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A happy child embraces his father. Portrait of a happy child. Family in the sun at sunset. Education, care.
Happy family loving young mum playing piggybacking cute little funny kid daughter sit on couch at home, cheerful mother carrying small child girl on back bonding pretending flying having fun together
Happy cute affectionate adopted little kid girl hugging foster care parent mother with eyes closed, adorable small child daughter embrace mum cuddling enjoy tender sweet moment concept, close up view
Happy family adult parent dad and small daughter having fun using digital tablet lying on floor at home. Cute child girl learning technology talking with father teaching kid look at pad screen at home
Beautiful happy mother and little cute daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love, cherish, family bonding, donation sign, adoption and custody concept
Happy active african american dad teaching dancing having fun with two cute small kids son and daughter imitate father moves playing together enjoying funny weekend activity in modern living room
Man Is Put In Hand Cuffs, Arrest By Two Police Officers, Cops, Under Arrest. Hands Behind Back, Walking, Perp Walk
Happy family loving black dad giving cute little funny kid daughter piggyback ride spinning at home, cheerful african father carrying small child girl on back bonding having fun playing together
Happy young adult parent dad and child son play toys sit on floor carpet at home. Caring father having fun help cute kid build tower of wooden blocks. enjoy game activity give high five in living room
Pretty smiling child daughter embrace mom look at camera. Happy beautiful family young adult single mother foster parent and cute kid girl hug cuddle enjoy sweet tender love concept. Close up portrait
Happy family young dad lifting cute little kid daughter up fly as airplane having fun enjoying weekend sunny morning in bed, carefree adorable small child playing with parent father in modern bedroom
Close up above view loving mommy holds hand of her newborn while baby sleeping lying on bed during healthy day nap. Cherish, mothers love and care, protection of children, adoption, babyhood concept
Head shot close up affectionate loving young mixed race mommy enjoying tender moment with sweet african ethnic cute little infant kid son. Happy biracial mother spending time with laughing small baby.
Affectionate african family young adult father tickling little adorable child son having fun laughing relaxing on sofa, afro american dad playing with small kid boy bonding cuddling together at home
Happy mixed ethnicity family laughing, cuddling at home. Positive afro american mother, caucasian father and diverse kids daughters hugging on sofa together. Interracial parents and children portrait
Warsaw, Poland - June 6, 2020: Black Lives Matter Protest in Europe after George Floyd death in USA. Solidarity Demonstration with Signes against Police Brutality and Injustice.
Cute small  kid girl in headphones using funny editing application on digital computer tablet, enjoying cool video or photo content in social network, playing online games, communicating distantly.
2020 year Issues: Black Lives Matter Protest and Coronavirus Pandemic. Crowds of People with Signes about Justice, Racism and COVID-19. 4K Background Slow Motion Shot
Mommy I can fly. Happy Indian mother older sister lying on back on cozy sofa having fun with little kid lifting excited child boy in air on outstretched legs. Active mom play airplane with small son
Coral Springs, Florida/USA - June 02, 2020: Peaceful protest against the death in Minneapolis police custody of African-American man George Floyd at Coral Springs, Florida. Protest footage.
CLOSE UP Police officer handcuffs a suspect near police car, African-American Black criminal. Lights flashing in the background. Shot with RED cinema camera and 2x Anamorphic lens
Funny happy cute boy preschooler playing plane game laughing having fun with young adult mother, happy mum lifting little child up fly enjoying family leisure airplane game relaxing on couch at home
1950s Birmingham, AL. Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King is arrested, finger printed, mug shot and placed in jail cell for non violent protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
Protect baby, Care and Love, Child Protection . Caring mom holds baby feet in her hands forming a heart shape
Cheerful family mother and adolescent child having fun at home. Happy young adult mum tickling funny cute teen daughter enjoying playing lifestyle game, embracing and laughing lying on bed together.
Carefree loving family adult dad hold cute little kid son pretend superhero plane having fun lying on floor, happy father lifting small child boy up flying enjoy lifestyle playing funny game together
Portrait of happy lovely family with little kids sit on couch smile look at camera. Young parents rest on sofa hug preschool children spend weekend at modern home. Upbringing, happy parenthood concept
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect. Back view
Overjoyed young adult dad and cute child son gamers winners playing winning video game, excited father having fun with kid boy give high five holding celebrating videogame victory at home
Funny artistic father and cute little kid son singing song in kitchen, happy family dad with child boy holding spoon ladle kitchenware microphones enjoy karaoke dancing having fun in kitchen together
Loving affectionate african american family mom and cute little child daughter embracing bonding together, happy mother, parent hugging small kid girl cuddling enjoying tender moment connection
Girl is cry in corner. Violence against children in family. Family violence. Cry kid. Family violence concept. Girl is cry with fear. Child abuse. Sad family. Fear of child in dark. Kid cry in corner
Happy beautiful mother and little 10s adorable daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love and cherish of mom and kid, donation, sincere feelings concept
Loving father having fun spinning dancing with cute little child daughter princess wear crown in modern living room. Happy dad and small kid girl playing enjoying funny active dance together at home
Happy funny carefree african family father and cute little kid daughter jumping having fun together in living room, dad dancing with small child girl enjoy music active morning playing at home
Little cute focused multiracial kids girl wearing aprons, learning making dough for pastry with affectionate loving mixed race parents, interracial family involved in hobby together in modern kitchen.
Young father and cute small kid son playing funny racing game relax on carpet floor at home. Happy male family adult dad and little child boy having fun with toy car plane engaged in leisure activity
Happy young mother lying on floor carpet, lifting in air laughing sincere little child daughter, enjoying playing travel game or practicing yoga balance exercises, having fun together on weekend.
Happy small adorable preschool baby girl sitting on floor carpet, playing tea ceremony game with affectionate young father, imagining drinking from toy cups together in living room, feeling playful.
Police officer searches and handcuffs a suspect, African-American Black criminal. Police car lights flashing in the background. Model and property released for commercial use
Loving young dad stand on knee holding kissing hand dancing with cute little child daughter princess in modern living room, happy father and small kid girl playing enjoy sweet time together at home
Caring young adult father playing with preschooler child son help teach drawing pencils enjoy single parent and little kid creative lifestyle activity together lying on warm floor at home apartment
Concentrated playful little preschool kid child daughter wearing medical hat using stethoscope. Pretending to be a doctor nurse, listening smiling mommy breathing deeply, lying in bed at home.
Sad preschool kid son sulking thinking of family conflicts sit turn back to unhappy dad, punished scolded little upset guilty child boy stubborn behavior in bad relationship with father concept
Arrest of the offender without resistance. Policeman puts the handcuffs on the hands of criminal, hands closeup. Detention of the accused business person.
Head shot caring young african american mother lifting small kid daughter, comforting crying infant baby at home. Loving affectionate mixed race mum cuddling soothing little toddler child son.
Black Lives Matter BLM Protest in Europe. Solidarity Demonstration with Signes against Police Brutality and Injustice. Crowds of People Gathering for Racial Equality
CIRCA 1932 - Crowds gather to watch Al Capone be transferred from a holding cell to a train by law enforcement officers.
Funny cute small african american kid daughter copy cheerful adult dad wear glasses and laughing looking at camera, adorable happy ethnic family father with child girl having fun playing at home
Worried loving african mother holding hand comforting upset little bullied kid daughter crying talking give support or apologizing, mom foster parent helping small child with problem sit on bed
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
Worried young mum comforting solacing upset crying teenage daughter at home. Caring parent adult mother consoling depressed adolescent child, talking to teen girl giving love, advice, support concept.
Loving young adult dad and cute preschool child son talking playing dinosaurs toys sit on warm floor, happy single parent father helping little kid explain paleontology having fun at home together
happy family mom and daughter hold hands a close-up teamwork. mother and girl kid together hands at sunset. parent girl and child happy childhood. fun daughter happy family mother day concept
Adult mother volunteer holding hands of kid girl close up view. Foster care parent protect small child daughter give hope love care support concept. Children patient health donation charity adoption
Happy mother giving dance lesson to smiling cute adolescent daughter at home. Overjoyed teen girl dancing to favorite energetic music, having fun with joyful mom indoors, family activities concept.
An audio cassette spools tape in extreme macro. Shallow depth of field with focus on the rorating spool. Suggests an interrogation or phonetap.
Close up portrait loving mother cuddles little daughter, family sit on sofa touch noses feel unconditional love show devotion, express caress. Caring mom, adopted kid, Mothers Day celebration concept
Little adorable girl sits on mommy laps laughing enjoy playtime at home. Indian woman play with cute preschool 6s daughter, spend weekend together feeling love and connection. Happy motherhood concept
In a dim light in the evening, the little girl is doing her classes, chatting and laughing while her mother is working on the computer in the kitchen.
Caring young mother children psychologist hold hand talk comforting sad kid girl child daughter help with problem give psychological support in trust honest conversation at therapy session concept
Happy family. Mom walk with baby along forest road.Happy family mom holds hand of kid. Helping hand.Happy family concept. Mom holds baby by hand walk through park.Family walk along forest road in park
WIDE Police officer searches and handcuffs a suspect, African-American Black criminal. Police car lights flashing in the background. Shot with RED cinema camera and 2x Anamorphic lens
Active happy african mom and cute little kid daughter jumping dancing at home, carefree funny black family mother having fun with small child girl laughing do morning exercise together in living room
Little African girl piggyback young mom smile look at camera. Pretty curly haired 10s daughter cuddling her older sister or mum express love, feeling affection pose at cam. Mother Day, bonding concept
The police take the handcuffed prisoner to the prison. Detention of a suspect. Back view
Close up portrait loving mom hug little children. Caring mum embrace preschool son daughter sit together on couch smile look at camera. Family celebrate Mother Day, happy motherhood, adoption concept
Police officer puts handcuffs on arrested man at night and leads him to a police car
Close up happy african mom and daughter cuddling seated on sofa. Loving parent hug 6s daughter express love, showing caress. Little girl feels grateful embrace new mum. Adoption, Mothers day concept
Caring happy young adult dad embracing small preschool child son having trust conversation cuddling sit on sofa, loving father enjoy talking with little kid boy enjoy honest communication concept
Love of mother. Close up of affectionate caring mom hand hold caress small palm of little sleeping infant baby kid. Tender loving mum protect help support comfort beloved child from first days of life
Happy african american cute little son playing toy cars with loving young dad babysitter, funny small kid son and black father having fun racing on warm floor at home, family daddy child men games
Young father holding hand, stroking shoulder of little child son, asking for forgiveness, apologizing at home. Compassionate dad helping small kid boy coping with bullying, sincerely talking indoors.
Man In Hand Cuffs Resisting Arrest By Two Police Officers, Being Searched by Cops, Under Arrest. Pat Down
Funny faces of young mother and cute preteen girl daughter cuddling looking at front web camera of smartphone shooting video blog. Two sisters elder and younger hug pose for hilarious selfie together
Cheerful husband dad hugging small kid daughter video calling wife mom using computer virtual chat app. Happy family talking on webcam video call concept. Over shoulder closeup laptop screen view
Happy loving millennial mom lie on back on soft big bed in light cozy bedroom lift up toss in air small baby daughter or son. Caring mum laugh cuddle kiss cute infant babe have fun enjoy motherhood
Little Black girl teach young adult mommy older sister nanny to dance disco feel music rhythm at cozy living room. Smiling millennial mom try to repeat dance moves after tween daughter on warm floor
Happy african dad having fun with cute funny active small kids at home, carefree family father and little children boy girl play fighting pillows enjoy leisure time together on sofa in living room
Happy family cute preschool daughter and dad having fun tickling laughing lying on sofa together. Carefree young adult father playing with small child girl at home enjoy funny game in living room.
Smiling little cute diverse primary school girls studying with african american female teacher at home. Pretty young biracial foster mother helping two small mixed race daughters with homework.
Young african couple with little kids sit on couch, cute children piggyback embrace loving parents smile look at camera. Medical insurance cover or full family, new house and happy homeowners concept
Sincere young mother embracing cuddling little preschool daughter. Happy 30s mom feelings thankful to small kid girl for birthday 8 march international woman s day congratulations, holding flowers.
WIDE Police officer searches two suspects in the street at night. Police car lights flashing in the background. Shot with RED cinema camera and 2x Anamorphic lens
Happy african dad carrying preschool kid daughter give piggyback ride at home, loving young adult afro american father play funny active game with small child girl having fun laughing in living room
Police Station Custody Interview Room - Detective Thumbs Through Papers
CU on hands, man being handcuffed near unmarked police vehicle in the street. Shot on RED Dragon with 2x Anamorphic lens
Sad teen african american girl upset by strict mum arguing scolding daughter, stressed stubborn teenager turned back ignoring angry black mother lecturing difficult kid, parent and children conflicts
Focus pull through police sign on police car, United Kingdom
Loving single mother embracing kid daughter looking away. Young smiling foster care parent mum hugging adopted child girl sitting on sofa dreaming of good future enjoying sweet moment of love concept.
Upset stressed abused little child crying rubbing eyes feel scared hurt sitting alone at home, sad lonely worried preschool kid girl being punished or bullied, having trauma, unhappy children concept
Three generations women family looking at camera, happy old grandmother, young mother and child daughter smiling embracing, grandma mom with kid girl bonding laughing hugging enjoy love connection
happy family mom and daughter hold hands a close-up teamwork. mother and girl kid together hands at sunset. parent girl and child happy childhood. daughter happy family fun mother day concept
Cheerful young full family with small preschool daughter holding cushions having fun together in light cozy modern living room playing fight with pillows, laughing enjoy active weekend at home concept
Happy affectionate family single mum and cute little child daughter embracing bonding laughing together, young mother foster parent hugging small kid girl cuddling enjoy tender moment of love at home
Children running to greet dad father after arriving home from work business trip joy happy smiling laughter and embracing hug
Happy family with little daughter sitting on couch at home waving hands look at camera talking at webcam say hello greeting friend or relatives, vloggers makes online video call recording vlog concept
Full length happy african american woman sitting on carpet, playing with little cute daughter. Smiling biracial mom nanny helping small kid building castle with colorful wooden blocks constructor.
African-american male prisoner holding bars and looking to camera, imprisonment
Caring young affectionate loving african american father playing toys with little cute biracial child daughter, sitting together on floor in modern living room, talking chatting communicating at home.
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