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Veterinarian palming golden retriever dog and fluffy cat during appointment in clinic
Veterinarian cheking golden retriever dog ear during appointment in veterinary clinic
Cute little asian child girl wear medical hat playing game as vet doctor holding stethoscope listening sick dog in bed, adorable preschool korean child pretending doctor treat toy patient in bedroom
The silhouette of a farmer near a cow. In the field at sunset.
Vet cuddling a beautiful long hair cat on the examination table, the cat is purring and enjoying
Young veterinarian standing in office prepearing dog for surgery on examination table at clinic while male vet seatting at desk with x-rays on computer. Concept pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
Vet or agricultural scientist in white coat and with tablet computer giving instructions to farm worker standing in farm cowshed and looking at dairy cows eating hay in stalls, side view
Vets doing the operation for the cat on the operating table in a local clinic. Cat in a veterinary surgery
Woman veterinarian petting cat on hands standing in veterinary clinic cabinet
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Medical scan. A domestic cat undergoes ultrasound diagnostics at a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian does an ultrasound of a beautiful white cat. A veterinarian examines a cat in a veterinary clinic
Woman veterinarian listens to dog lungs with stethoscope in veterinary clinic
Veterinarian examining golden retriever dog teeth during appointment in veterinary clinic
man veterinarian inspects the dog in veterinary clinic medical business love man doctor animal vet pet care examining cute exam health medicine people professional treatment check nurse canine
Young attractive farmer caress black cow on dairy farm with brown cows eating grass on sunny background. Milky store business. Organic nutrition. Healthy lifestyle concept. Farmers insurance. 4K
Woman veterinarian in protective mask petting golden retriever dog during appointment in veterinary clinic
Asian veterinarian examine cat during appointment in veterinary clinic. Professional vet doctor woman sit on table, work and check on animal by stroking and calming kitten with owner in pet hospital.
Protrait of african american female veterinarian in mask using stethoscope examining jack russel dog in vet clinic. Happy dog waving tail and being curious. People and animals concept. Animals care.
Close up of Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) eye
woman veterinarian inspects the dog in veterinary clinic medical business love man doctor animal vet pet care examining cute exam health medicine people professional treatment check nurse canine
Senior mix breed dog itchy skin and biting licking leg.Skin problem on leg dog scratching himself.Dog Skin Care Concept.
Young Asia lady doctor or nurse worker surgeon preparing for the surgical operation and wearing hand gloves at health clinic or hospital office. Social distancing, quarantine for coronavirus.
Golden retriever dog licking veterinarian with cat in hands in veterinary clinic
pet physical therapist veterinarian make massage for beagle dogs. Physiotherapy in veterinary clinic
A young beautiful female vet inspects a white horse. Love, medicine, pet care, trust, happiness, health. Damage to the leg, knee, sprain. Pain, suffering an old horse. lameness.
Woman veterinarian holding little goat. Veterinarian examines young goat. Home farm with healthy animals. Little goat in woman hands. Retired life. Animal care and ecological farming concept.
pet physical therapist veterinarian make massage for beagle dogs. Physiotherapy in veterinary clinic
A sick white cat in a glass box cage is preparing for an operation at a veterinary clinic. Aviary at the veterinary hospital. A cat in a cage in a veterinary clinic before sterilization. close-up
shepherd dog watches over little duckling so that he does not run away on farm. Rural area, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarian, Farm products. Agricultural industry. husbandry. Animal Friendship
Middle plan of happy cat at veterinarian's appointment standing on examination table and sniffing. Male veterinarian stroking and calming cat. Concept of pets care, veterinary.
veterinarian, piggery worker is observing a yard with young pigs
help of veterinarian online, young caring woman with her beloved cat communicates with veterinarian using modern technology webcam on laptop
Farm worker is writing data about the pigs in the yard
A farmer with a can of milk walks through a meadow, cows graze in the background
Beautiful curly girl in yellow sweater, holding pet at doctor's appointment at veterinary clinic. Dog stands on examination table while female vet in form with statoscope examines it.
dachshund dog, black and tan, sleeping in bed with high fever temperature, or virus, covered by a blanket, vet auditions a dog with a stethoscope.
Golden retriever dog listened by vet with stethoscope during appointment in veterinary clinic
Veterinarian stroking golden retriever dog head and petting him in the vet hospital
Beautiful smiling woman veterinarian examining golden retriever dog with stethoscope in clinic. Vet doctor making diagnostic for cute doggy. Animal healtcare hospital with professional pet help
Woman vet examining yorkshire terrier dog in owner arms at clinic
Modern agricultural industry. Animal Livestock. Meat, pork production factory, plant. Many big and small pink pigs and piglets in farm are running, playing and fighting. High angle view
Handsome male Caucasian hands holding and texing message on smartpphone outdoors. Sheep at grazing pasture on background. Man shepherd tapping and scrolling on mobile phone. Cattle farm.
Close up portrait of female veterinarian holding dog and kissing it while waiting for owner after examination at clinic. Vet sitting in medical suit. Concept pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
The dentist cleans the dog's teeth using an ultrasound device. Clean white teeth of an animal in a veterinary clinic.Two young female veterinarians treat the animal's teeth.Close-up.
Middle plan of female veterinarian in blue medical gloves and a stethoscope examines dog on an examination table in a veterinary clinic with male veterinarian in medical gloves and glasses. Teamwork.
microscopic footage of Demodex or face mites
Veterinarian doctor giving the vaccine to the ginger domestic cat.
The device of artificial ventilation of the lungs. The concept of the disease pneumonia, viruses.
Middle plan of woman lab worker, confidently folding her hands on chest. Veterinarian doctor with stethoscope around neck looking into camera. Concept of pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
Woman veterinarian listening with stethoscope to dog in clinic 4k
Turtles are Exotic Pets. Sulcata Tortoise injecting by vet doctor. The veterinarian is doing a Sulcata Tortoise blood test.
Doctor veterinarian makes a transposition of the patella of a dog in a veterinary clinic.
Cute dog Beagle with sad eyes lies at home in the children's room on the floor, blinks and prepares for bed. The puppy is resting, lying stretched out in the rays of the sunset. Slow motion
Military man and civilian grabbing arms shaking hands close up slow motion
Pigs or swines at domestic animal farm, piggery. Farmhouse at modern meat production plant. Many fat piglets in the cages show their snouts and snif. Pork. food production factory, tracking
Close up 4K of medicine feeding old beagle dog with protective plastic collar by opening mouth and put hand in deep throat for swallow pills which is taking pet at home for recover from illness.
consultation of a veterinarian, caring girl loving her pet cat at veterinarians reception online using webcam on computer sitting on bed in room
A beautiful cute black pug on the vet's desk in a veterinary clinic. A young beautiful veterinarian girl examines a pet with a stethoscope. Clinical medical examination.Close-up
Sad pitbull dog in a protective collar is lying on the floor. Face video
Caucasian vet doctor and black assistant discuss pet pathology using special monitor equipment in clinic, conduct medical examining of animal.
Portrait of young handsome Caucasian man farmer in cap smiling to camera and holding lamb in hands in barn with livestock. Happy cheerful male shepherd caressing cute animal in stable. Petting sheep.
A girl puts a bandage on a bandage on an injured paw of a dog. Medical Treatment for Pets: Dog Dressing
Farm worker is doing a check-up of the pigs. Pig farmer checking pigs at farm.
In Veterinary Clinic. Vet Examines the Dog and Strokes the Dog.
Funny Jack Russell Terrier dog with banana peel on its head looking at camera on a blue background
A dog (pug) lies in front of gray textile background. He nods his head. Next to him is a nodding dog. Both dogs often say "yes" at the same pace
Smiling vet and young pet owner cuddling a cat at the clinic
Groomer specialist grooms little white Maltese toy dog in vet clinic.Professional pet grooming footage filmed in close up.Video clip of beautiful groomed puppy in veterinarian clinic
Waist-up POV of female African American veterinarian wearing gloves and grey scrubs, sitting in her office, petting Doberman dog with bandage on muzzle, then looking and smiling on camera
Veterinarian giving injection to grey kitten cat at the veterinary doctor office
Grooming, combing a cat in the salon for animals. Doctor girl scratches the fur of a cat with a comb, hair cutting. Beauty salon for a purebred fluffy cat. Furminator trimming Scottish ticked cat
Portrait of cheerful female vet in gloves and medical uniform petting golden retriever dog and looking at camera in clinic
Cute adorable little preschool kid girl wear white medical uniform holding stethoscope listening sick toy teddy bear patient, smart small child playing hospital game as doctor pretend nurse concept
Closeup vet hands holding digital tablet pc and looking at dog patient's x-ray on touchpad screen. Golden retriever lying on examination table on background. Veterinarian checking x-ray results
the cat drinks tap water from the tap. The cat is sitting on the sink near the window. Nearby are red tomatoes
Dolly in long shot between two rows of many pigs and piglets in piggery and modern farm at meat production plant. Male farmers work in pig farmhouse and check animals. Livestock. 4k
Female veterinarian examines cat on an examination table in veterinary clinic preparing cat for surgery while in background male veterinarian putting on medical gloves and preparing for surgery.
Domestic ginger cat shaking head and scratching or pawing excessively inside its ear may be cause of ear mites, allergies, foreign bodies, infection disease and other ear problems.
Veterinarian team examines the paws of a sick Corgi dog
ORLANDO, FL circa November 2019 - Veterans Day Parade. Spectator in the crowd salutes the American Flags as marchers pass by. Slow motion.
ORLANDO, FL circa November 2019 - Veterans Day Parade on the streets of Orlando. Includes audio. Vietnam veteran saluting the flag as it passes by.
Waist up of veterinarian stroking lovely dog at veterinary clinic. Vet standing in medical suit with stethoscope. Concept of pets care, veterinary, healthy animals
German shepherd on examination by a veterinarian. An old sick dog on treatment. Modern vet clinic
Veterinarian doctor examine cat health in veterinary clinic.
Pet doctor, vet examines a sick cat in a pet clinic. Preparing the cat for styling. The veterinarian treats a pet in the vet clinic.
Animal bones x-ray close-up. Doctor veterinarian examining cat or dog skeleton roentgen.
Close-up of the muzzle: a Cute Beagle dog with sad eyes is lying on the floor at home, blinking and getting ready for bed. The puppy is resting, lying in the rays of the sunset.
Veterinarian young woman prepares injection for kitten vaccine. Animal clinic vaccination
Family of pigs in a green open-air lawn where the puppies are nursing from their mother. concept of biological , animal health , friendship , love of nature . vegan and vegetarian style .
Female veterinarian stroking cute shiba inu dog sitting in squats in vet clinic after medical examination
Veterinarian surgeons in operating room doing cat neutering
Free range domestic Pigs eating on a meadow in an organic meat farm
Portrait of Caucasian happy man in medical mask standing in stable with sheep, crossing hands and looking at camera. Handsome male farmer at sheep farm. Barn with cattles during coronavirus pandemic.
Veterinarian checking golden retriever dog ears during appointment in veterinary clinic
female veterinarian bandages sick leg in horse, winds bandage on hock joint next to hoof.
Long shot of young Mixed-Race female sanitary inspector wearing white medical gown, sitting in squat in cowshed, taking some cow feed, checking quality and taking notes, then reaching hand to animal
Young happy veterinary nurse smiling while playing with a dog. High quality 4k footage.
medicine, science and surgery concept - indian male doctor, surgeon or scientist taking off safety glasses and protective mask over grey background
 owner carefully  brushes the  teeth dachshund dog with a special brush for animals
Cat eats from a bowl . Feeding your pet. Dry food for cats. Pets. The cat is eating on the windowsill.
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