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4k Smiling businessman at home sitting on a table reading phone message or downloading an app for his mobile phone.
Male millennial professional holding modern smartphone texting message in office. Young businessman using helpful mobile apps for business time management organization concept sitting at work desk.
Close-up hand of asia people carry, send or give postal mail to latin lady at door house in secure pickup service job from online shop store SME e-commerce with omni channel fast express post.
Man using touch Mobile Phone outdoor, close up, man walking with cell phone on city street people and cars background, crossroad use application
Woman resting standing in kitchen lean at dining table hold smartphone choose goods on internet, make food delivery order on-line. Modern wireless tech simplifies life, easy e services usage concept
Smiling asian woman wearing formal suit using mobile phone typing text messages walking holding laptop outside business cellphone city smartphone slow motion
BUDAPEST, HUNGARY Circa 2022 : Email app getting notifications. Email spamming goes on large scale on the internet
Happy relaxed young woman holding smart phone looking at cellphone screen laughing enjoying using mobile apps for shopping having fun playing games chatting in social media sit on couch at home
Close up side view millennial woman holding cellphone, swiping photos in online dating app. Young girl ordering food taxi in mobile application, web surfing typing message in social networks.
Attractive Indian woman standing alone indoor holding in hands smart phone dial number on touchscreen. Cheerful young female surfing internet, websurfing website, choose buying goods on-line concept
Close up relaxed afro american woman hold use smart phone watching social media sit on sofa technology young smartphone shopping online sale slow motion
Handsome Black African American Man Having an Online Conversation on a Laptop Computer in Creative Office Environment. Happy Male is Browsing Social Media and Replying to Friends in Messenger.
Close up of african female hands holding smartphone. Happy mixed race female enjoy online chat, internet purchase, browse web, download new cool freeware application. Modern wireless tech user concept
The courier delivers food home. Delivery of food in quarantine
Chatbot conversation on laptop screen app interface with artificial intelligence technology providing virtual robotic assistant customer support and information for small business SME B2C concept.
Young asian lady surfing social media on mobile phone, enjoying amazing news , sitting on sofa at home
CHERNIHIV, UKRAINE - MAY 2021: Social media positive emoji, animation coming in from bottom on green chroma key, messenger concept for compositing and motion design.
Smiling young man using smartphone indoors. Millennial businessman mobile technology user working in digital applications gadget searching information online, texting messages at home or in office.
Young african american man holding smartphone device texting sms message sitting at home office, smiling black guy using apps playing mobile game chatting in social media surfing web on phone indoors
Carefree Arab man in casual clothing is using smartphone texting browsing indoors on couch at home. Modern devices, youth and communication concept.
A courier wearing a mask and protective gloves delivers a parcel. Working in a pandemic
Animated colorful looping winking face emoji background for apps or ad commercial. Bringing life to your screen. Fun character motion graphic design.
Portrait of attractive woman texting message on smartphone at kitchen. Thoughtful lady using cellphone at home in slow motion. Smiling woman chatting online on mobile phone at domestic kitchen
Young delivery Asian man holding a cardboard box while Asian young woman checking address on the box.
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear walking moving along stadium fence holding mobile phone, using online app on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen
Happy emoji smile emotion on green background move up 4k footage. Cartoon character on green screen
Loving mom and little daughter sit together on sofa at home with tablet device choose buy goods on internet, using education application for easy and funny learning, modern tech and generation concept
Successful happy Businessman in Luxury grey Suit is texting Messages on his modern Smartphone. Young Man is walking in Business Quartal, having good Mood, looking Satisfied. Successful Lifestyle. Men.
Millennial woman looking at smartphone surfing social media app. Smiling young lady customer texting mobile sms message at home. Happy female customer using smart phone technology sitting on couch
Close-up hand asian people use mobile phone happy buy online at home talk to ai shop store app ask data chat bot in sme social e-commerce web B2C crm iot pop up dialog text help seller smart life.
Happy latin hispanic girl young business woman walking in city street looking into mobile phone smartphone screen chatting online in net smiling answering message in social media using gadget device
Asian woman spend free time in internet social media, employee note on calendar event, take break have fun use virtual services, chat in e-date website, text email, enjoy distant communication concept
Animated colorful looping grinning face with smiling eyes emoji background for apps or ad commercial. Bringing life to your screen. Fun character motion graphic design.
Older grey haired grandma enjoy using mobile app sit on sofa, senior lady texting typing message hold smart phone look at cellphone screen browsing social media at home, old people tech users concept
Smiling young woman leaning over table, looking at computer screen, reading email. Pleasant millennial businesswoman typing response to client, working remotely on laptop online alone at office.
Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Portrait of lovely old couple enjoying online video call showing thumbs-up talking laughing looking at camera. Communication and technology concept.
Asian deliver man wearing face mask in red uniform handling parcel box give to woman customer walking come in front of the house. Postman and express grocery delivery service during covid19.
Cheerful Arab man is using smart phone texting communicating online and smiling at desk in shared office at work. Modern devices, workplace and youth concept.
Professional indian businesswoman holding modern smart phone texting message in office. Young female employee using modern mobile technology business app, typing email on cell sitting at work desk.
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear holding mobile phone, using virtual app, online service on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen, standing at stadium
female tutor having video conferencing with apprentice. Woman in front of camera, online office at home.
Kumamoto, JAPAN - Mar 2 2021 : Man opens Facebook app, an US social media and social networking service,  on iPhone. Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus VR are owned by Facebook, Inc.
Cracow, Poland - October 29, 2021:  Mark Zuckerberg announced facebook logo change to meta and creates metaversum that integrates services. Brand change concept on smartphone and computer monitor.
Happy old mature retired couple holding smartphone looking at cellphone screen laugh watching funny photos sit on sofa, cheerful senior family having fun enjoy read online news in smartphone at home
Close up young african american guy holding cellphone in hands, scrolling personal page in social network, looking at photos, reading news in media, using dating application, web surfing information.
Animated colorful looping smiling face with heart eyes emoji background for apps or ad commercial. Bringing life to your screen. Fun character motion graphic design.
Smiling millennial guy sit on couch in living room spend waste free time chatting using smartphone internet. Play new cool game, e-dating satisfied user, modern technology wifi 5g connection concept
Isometric robot analyzes the database of employees or personnel. Data processing. Robot HR manager. Artificial intelligence working for big data analysis. HD Video.
Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop, online client consultation. office at home. slow motion
The courier delivers food home. Delivery of food in quarantine
Slow Motion: Close up hands Asian woman receive a cardboard box from a man's delivery holding at home.
Angry annoyed young business man holding using texting on smartphone frustrated by stuck broken phone missed call bad service, stressed mad male customer outraged having problem complain on cellphone
Happy middle aged mature woman holding smart phone looking at cellphone screen playing mobile games using social media apps in smartphone sit on couch at home, older people and technology concept
Calm pretty woman in glasses relaxing on sofa, web surfing internet on mobile phone, checking email, reading media news, scrolling social networks, using mobile applications on smartphone at home.
CIRCA 1944 - Private Snafu tries to send a letter via messenger pigeon from his ship but the bird is attacked by a crow from the censorship board.
Happy millennial beautiful woman looking at mobile phone screen watching funny photo or video, enjoying pleasant distant communication in social network, web surfing or reading good news at home.
Portrait of a courier in a medical mask and protective gloves holding a parcel, a blue car in the background.
Guy hold in hands smartphone smiling enjoy remote online communication with girlfriend, share photos, chatting in social media networks, make food order easy comfort wireless modern tech usage concept
Cheerful young businesswoman surfing her mobile phone while walking down street and stopping to text back in messenger
Happy elder senior man holding smartphone using mobile online app, smiling old aged grandpa texting sms message
Relaxed happy young beautiful woman holding cellphone in hands, enjoying web surfing useful information, communicating distantly in social networks, playing mobile games or shopping in internet store.
Pretty woman sit on couch in living room holding smart phone, chatting use social media network, watch received video from friend, choose goods on internet having fun with modern wireless technology
Isometric Bot and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence concept. AI and business IOT concept. Dialog help service. ChatBot free robot virtual assistance. HD Video.
POV of handsome middle-aged businessman making video call from office waving hand talking enjoying communication. People, lifestyle and work concept.
closeup of beautiful young business Asian woman with smartphone texting messenger with skyscrapers in the background
getting an email on smartphone notification, Email app for mobile, Email notification on smartphone on green screen - conceptual animation video clip
Busy attractive man in glasses sit on sofa holding tablet device. Do telecommute job remotely, chatting in social media, choose goods on web stores. E-commerce, virtual services, fun app user concept
Happy young 30s handsome man in eyeglasses resting on cozy sofa with smartphone in hands, enjoying shopping online, playing mobile game, communicating distantly in social network, reading media news.
SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus variant Omicron B.1.1.529. Microscopic view of a infectious virus cell with text OMICRON. 3D endless loop animation
CHERNIHIV, UKRAINE - MAY 2021: Negative emoji on social media. animation of an angry emoji rising from bottom to top on a green chroma key background, messenger concept for layout and motion design
Smiling elder 80s adult grandfather learn mobile phone app sit on sofa, happy 70s senior man hold smartphone texting messages in social media reading news, old person using tech gadget concept at home
Young man hand using iphone Scrolling Through Instagram Feed, Doing Swiping, Scrolling Gestures. Instagram is largest and most popular photograph social networking. 4K. Los Angeles, USA September 2019
Entering to atmosphere of planet Venus from space. Venus surface. Realistic 3D render of Venus and stars. [ProRes - UHD 4K]
Smiling relaxed afro american millennial woman hold smart phone watching social media stories video sit on sofa in living room. Happy young mixed race lady using mobile apps lounge with gadget at home
Happy relaxed girl holding smart phone using mobile apps watching funny video laughing lying on couch, smiling lazy young woman having fun chatting in social media resting on sofa at home, top view
Happy millennial girl activating virtual assistant on mobile phone. Smiling young mixed race woman recording answering by audio message in social network for friend or using translator at home.
Bottom view successful happy smiling arabic hispanic bearded millennial business male user client standing on balcony terrace at home office holding phone reads news receives message in messenger app
Animated colorful looping face screaming in fear emoji background for apps or ad commercial. Bringing life to your screen. Fun character motion graphic design.
Senior couple at home having medical consultation video chat on mobile with physician. Professional female doctor with stethoscope talking with patients via messenger app call showing drug pills
Happy old senior couple laughing using smartphone funny app looking at screen, smiling retired husband and middle aged wife talking having fun watching photos on mobile phone on sofa at home
Aerial drone flight view of rider in gray hood cloak on white horse ride into medieval castle gates across bar bridge road. Ancient middle ages stone fortress old atmosphere. Traveler go citadel tower
Circling around Kabaa - close up shot

written in Arabic:
"There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. "
Editorial Animation of social network notifications. Increasing counters of the new friends and messages on LCD screen. Close up. Depth of Field.
Successful business man boss leader worker manager well-dressed guy walks on balcony terrace in company office looking at mobile phone chatting online with smartphone reads good news makes video call
Portrait of attractive Indian girl with headphones on her neck texting on her phone. Beautiful young lady at the city street.
Budapest, Hungary - Circa 2022: Notifications about many unread messages on Facebook Messenger on a smartphone, groing number as getting more texts
Young Asia postal delivery courier man in blue shirt handling parcel boxes for sending to customer at house and Asian female receive delivered package outdoors. Package shopping food delivery concept.
Male Opens Box Smiling Stretching His Hands Inside of Enclosure , so Happy and Smiling. Customer Man of European Appearance With Broad and Beautiful Smile Ordered Online Store Necessary Spare Parts
Use of mobile phone in shining neon light indoors. Creative vivid color of ultraviolet red and blue. Hands of person typing and messaging in chat closeup. Trendy neon room and colorful party concept
12/04/2019 - New York, United States. Social media influence. Instagram followers counter, fast growing fan base, popularity, fame, influencer
Young couple using two smartphones talk laugh, man and woman customers holding phones in hands shopping in app checking social media, mobile technology lifestyle and addiction concept, close up view
Close up young indian woman holding digital tablet, web surfing, typing message in social networks, playing games or studying. Female customer client buying products, making purchases in online store.
Young female hands touch the phone. Woman in a yellow sweater covered herself with a green plaid blanket with a smartphone. Tapping, scrolling, watching video, content, bloggs. Modern lifestyle
Messaging a Chatbot Chat Bot on a smartphone to find an answer to a question.
Design Editing Software Mock-up Animation with Mobile User Experience Project. Grey Interface with Multiple Settings Windows. Template for Computer Displays and Laptop Screens.
Chatbot online help chat on a laptop computer.
Venus in 360 degree rotation. Venus surface without clouds.  Realistic 3D render of Venus and stars. [ProRes - UHD 4K]
Mad stressed african man holding cellphone annoyed with mobile app error spam message on slow stuck broken smartphone, angry black guy frustrated by phone problem having complaints on bad service
Animated colorful looping thinking face emoji background for apps or ad commercial. Bringing life to your screen. Fun character motion graphic design.
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