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Sun Flare,Change Future,Alarm Dream,Kids Celebration,Holiday Bye,Up Hold,Night Lockdown,Line Sunrise,Behind Sunshine,New Life,No War,Afraid Peace,Support Territory,Stop Conflict,Save Love,Protection
Confident young female mentor corporate leader manager counselor communicate with multiracial business professional team people teaching interns staff group engaged in discussion at training meeting
Group of senior people listening to young nurse. Psychological support group for elderly and lonely people in a community centre. Group therapy in session sitting in a circle in a nursing home.
Friendly medic service people or asia male help talk discuss of medical exam record test result at clinic office desk. Young sad serious stress woman visit, follow , listen, see doctor at hospital.
Female medical assistant wears white coat, headset video calling distant patient on laptop. Doctor talking to client using virtual chat computer app. Telemedicine, remote healthcare services concept.
Teenager talking to female psychologist, adolescent counseling, mental health
Serious focused middle aged hoary physician in medical coat sitting at table, consulting female patient about illness or surgery. Rear view young woman listening to old doctor at checkup meeting.
Asian girl with autism doing activities in classroom Practice your speaking skill with your school friends. Teacher guide with autistic to develop the brain of expression. Concept Education
Child Therapist helping kid to understand family problem using drawing picture of his parents. Children mental health therapy
Depressed crying doctor with mask having mental breakdown.Fear,anxiety,panic attack due to coronavirus outbreak.Psychological effects of COVID-19.PTSD.Mental health,coping with death
Senior elder man patient talking to caring female doctor physician caregiver at nursing home in hospital holding hands explaining well-being get support and medicare services at medical checkup visit.
Sad worried young woman attractive face having psychological problem feeling anxiety depression, upset frustrated lonely lady thinking of grief troubled with unwanted pregnancy concept, close up view
looped 3d animation of nadi - energy channels in the human body.
Thoughtful elderly old woman, looking towards the window, being alone in the evening, thinks about a serious problem. A woman misses her daughter and grandchildren, remaining in isolation.
Middle aged business woman talking video conference calling on laptop. Senior old distance teacher communicating in online virtual chat remote meeting looking at computer working from home office.
Close up hands of therapist GP and patient, doctor strokes arm of ill woman consoling after news about incurable disease, touch palm express empathy, showing care provide psychological support concept
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. IoT (Internet of Things). ICT (Information Communication Technology).
The mood of the child at the psychologist. Female psychologist shows drawings with mood.
Woman Looking in Mirror Reflection. Make-Up on Calm Face of Young Girl in Retro-Wave Style of Neon Lighting. Multi-Colours of Night City or Glass Room of Club. Colourful Individuality of Charming Lady
Silhouette Of Depressed Young Woman Sinking In Dark Deep Ocean Underwater Storm Black Water Loneliness Violence Psychological Disorders PTSD Sexual Physical Emotional Abuse Mental Illnes Disease 4K
Caring elderly grandma wife holding hand supporting senior grandpa husband give empathy care love, old married grandparents couple together two man and woman hope understanding concept, close up view
Teenager feeling relief after therapy session, psychologist giving good advice
The young man is sitting in the psychologist's office, telling her about his problems. A beautiful woman psychologist consulting her male patient writes notes in a notebook
Senior old woman talking to young female nurse doctor help patient at checkup medical consultation at home hospital, elderly grandma listen caregiver giving support, older people healthcare concept
Over shoulder view of woman student worker makes conference video call on laptop talks with online teacher, boss or partner in web cam chat on computer screen. Distance work, remote education concept.
Happy young woman nurse caretaker helping talking with senior grandmother patient give support empathy, female doctor carer having trust conversation with elderly lady, older people homecare concept
Colleagues supporting and cheering surgeon sitting on floor in hospital corridor. Doctors calming and helping tired and stressed medical worker in scrubs and safety mask resting on floor
Surreal portrait. Spiritual universe. Colorful paint swirl in woman head silhouette double exposition isolated on white.
3d Animation of dopamine and serotonin release from the nervous system into the brain causing a chemical reaction
Over the shoulder shot of Caucasian male psychologist sitting in armchair and listening attentively to African American man during counseling session
Head shot close up stressed young woman looking away, thinking of personal or health problems. Frustrated girl feeling lonely at home, suffering from depression, worrying about wrong decision.
Older doctor talking to patient making video call on laptop. Senior male physician speaking looking at pc screen communicating by webcam in web chat consulting client online. Telemedicine concept
African american teenage girl visiting therapist for counselling session
young brunette woman has online business conference call. nods, listens, keeps silent, smiles. Webcam view
psychology, mental therapy and people concept - young indian man patient and woman psychologist at psychotherapy session
Happy smiling stylish confident 50 years old Asian female professional standing looking at camera at gray background. Portrait of sophisticated grey hair woman advertising products and services.
Young adult woman daughter granddaughter holding elderly mother granny female hands as two women generations support concept, giving love care to senior people, helping older parents and grandparents
The face and eyes of an old man. Large wrinkles on the face of an old woman. Face close up. A senior citizen looks into the distance.
looped 3d animation magic mantra creates a reality around the worshipper
Selective focus shot of unhappy African American man sitting on couch in counseling office and complaining about his troubles to female psychologist while she taking notes on clipboard
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Mindfulness. Psychology.
Aggressive wife screaming at husband, fighting, couple quarreling in the evening at home man and woman shouting at each other, gesturing. Scandal and crisis in family. Domestic violence, abuse.
Close Up Group of Diverse People Talking and Sitting in a Circle During Group Therapy. Feeling Support from Each Other.
Depressed man on reception at psychologist. Medical concept with psychologist visit
Senior male doctor wears white medical coat, stethoscope, headset makes distant video call. Old adult physician talks to camera consulting patient online in web chat. Telemedicine concept. Webcam view
Close up view troubled man bowing his head cover face with hands crying due life grief sorrow, personal troubles, alcohol abuse drug addicted desperate guy need help. Break up, health problems concept
Upset senior retired man grandpa holding cane stick in hands sit alone on sofa at home, depressed pensive old elderly man having older age health problems feeling lonely thinking of disease concept
Seven chakras. A human sitting in a lotus position meditation. The silhouette is surrounded by an iridescent aura of space and stars. Spiritualistic sessions, practices. Zen. Buddhism. Yoga. ASMR. 4K
Professional male doctor in white medical coat and headset making conference call on laptop computer, consulting distance patient online in video chat, explain treatment by webcam concept
Young adult woman daughter holds elderly mother by the hand. Helping old people, supporting in difficulties, mutual assistance concept.
Autism boy during therapy with his school tutor, learning together. Autism childhood mental illness therapy concept
Woman at window with a mask in isolation for virus outbreak .
Diverse business women video calling working from home office. Over shoulder laptop screen view of female recruiter, hr manager interviewing african candidate, consulting client in webcam virtual chat
Young professional woman doctor wear uniform with stethoscope talk by conference video call chat consult patient online looking at camera webcam, distant medical consultation in internet app concept
Silhouette Of Depressed Woman Sinking Into Underwater Grave Dark Deep Magic Ocean Sadness Loneliness Unhappy Sorrow Melancholy Misery Psychological Disorders Bipolar Disorder Mental Illnes Disease 4K
Smiling confident young business woman teacher job applicant look at webcam conference calling doing online video chat talking during distant job interview sitting at home office, webcamera view
Friendly medic service people or asia male help talk discuss of medical exam record test result at clinic office desk. Young sad serious stress woman visit, follow , listen, see doctor at hospital.
Friendly african male online teacher, distance tutor or manager talking with female remote employee, student, client by web cam video call conference chat on laptop screen. Over shoulder closeup view
Senior older middle aged business woman online teacher, remote tutor, distance coach, executive talking to camera in virtual webinar, web conference video call chat working at home office. Webcam view
Nervous young woman embracing pillow, feeling unsure about hard decision, sitting alone on sofa. Depressed lady regretting mistake abortion, suffering from psychological problem trouble at home.
Central Organ of Human Nervous System Brain Anatomy Animation Concept. 3D
Smiling male professional doctor plastic surgeon handshakes female patient agree on surgery. Happy physician in white uniform shake hand of woman at medic checkup visit, medical service trust concept
children with mental problems, art therapy and psychologist's help autism
Close up shot of Caucasian psychologist putting hand on hand of African American woman while comforting patient during therapy session
Young mixed race diverse compassionate people supporting desperate unhappy man. Depressed male patient suffering from bullying, sharing personal problems at psychological therapy group meeting.
Seamlessly looping video of an abstraction of the radiance of the human mind, peace, wisdom of perception, and calm. Motion Graphics 4k
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Caring young parent mom supporting tired upset teen school child daughter having difficulty with education learning at home. Mum comforting sad teenage girl encouraging helping with studies concept.
The face and eyes of an old man. Large wrinkles on the face of an old woman. Face close up. A senior citizen looks into the distance.
Thoughtful sad worried middle aged elder woman looking away think of loneliness grief sorrow concept, serious depressed old mature grandma lost in thought feel concerned alone at home, close up view
Woman psychologist taking notes on clipboard and listens client at psychotherapy session. Unfocused adult man patient with mental health problems after covid-19 sitting on couch talking to therapist
Close up hand of young asia woman or nurse home care holding senior grandmother give support empathy to elderly lady or older people in assisted living homecare mental health relief concept.
Loving sad old mother sympathizing consoling upset depressed young daughter crying desperate about problem, caring senior mom giving support understanding empathy to stressed adult woman in tears
Caring young mother children psychologist hold hand talk comforting sad kid girl child daughter help with problem give psychological support in trust honest conversation at therapy session concept
Over shoulder view of caucasian online teacher, remote tutor or psychologist conferencing with african school girl student on distance learning video call at home. Online study by webcam chat concept
Sympathetic Asian woman psychologist comforting stressed middle eastern female patient under hypnosis, holding hands and friendly talking, helping to calm down and overcome psychological fears.
Teen schoolgirl being bullied by group of students in high school. Portrait of depressed female pupil standing in corridor with mean girls gossiping and laughing at her on blurred background
Close-up of female psychologist having session with her patient, mental health
Session with psychologist. A angry child has a psychological session with the therapist in the cabinet.
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Portrait of a mentally ill mad man. Scary evil many faces. Devil spiritual exorcism.
Telemedicine concept close up of asian woman video call with doctor at living room home. Patient girl consulting with general practitioner application computer tablet. Doctor and Consultant online
Sad depressed young woman feeling bad stressed worried anxious ashamed, upset nervous teen girl in trouble having problem regret unwanted pregnancy need psychological help sitting alone at home
Over shoulder view of young asia woman talk to doctor on cellphone videocall conference medical app in telehealth telemedicine online service hospital quarantine social distance at home concept.
Happy young online teacher wears headset communicates with distant student gives web education class talks in webcam chat video conference call on laptop screen. Elearning concept. Over shoulder view
Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed asian man for encouragement near window with low light environment,PTSD Mental health concept, Selective focus.
Disabled old senior grandmother holding walking cane stick in hands, sad elderly woman hopeless depressed about health problem injury worried of disease concept alone at home hospital, close up view
Loving worried older mature mom embrace console apologize upset young adult daughter ask for forgiveness say sorry hug make peace, two age generation women family reconciliation and comfort concept
Mature older woman virtual psychologist teacher consulting patient teaching student looking talking to camera make conference call recording video training sit on sofa at home office, webcam view
Autism psychologist working with child with autism with color wooden blocks. School boy with autism learning with mother at home. Kid building with wood blocks. Autism education.
Mindfulness meditation concept. Meditating young woman. Yoga. Concentration.
Focused young mixed race business people sitting on chairs in circle, discussing working issues in relaxed atmosphere. Skilled female psychologist trainer counseling mentoring diverse team in office.
Young asian woman or nurse home care hand on senior grandmother shoulder give support empathy to elderly lady or older people in assisted living homecare mental health sick relief concept.
Woman school psychologist teacher talking and helping student, girl teenager
Educational Therapist playing game with little child with wooden toy to help him to improve his behavior and mental health
Woman school psychologist teacher talking and helping student, male teenager
Psychologist in quarantine. A teen in mask speak about her problems with a psychologist.
Woman Looking at Herself in Mirror Reflection. Fashion Makeup on Young Face of Girl in Multi-Colour Light of Night Club. Individuality of Charming Lady in Colourful Neon of Glass Room or Street Signs
Caring professional female doctor nurse pediatrician talk to cute preschool child boy patient hold toy sit on sofa at medical consultation, children healthcare treatment pediatric checkup concept
Mature man psychologist consulting female patient at psychological appointment in dark home office. Frustrated young woman sitting with her back to camera listening to doctor counseling therapy.
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