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Brainstorming meeting. Creative team discussing new ideas in coworking space, tracking shot
At the Supermarket: Man Pushing Shopping Cart Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store. Store with Many Customers Shopping. Following Back View Shot. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Two Heavy Industry Engineers Walk Through Pipe Manufacturing Factory. Facility for Construction of Oil, Gas and Fuel Pipeline Transportation Products. Following Back View Camera Shot
At the Supermarket: Man in a Hurry Pushes Shopping Cart full of Items, He's Walking Through Different Section of the Big Bright Mall. Following / Moving Side view Footage. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K.
Close-up hands of unrecognizable business woman during team meeting holding pen showing details at paper document at meeting. Closeup of business people discussing business project with colleagues .
Following Shot of the Beautiful Athletic WomanWalking into Hardcore Gym, Greets Her Friends and Fellow Athletes. Ready for Her Power Workout, Strength Exercise and Bodybuilding Training Session
Recording concept. Tracking shot of professional microphone and headphones at sound record studio, close up
Mountain lake with turquoise water and green trees. Reflection in the water. Beautiful spring landscape with mountains, forest and lake. Aerial View. Drone shot over a beautiful mountain forest lake
Follow footage of factory worker in a hard hat that is walking through industrial facilities. Shot on RED Cinema Camera.
A pop art retro flowers and sunburst animated illustration in the style of vintage 1960s or 1970s psychedelic artwork. The view slowly zooms in across the bed of flowers towards the wavy sun rays.
Traditional drink from Mexico tequila.  The bartender's hand pours cold tequila from a bottle into a shot. Party time. Time to drink
Aerial shot. Couple in the car, stands on the road after sandstorm. Silhouette Dubai city at the sunset.
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 20, 2020: Panoramic aerial view of Sydney city and Sydney Harbour on a sunny morning in Sydney, Australia
Professional Creative Man Sitting at His Desk in Home Office Studio Working on a Laptop. Man working with Data and Analyzing Statistics. Camera Moving Around. 360 Degree Tracking Arc Shot Movement
Revolving around a woman photographer in the jungle Close-up of full 360 degree rotation. Tracking Arc Shot
Close-up of hands of unrecognizable businessman typing on laptop keyboard while working at office desk on background of large panoramic window. Concept of office working. Tracking shot in slow motion.
Aerial drone shot over residential apartment buildings on sunny day. Aerial shot over community apartment complex in China.
Tracking shot of happy family of mother, father and cute daughter enjoying cycling together down trail in forest
Crowd of business people crossing the street in downtown Singapore, Asia
Worm crawling and bug in freshly dug up soil. Insects close up. Macro shooting, camera slowly moving on slider. Dolly shot. Invertebrate life.
Aerial revealing shot of an expedition of climbers ascending up a steep summit
sliding through lush green foliage of tropical rainforest jungle
Follow Shot of Squad of Soldiers Running Forward During Military Operation in the Desert. Slow motion. Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, zoom out timelapse view of cityscape showing architectural landmark CN Tower and modern buildings in the financial district on a foggy day.
Close-up of hands of unrecognizable business man typing on laptop keyboard while working at office desk on background of large panoramic window. Concept of office working. Tracking shot in slow motion
Mountain lake with turquoise water and green trees. Reflection in the water. Beautiful spring landscape with mountains, forest and lake. Aerial View. Drone shot over a beautiful mountain forest lake
Minimal motion design art. Gif set. Dancing funny licking Lips and Donut Girl.
Following a path in a beautiful misty forest in autumn, with gold rays of sunlight falling through the trees
Traditional drink from Mexico tequila.  The bartender's hand pours cold tequila from a bottle into a shot. Party time. Time to drink
Closeup shot of cosmetics cream with rotate
Young man walking through tall trees in misty autumn forest. Male traveler hike with backpack trekking pine woodland, walk in fog discover woods and enjoys nature. Slow motion follow wide angle shot
Confident and Determined Female Artist Walks to Canvas and Starts Painting Modern Abstract Oil Picture. In the Creative Studio Large Picture Stands on Easel Illuminated. Following Back View Shot
Workers, architects checking a building plan, close up.
Following Shot of the Traveling Man with a Backpack Walking Through the Crowd of People in the Big City. Young Tourist Travilng or Boy Going to School. Shot on Sony a7R3 4K UHD Camera.
Macro shot of green dried cardamom seeds - famous aromatic spice - on the wooden background. Extreme close up, camera slowly moving on slider
Confident african american businessman leaving office building in evening, networking on cellphone, moving down on stairs, slow motion, tracking shot
Panoramic Shanghai Skyline Silhouette at Dawn. Lujiazui Financial District and Huangpu River. China. Aerial Hyper Lapse. Drone is Flying Upward and Forward. Establishing Shot.
Aerial video reel traffic on the Macarthur Causeway Miami with sunset over city
Time lapse shot of airport runway at night hour. Planes quickly arrive and departure. Bright edge and approaching lights on ground, dark sky. Motion blur silhouettes of airliners
Following Shot of a Beautiful Brunette with Loose Hair Walking on the Sunny Terrace with Seaside View. It's Cloudless Morning and She's Really Happy. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Caring african american father acting mom feeding his adorable curly baby son with milk bottle, carrying kid on hands at kitchen, tracking shot, slow motion
closeup Asian girl in a modern office, business correspondence using a laptop
Mexico City, Mexico - October 10, 2021: Aerial view of the sacred Basilica Virgin of Guadalupe with a lot of visitors during a sunny weekend.
Following Shot of a Beautiful Brunette with Loose Hair Opening Doors of the Balcony and Walking onto Sunny Terrace with Seaside View. It's Cloudless Morning and She's Really Happy. 4K UHD.
Close up portrait of happy positive muslim african american business woman wearing hijab smiling widely to camera, posing outdoors, tracking shot, slow motion
Following Shot of Heavy Industry Engineer Walking through Pipe Manufacturing Factory. Modern Facility for Design and Construction of Large Diameter Oil, Gas and Fuels Transport Pipeline. Slow Motion
Shanghai Skyline at Sunrise at the Sunny Morning. China. Aerial View. Drone is Flying Over Waibaidu Bridge. Establishing Shot.
Following Shot of the Confident Businessman in a Suit Walking Through His Office and Looking out of the Window Thoughtfully. Stylish Modern Business Office with Personal Computer and Big City View.
Dolly shot of big empty office with large windows and many laptop computers and papers on tables, shot in daytime, camera moving forwards
Aerial view of San Francisco city skyline on beautiful sunny clear day
Happy couple running near water, tracking shot of delighted sportsman and sportswoman running on embankment near water during fitness training on summer day, slow motion
Rooftop pool at upscale residential urban apartment building in USA city. Rising aerial.
Aerial view of blue mosque shot in Istanbul
Side view tracking shot footage of young adult Caucasian farm worker walking along cabbage field rows
Aerial tilt up establishing shot of Calgary skyline showing modern office buildings in the financial district at sunset in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Round Cut Diamond Inspected for Chips and Damage 4k
Tracking shot of unrecognizable man working on farm field during harvest time pushing cart with sack of carrots
Tracking long shot footage of modern young adult farm worker walking along cabbage field rows
Tracking long back view shot of unrecognizable farm worker walking along cabbage farm field
Tracking long back view shot of unrecognizable farm worker wearing protective mask spraying cabbage with pest and disease control liquid
Tracking tilt up shot of young man giving printouts to colleagues and presenting market research pointing at charts on digital screen during meeting in boardroom
Aerial View Of Happy Couple Driving Vintage Convertible Sports Car Down Country Road At Sunset
Aerial drone flyover above Sydney Harbour Bridge with views of Sydney City on a beautiful sunny day
Bearded Man Dressed in Animal Skin is Rowing on a Viking Ship. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Following Shot of a Beautiful Woman Walking on the Yacht's Deck. Sun Shines, Islands and Azure Sea in the Background. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera.
People walk on sidewalk street by houses in urban American city. Aerial establishing shot.
Side view of meditating woman putting hands in namaste mudra posture sitting in lotus pose background of beautiful landscape. Unrecognizable female practicing yoga alone evening sun on nature.
Pov shot of sweet bride showing tongue on camera outdoors. Playful man and woman making facial expressions under arch. Portrait of cute couple doing selfie in park.
Aerial tracking shot of yellow school bus past public school building. Students live in urban city homes and houses. Bus stop in town.
Low section tracking shot of unrecognizable young farm worker spraying cabbage plants with pest control liquid
Relax time. Close up portrait of young peaceful african american woman relaxing in bath, listening to music with wireless earphones, tracking shot, slow motion
A forklift passes by boxes of inventory in a large distribution center.
Businesswoman working on tablet computer in the city, steadicam shot
asian family of 4 walking & laughing in park in sunny summer in slow motion
Aerial establishing shot of city at night. Dark sky as traffic flows on highway. Birds eye view.
Shots of alcohol being poured on bar
carrot slices. dolly shot, sliding camera move.
vaccine bottles closeup. sliding between blank medical injection vials
A close up dolly shot of a person flushing a household toilet.
Aerial of new apartment building complex in China. Drone shot of Asian newly constructed residential towers in Xichang. Real estate development in dense populous city.
WOLIN, POLAND - 06.08.2016: Viking Warriors Jump off the Row Ship after Arriving to Shore. Slavs and Vikings Festival. Medieval Reenactment. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Midsection of pregnant female lying on her back and stepping with sweet small blue baby shoes on her big naked pregnant belly. Expecting mother playing with unborn child's shoes on her tummy. Dolly
Tracking shot of unrecognizable male masseur with strong hands massaging scapulas and shoulders of muscular sportsman, lying on massage table. Man with shoulder pain having massage in medic clinic.
Young lady making presentation about cooperation in office, colleagues cheering and clapping hands, slow motion
Middle aged boss talking with young workers during meeting in office, tracking shot, slow motion
Aerial Shot of Car Moving on Curvy Mountain Road in Norway.
female doctor typing on her laptop computer in medical clinic office. green screen. slider shot
Tracking shot of group of three young people in virtual reality glasses playing VR adventure game, selective focus on young woman shooting with gun controller
Medium shot moving past fresh vegetables in a supermarket grocery. Includes cabbage, celery, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, corn, onion, etc. Wide shot and close-up of same set-up are in my portfolio.
Aerial view of Bogota cityscape on a sunny day. Bogota is the sprawling capital of Colombia and one of the largest cities in South America.
Tracking right shot of cute little daughter coming to loving mother sitting at desk and working on laptop at home. Mother and daughter talking and embracing warmly
Smiling senior grey-haired man in eyeglasses sitting on couch and using mobile phone at home, chatting with his family or using mobile application, tracking shot, slow motion
Close Up of a Futuristic Robotic Arm Picking Up a Metal Object and Moving It. Team of Engineers Following This Advanced Process. They are in a High Tech Research Laboratory with Modern Equipment.
Office style concept. Working hours in the office building at night. Drone flight around the office skyscraper, UHD, 4K
PET CT Scanner - Close Up machine read out and buttons
Legs of athletes running marathon on asphalt road in slow motion, focus on female legs, disabled person riding pumped wheelchair on background. Tracking shot partial view of sports event contestants
Farmer at Organic Farm Field Checking Corn Quality Using Mobile Tablet Gadget. 4K Aerial. Future Technology Agricultural Food Harvest Footage Concept.
drone moves over the rural village giving a beautiful Aerial View of Rural Village of Uttar Pradesh, India
Follow-up Shot of Athletic Beautiful Woman Entering Gym in Slow Motion. She's Confident and Pulls Her Ponytail, Building is Industrial and Hardcore. 8K UHD.
MRI brain scan on black background
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