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Restaurant Bar Interior. Stylish loft style pub. Bar counter in an empty restaurant.  Realistic 3d visualization.
Celebration beer cheers concept, hands holding up bottles of beer of people group in outdoor party vacation. Close up. Slow motion V3
Zoom out : Young happy asian couple enjoy relax night party event online celebration festive with friends at home clinking beer with glass and bottle toasting drinking via video call.
Group of happy multiethnic friends having fun together, drinking bottled beer in a bar or at home, celebrating, happily smiling - friendship, togetherness concept 4k footage
HANDHELD Model released, fans watching a game on a large TV in a sport pub. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic lens
Smiling carefree friends enjoying drinking together in bar. Group of happy young men drinking cold draft beer, chatting and having good time at pub. Laughing men on night out drinking beer on counter.
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Beer Bubbles in Glass
Close up of two people are cheering with cocktails in a bar or disco club.

Pouring beer into the glass. Wheat spikelets with one mugs of beer on empty wooden background
Slow motion  close up of happy young friends having fun together drinking beer and clinking glasses in a pub. Shot in 8K. Concept of friendship, holidays, celebration
happy girl friends using smartphone in restaurant browsing social media sharing reunion party enjoying friendship chatting having fun socializing together
Flicker wall lights. Flashing lights Lanterns for clubs and discos. Matrix beam headlights. Nightclub halogen lamp. Modern neon spectrum. Seamless loop 3d render
Man or waiter in medical mask at counter with cashbox working at bar or restaurant
African cheerful small business owners smiling and turning open sign on cafe glass door. Happy successful afro-american couple of entrepreneurs opening new bistro restaurant
Beer pouring and splashing in super slow motion. Shot on Phantom Flex 4K high speed camera.
Bartender pouring beer into glass with bubbles close up
Close up of a professional bartender is mixing an alcoholic cocktail with professional crystal long lasting ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
Mature female adult asia people open small bar pub look at camera enjoy laugh work with pride stand at modern SME store. Casual apron chef clerk staff in food or drink cafe coffee shop after pandemic.
Diverse Group of Friends Celebrate with a Toast and Clink Raised Glasses with Various Drinks in Celebration. Beautiful Young People Have Fun in the Stylish Bar/ Restaurant.
Loyal football fans supporting their team
Close up shot of an young successful farmer is showing a heap of biologic raw hop flowers used for high quality beer production in ecological craft brewery harvested in a right season.
Cold Craft light Beer in a glass with water drops. Pouring Beer. Pint of Beer. Bottle of beer into Glass.
Restaurant Bar Interior. An empty cafe without customers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rows of chairs upside down in a restaurant. Global crisis, business bankruptcy, unemployment.
Close up shot of an young successful farmer is controlling with his hands at the moment harvested biologic raw hop flowers used for high quality beer production in ecological craft brewery.
Defocused Crowded bar with people chatting and drinking
Bartender threw cinnamon powder to flame a cocktail, Flaming Cocktail Alcohol Drink, Bar Party. Barman sprinkling cinnamon over flaming beverage. sambuca cocktail. Full hd
WIDE FIXED Model released, fans watching a game on a large TV in a sport pub, green screen chroma key with tracking points. Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic lens
Tropical neon cocktail drink collection ,on brick wall background.Concept of bar,nightclub,dance,party,drink,alcohol, light sign advertising .This is a 4k animation
Strasbourg, France - May 19, 2021: Waiter serving clients at the table on pedestrian district as bars and restaurants reopen after two months of nationwide coronavirus outbreak
Cinematic aerial perspective of Puerto Banus Bay, Marbella. Beautiful golden hour with warm light reflection on the buildings . Boats leaving the port. La Concha mountain in background. Drone forward
beautiful asian woman hanging out with friends in restaurant laughing enjoying conversation socializing at party gathering
Beer is pouring into angled glass. IPA on tap. Cold Light Beer in a glass with water drops. Craft Beer forming waves close up. Freshness and froth. Bar background. Microbrewery craft beer.
Close up of Caucasian beautiful happy woman waiter in mask changing table on door - closed-open at cafe in morning. Female opening bar early and smiling. Pretty vendor turning board and opens shop.
A professional bartender is preparing an alcoholic cocktail with ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
Excited men watching football in streaming on smartphone in bar. Football fans watching game on smart phone and celebrating victory score at pub. Happy supporters cheering and exulting after winning.
Interior of a modern restaurant. Restaurant interior with round tables.
Chef sharpening his knife. Professional check showing getting readymade to cut a tender piece of meat. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k.
3d Rendering of Luxury Bar And Piano Lounge
Defocused view of the traditional Italian cafe. Unidentified people eating Italian food and having conversation in an outdoor restaurant in Trastevere district in Rome, Italy.
Dipping buffalo chicken wings in sweet chili sauce. fast food.
Yummy juicy burger with fresh ingredients rotating in front of camera. Delicious hamburger with grilled beef steak served on chef's table 4k footage close up shot
Close up shot of chef sharpening a cool knife before cutting meat or making a meal. Professional cooker preparing an instrument for work 4k footage
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Pouring Beer into Glass at 1000fps.
The bartender puts a glass of unfiltered beer on the bar. Slow motion video of the bartender. Beer pub party.
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Ice Cubes Falling into Glass With Alcohol Liquid at 1000 fps.
CLOSE UP: Opening a brown beer bottle with an old opener Super slow motion. Phantom Flex 1000fps.
people in luxury restaurant, abstract blur scene background
Eating Traditional Mexican food, tex mex cuisine. Hands taking cooked quesadilla from wooden tray, nachos served with meat and vegetables, tomato soup with cilantro, guacamole top view.
Blurred of interior of a large beautiful restaurant with bright lighting. Waitress comes to table and gives visitors a menu and goes for drinks. Defocused restaurant. Lifestyle
A working male brewer carries a keg filled with beer as he passes beer tanks. close-up. back view
happy group of friends making toast having fun drinking wine socializing hanging out at pub chatting sharing celebration enjoying evening reunion gathering
Close up : Attractive young happy asian man enjoy relax night party event online celebration festive with friends at home clinking beer with glass and bottle toasting drinking via video call.
4K Professional male bartender pouring mixed blue liquor cocktail drink from cocktail shaker into shot glass on bar counter at nightclub. Mixologist barman making alcoholic drink serving to customer
Macro Shot Of Pouring Beer Into Glass, Super Slow Motion at 1000 fps.
Manhattan, New York - September 20, 2019: People drink and eat by the restaurants and outdoor taverns on historic Stone Street in lower Manhattan in New York City USA.
Interior design of a modern restaurant
Portrait of happy cafe owner standing in apron and using smartphone making online food supply order on empty cafe background. Small business, communication, people and service concept
CHICAGO - OCT 1, 2018: Doors open to reveal luxury nightclub and bar room lounge interior
Pouring Beer Into Glass Macro Video
Spacious modern restaurant. Interior of cozy and contemporary restaurant. Empty restaurant. 3d visualization
Professional bartender preparing a cocktail with ice
Macro view of Tasty french fries and crispy chicken nuggets with mustard and ketchup
Bartender Pouring Beer In The Bar. Close-up
Beer. Cold Craft light Beer in a glass with water drops. Pint of Beer close up on a wooden background. Beer is pouring from the bottle. Border design. High quality 4k footage
macro shot of Light lager beer being poured into the glass filling the screen up with liquid and begin bubbling
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 11, 2019: Time-lapse of crowded people crossing road, car traffic at Kabukicho, entertainment night life district in Shinjuku Tokyo. Japan tourism or Asia tourist attraction concept
3d Rendering of Interior Of Luxury Cafe With Bar Counter, Plants And Tables
Technological line for bottling of beer in brewery. Empty aluminum beer cans are moving along the conveyor belt. Clean beer bottles are moving along the conveyor.Industry, production line, close up.
Large whiskey sherry barrel keg rolling toward camera slow motion
diverse group of friends making toast having fun drinking socializing hanging out at pub chatting sharing celebration enjoying evening reunion gathering
Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring Fresh Beer into Glass on Black Background at 1000fps.
Men toast with the mugs of beer, bar at night. Alcohol and socializing. Pints of alcoholic lager drinks. Dark scene.
Close up of a bartender is putting professional crystal ice cubes in a glass while preparing an alcoholic cocktail to customers at the bar or disco club.
Neon bar sign medium shot . Night exterior video footage of vintage neon sign. A nighttime exterior shot of a generic, unbranded bar and restaurant in street . Gimbal shot .
Diverse Group of Friends Watches TV in the Sporstbar. Their Team Scores the Goal and Wins. Young People Cheer.
Medium close-up with slowmo of beautiful caucasian woman dancing in front of multi-ethnic friends all celebrating St Patricks Day in local Irish pub
Shamrock. St. Patrick's Day green leaves background. Patrick Day backdrop with growing shamrock leaf extreme close-up. Patrick Day pub party. Slow motion 4K UHD video
Diverse Group of Young People Have Fun in Bar, Talking, Telling Stories and Jokes. They Drink Various Drinks. They're in the Stylish Hipster Establishment.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Rippling Fresh Beer Wave From Top Shot. 1000fps.
This video shows the side view of a young woman playing slot machines in an empty casino with a medical face mask, pushing the button to place her bet and clapping and celebrating when she wins big!
Cheers . senior executive business man and customer toasting with whiskey and handshake on bar counter at nightclub or pub . old man drinking alcohol in meeting after work to deal business Agreement
Darts Game Dramatic Closeup Shot
happy mixed race woman laughing hanging out with friends celebrating reunion party in restaurant drinking enjoying celebration chatting having fun socializing
Empty hall of closed bar, cafe. Quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic. Rows of chairs upside down on tables with no people, no visitors
Cold Light Beer in a glass with water drops. Craft Beer close up. Rotation 360 degrees. 4K UHD video 3840x2160
two happy senior businessman talking and drinking alcohol together after work on counter bar in restaurant . group of colleague drunk in pub
Bar counter in an expensive luxury restaurant
4K Friends watching sports game on TV have negative reaction to action on screen UK - April, 2016
A pint of dark beer
Beer is pouring from the top into the glass forming waves.Microbrewery Close-up. Slow-motion Cold Light Craft Beer in a glass.
In the Bar/ Restaurant Group of Diverse Young People Eat Slices of Pizza Pie. They Talk, Tell Jokes and Have Fun in This Stylish Establishment.
Slow motion group of Asian restaurant staff in apron wearing face mask, cleaning and arranging seat with social distancing concept, preparing for reopen after lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.
One Barkeeper, Modern Technology, Germany Machinery, Distiller Sample, Bavaria Lab, Checking Laboratory. Portrait of a proud businessman brewer during beer production
Craft beer poured into a glass.
pour beer from the bottle to the last drop
Caucasian young cheerful waiter and waitress in masks, aprons and gloves laughing and touching with elbows like greeting in cafe. Quarantine reopen concept. Male and female baristas meeting in bar.
Portrait of bored and sad girl in stylish look drinking cocktail drink sitting on bar counter. Party time. Social life. Dolly shot.
Group Of People Meeting In Restaurant Of Busy Traditional English Pub
Group asia teen people man and woman enjoy cool relax talk after work night party event smile fist bump hand in pub bar home cafe in good warm time TGIF fun hour. Post covid employee team joy unity.
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Rippling Beer Bubbles and Foam in Glass at 1000fps.
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