridge aerial panorama 4k austria
Factory Worker Grinds Metal Construction using angle grinder. Bright Golden Sparks comes out, Heavy Manual Work at Modern Steel Making Industry. Slow Motion.
Happy diverse friends embrace greeting male buddy coming at meeting in cafe, multi ethnic mates group hugging guy laughing give fist bump say hello, students reunion, multiracial friendship concept
Primeval Caveman Wearing Animal Skin and Fur Holds Stone Tipped Spear Comes out of His Cave into Prehistoric Forest Ready to Hunt. Neanderthal Going Hunting into the Jungle.Following and Portrait Shot
Factory Man at the Modern Rail Car Train Manufacture Welding the Huge Metal Structure Welder in Protective Mask Sparks Flash Light Comes From the Hose
Aerial: Moving Toward and Over St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
CIRCA 1936 - In this drama film, the slave trade flourishes for centuries before abolition comes in the 1800s.
Power of nature. Real powerful avalanche comes from a big mountain
Running asian toddler girl comes and dad hands holding spinning little happy smiling cute daughter playing together at playground in residential area POV shot carefree family enjoying weekend relaxing
A young handsome businessman (student) in a suit, comes with a briefcase, at the station, at the airport. Concept: a new business, traveling the world, communication, contacts, a new deal, success.
Fragrant coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan, smoke comes from coffee beans. The whole composition scrolls slowly around the camera. Scoop stir coffee beans.
Vienna, Austria - March 16, 2020: Coronavirus highlighted in newspaper headlines across the globe. COVID-19 concept.
Vietnamese ethnicity young woman come to window in cozy modern living room opens curtains breathes fresh air-conditioned air admires view dreams of the future enjoys morning starting new day concept
Aerial drone footage of steel factory pipes during sunset time. high above metallurgical plant and smoke cloud is coming from chimney. Aerial 4K
Young bearded man in a hat with a backpack comes down from the mountains on a background of snow capped mountains
The beautiful girl comes up from pool and from it water flows down. Close up. Female Enjoying Summer Travel In Swimming Pool At Luxury Resort
Every day people coming to the balconies to express their gratitude and support for all medical workers fighting Covid-19
Scary Wolf: The monster comes out of the dark, growls and bites. Disturbing lighting of the animal creates a horror atmosphere.
Vienna aerial skyline at sunset. Stephen's Cathedral, its history and its significance for Vienna and Austria
Vienna, Austria. St. Stephen's Cathedral (Germany: Stephansdom). Catholic Cathedral - the national symbol of Austria, Aerial View
Aerial View of Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna, Austria. Summer
twilight night illumination vienna city famous cathedral central district aerial panorama 4k austria
Blurred of interior of a large beautiful restaurant with bright lighting. Waitress comes to table and gives visitors a menu and goes for drinks. Defocused restaurant. Lifestyle
Aerial drone footage of steel factory pipes during sunset time. high above metallurgical plant and smoke cloud is coming from chimney. Aerial 4K
Creative hipster multiethnic team brainstorming near strategy board with colorful stickers. Young designers or developers coming up with ideas 4k footage
Rider comes out of the stables holding his horse for a guide, out of the stables at sunset . Animal care. Concept of horses and people.
Fantastic Dream Of Flying Whales In Space With Nebula Stars And Planets. Two Whales Above The Planet Earth. Take Me To The Dream Concept. Loop Video
Light comes from the face of God
Six carved pumpkins lie on the ground at night, the biggest and the scariest one comes to life and laughs hysterically until it explodes into pieces. Spooky Halloween-themed 3D animation.
Laboratory worker get Cryogenic container with reproductive cells, Haze and fog comes out from the freezing container. Liquid nitrogen freezer vaccine storage. medical cryogenics biotechnology.
The banana comes to life and rises against a white background. Male Power Concept. Two weeks timelapse
Diverse millennial friends people greeting with hugs handshake say hello coming at hangout together get acquainted at friendly meeting in cafe coffeeshop, international students reunion good relation
Pensive young woman 20s years old in white sweater posing looks around thinks scratches at temple comes up with ideas raised finger up isolated on yellow background in studio. People lifestyle concept
Vienna skyline aerial view time lapse, beautiful sunset over city vienna austria time lapse from day to night.
Tourist comes to the reception in the hotel and gives her passport. Receptionist politely checks her passport and gives her the form to fill.
Female doctor wear face mask put hand on older man patient shoulder, talks about upcoming treatment, informs about disease, speaks encouraging speech supporting senior man. Empathy, share pain concept
Close-up of a bearded man falling back into the dark water, he is in his pants and with a naked torso. There is darkness and bubbles around it, and a little light comes from the surface of the water
little teen girl wakes up in the morning in the bedroom gets up comes to the window and pulls his hands up. silhouette child through the door getting out of bed morning. quiet cozy children room
aerial view of vienna skyscrapers modern city at sunrise flying over danube bridge
Vienna city skyline aerial shot. AERIAL view of Vienna. St. Stephen's Cathedral and cityscape City of Vienna, Austria
Aerial: Downtown Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) business district. Iconic feature of the Saigon city center that for many, is the first thing that comes to mind when 'Saigon City' is mentioned.
Timelapse - the sun comes over the horizon on the background of the ocean.
Young man on vacation comes to the railing, clouds on it and enjoys beautiful scenic view of the sea or ocean with ships in the distance. The guy looks at the ocean, follow up shot
1920s: Two men sit in early Wright brothers plane. Propellers start and slingshot plane down rail to flight. Plane flies in sky then comes in for landing
Empress Maria Theresia Monument timelapse hyperlapse and Museums Quartier on a background in Vienna, Austria. Famous Natural History Museum with park and sculptures near in Vienna, Austria
City center of Vienna in the early morning. Aerial view
CIRCA 1950s - A patriotic mother is apprehensive but understanding when a US Army recruiter comes to speak to her son in Iowa.
Volcanic Eruption, Close Up, Slowmotion. Lava From Active Volcano Comes Out in Atmosphere. Vanuatu, Oceania
Muscular Male Swimmer Comes to Starting Block to Jump and Dives into Swimming Pool. Professional Man Athlete Ready to Win Championship. Cinematic Light, Slow Motion, Flare Light, Back View Wide Shot
Athletic Female Swimmer Comes to Starting Block, Ready to Dive into Swimming Pool. Professional Woman Athlete Ready to Win Championship. Cinematic Light, Stylish Colors, Back View Following Arc Shot
Asian young little girl kid wearing mask lying on bed in recovery room from curing the COVID operation in hospital and waiting family to visit. Father comes and hug daughter with smile and happiness.
Beautiful view of Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) aerial day to night transition timelapse in Vienna, Austria. Illuminated historic buildings and traffic on streets
A sliding shot of the female doctor wearing a face mask is measuring the pulse for a middle-aged patient who has a fever and comes to see the doctor at the healthcare center.
Coastal lighthouse. Lindesnes Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse at the southernmost tip of Norway. The light comes from a first order Fresnel lens that can be seen for up to 17 nautical miles
1970s: People wait in line at table to vote while people vote in booths behind them. Person goes into voting booth. Person comes out of booth. Instructions on wall to vote. Proper, improper marks.
Western Wall or Wailing Wall or Kotel in Jerusalem. People come to pray to the Jerusalem western wall. The Wall is the most sacred place for all jews in the world.
Bucharest, Romania - March 03, 2022:  Ukrainian refugees and african students from Ukraine board the train to Vienna at the North Railway Station, to escape  insane war against Ukraine
Young woman standing on rock contemplating tropical rainforest, beautiful light coming from above making sunbeams- Slow motion video- people travel nature beauty concept
vienna city time lapse aerial view from day to night seen through window
Empress Maria Theresia Monument timelapse and Art History Museum in Vienna, Austria. Beautiful view of famous Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum) with park and sculpture in Vienna
A viennese Coach, so called „Fiaker“ passes by at the Michaelerplatz at this wide angle shot of the „Wiener Hofburg“, Sky is replaced.

Variation without: "Vienna Hofburg  with Fiaker - tilt up".
Confused woman coming up with a good idea
Funny video about annoying little daughter comes in bedroom to sleeping father, climbs on him and starts to jump for wakes him. Father wakes up, hits child by pillow and she falling on the bed.
sunset sky night illuminated vienna city center opera house traffic street aerial panorama 4k austria
VIENNA AUSTRIA JAN 18 2018 opening ceremony of a traditional Viennese waltzing ballroom prom dance at Hofburg Palace, close top shot of Waltz dance formation dancing to classical Austrian waltz music
Close-up of a hand of a female doctor using a stethoscope to checking lung for a middle-aged patient who has a fever and comes to see the doctor at the health care center.
Through the Glass Shot of Business People Marching Through the Corporate Building Hallway. Multicultural Crowd Of Focused Businessmen and Businesswomen Coming To Work, Entering Offices. 4K UHD.
Close up of seeds of coffee. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted smoke comes from coffee beans.
Fantastic Dream Of Flying Whales In Space With Nebula Stars And Planets. Two Whales Above The Planet Earth. Take Me To The Dream Concept
Little girl comes to hug with senior man and woman while they playing tablet. Kid playing with senior man and woman with happy emotion. people with family, lifestyle, technology concept. 4k resolution
Authentic shot of young desperate worried upset sad suffering from severe depression heart broken woman is crying with tears coming from eyes and falling on cheeks while sitting alone on sofa at home.
CIRCA 1960s - An educator comes to a remote Guatemalan village to teach the children.
Serious Asian young woman comes to see a doctor to have a consultation for medical treatment, sick girl talk to doctor in hospital about her sickness and medication planning. Health care - medical.
Fragrant coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan, smoke comes from coffee beans. The whole composition scrolls slowly around the camera.
CIRCA 1960s - An educator comes to a remote Guatemalan village to teach the children.
Commercial plane landing reflecting in the windows with Flughafen Wien Schwechat or Vienna Airport text
Laowa Lens Comes out of Crystal Decanter with Whisky. Table top View of Ice Cubes Dropped into Glass and Cigar Smoldering in Ashtray. Shot with High Speed Camera, Phantom Flex 4K.
Roasted Coffee Beans falling. smoke comes from coffee beans. Fragrant coffee beans are roasted  Slow motion. Rotating camera. Organic coffee seeds.
Aerial view of Vienna in the rays of the setting sun. Heldenplatz, Rathaus, Volksgarden and university of Vienna skyline aerial shot. Cathedrals and cityscape City of Vienna, Austria.
Chemical industry cluster. Global warming comes from high greenhouse gas emissions.

Bee in front of white flower in Austria
Steadicam movement of the camera around a rider in a white shirt galloping on a brown horse across the morning field lit by the dawn sun, steam is coming from the horse's nostrils, two bareback horses
People walking in the Old city center of Vienna in Stephansplatz aerial timelapse. Shops and restaurants around, crowded place. View from St. Stephan cathedral viewpoint
Businessman gets out of a white executive car at car park during day time while speaking on a phone. The business person is came to the workplace. Life style in urban town.
Stop coronavirus. Remote measurement of temperature of traveler coming from abroad by car and disinfection of auto on the border. Virologists work at border of countries
time lapse storm is coming - dramatic rain clouds approach the hill
Excited Gamer Comes to the Table, Puts On His Headset with a Mic and Starts Playing Online Video Game on His Personal Computer. Room and PC have Colorful Neon Led Lights. Cozy Evening at Home.
Timelapse 4k day to night of Yeouido Park is a large recreational area located on Yeouido Island in the central part of Seoul.Many people in the city come to rest and enjoy strolling around.
CIRCA 1960s - An educator comes to a remote Guatemalan village to teach the children.
Vienna aerial view in Austria is one of the most famous capital cities of Europe. Flying by above Danube River, the historic city centre feat. old buildings around the downtown in HD and 4K
Bearded young guy 20s in denim shirt white t-shirt isolated on yellow background in studio. People sincere emotions, lifestyle concept. Looks at camera, thinks, scratches at temple comes up with ideas
African American girl has sore throat, holds by neck, became ill on street, close up. First symptoms of cold and flu virus, cough appeared. Woman covers mouth face hands, coughs outdoors in city
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